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Ho ho ho.. Hello from the other side! :*
A little update from my life : I am now back with Hyperlink Project guys, planning another fun and crazy event for the last time. Now I'm such a busy bee. I could only blog on my day off, and yesterday I went to four new cafes at once! Hahaha.. This is my first one to blog, because the rest has been blogged by the other bloggers already, I can't afford to lose at this one, competition game strong, LOL. Jk.. But.. Not really.. Hahaha..


I was invited to the grand opening of DS Bistro yesterday with my fellow foodies friends, and in case if you didn't know, DS stands for Daily Sweet, and yes DS Bistro is right beside Daily Sweet in Citraland. :) I already saw that they were working on something beside Daily Sweet for such a quite long time months back, but what you're about to see is actually nothing that I expected before, because this place is really huge! 

DS Bistro is a two floor building, just like Daily Sweet, but the size of the venue is the one that make such big difference between them. While in my calculation, Daily Sweet can contain not more than 100 people, DS Bistro on the other hand can accommodate up to 200 people on board! (and I just realized, they got "Le Grand" before DS Bistro, hahaha.. No wonder!) And the decoration of this place is amusingly pretty too, very chic and Instagram worth sharing, but still with a little touch of Daily Sweet inside.

At that time, we were seated on the second floor at the semi outdoor room because it's the perfect place to get a perfect lighting as it's surrounded by a glass wall. The thing that I noticed in DS Bistro is they divided their dining space in sections, especially on the second floor, they have two VIP rooms; the first one probably could fit up to 20 person inside, while the bigger one can do 50-70 people inside (plus a small stage for band performance). I'm sorry, I was too lazy to switch lens, so I took all the picture in this blog post with my 50mm lens. Sure the quality of the pictures look so much better, but it can't cover the bigger picture of the overall place in DS Bistro :(

At the grand opening, we didn't get the full menu at that day, they already selected the menu for us to pick, but don't worry, I already took a snap of all the menu for you guys, and of course, the foods too!<3

Chicken Roll (90k)  || Miso Basil Seabass over Nasi Merah Putih (170k)

These two are the best dish of the day, especially the Seabass, it was actually a little bit too salty, and overwhelmed, but the red white rice really helped balanced it out. On the other hand, the Chicken Roll was also tasted delightful, especially when you tap it on the sauce that gave a little hint of a sweet taste to it, so yummy! (but some of my friend hated the Chicken Roll, so we might have a different preference on this one)

Pepperoni Pizza (65k)

This Pepperoni Pizza is good! But I'm a Pizza lover, so you can't really rely on my opinion, haha.. Kidding! But one thing, none was complaining about this Pizza yesterday, I guess it was truly nice, right? :)

Greek Salad - Grilled Chicken & Feta Cheese (70k) || Tarte au Chocolat (45k)

The Greek Salad was a mediocre, pretty much tasteless, I didn't think there were any dressing on it and it was also a little bit over on the price. But the Tart au Chocolat was da bomb! I was in love with every bite of it :)

Actually there's one dish that I didn't mention, it was the Sirloin Steak, because everyone said it was tasteless, overcooked and hard to chew, so I guess that's what they should improve. And the service can also be improved as well. My order didn't came out, they told me all of the order were already served, but they didn't even bother asking if I wanted to order another one. So, okay, I just shared portions with everyone. And they didn't seem excited having us, lol. But oh well, other than that, I love the place, and the atmosphere in DS Bistro. Congratulations for the Grand Opening, and I wish you best of luck in the future <3

DS Bistro
GWalk Shop Houses A1 no.1
Mon - Thur 09.00 AM to 10.00 PM
Fri - Sun     09.00 AM to 12.00 AM
Wi-Fi available
Power Outlet Everywhere
EDC Machine Available
VIP Rooms Available

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