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After months of waiting, finally this new place is open for public now! I remember months ago walking in front of this restaurant with my friend, Hendrik Pyong, peeking and wondering what kind of cafe or restaurant it would be when it opened. Yesterday I went there to have a meeting with someone, but because of certain reason, he couldn't make it, so I was alone, which is still cool, I can take pictures without making this person think that I'm weird, LOL. Okay enough rambling, let me introduce you to :


Spago is a French-Italian Cafe-Restaurant (please do correct me if I'm wrong) that's not just a place to eat, but also a bakery. Why did I say French-Italian? Because when I put the words in Google Translate, Boulangerie is in French that means Bakery, while Spago is in Italian that means String. So from my quick unreliable research, I guess it's a French Bakery and an Italian Restaurant, haha.. But anyways, Spago is located in G Walk Citraland, the very west side of Surabaya.

Spago has both indoor and outdoor section. The outdoor section can be fit to around 20ish people. While the indoor section is obviously the bigger one, it has a little bakery, a kitchen, a bar, and a big space of dining hall that can accommodate about 60 people. The design interior of Spago is pretty much like what it is in France #soktau and they also put french songs on their playlist which made everything fell into the right place.


Chicchirichi (64k)

I ordered Chicchirichi with a hot Lemonade. The Chicchirichi was great. To simplify my explanation, it's actually a Fettucini with bolognaise sauce, plus two breaded chicken breast that's 'glued' together with a melted cheese, chopped mushroom and ham in between. Served with a garlic bread. It was satisfying, I couldn't even finished it since the portion was generous. Their lemonade is too, a wonderful thing that you should try. It was super fresh and I honestly loved it so much!

Overall, I like Spago. The place was nice, the ambiance was comforting, wifi was fast, food was great, drinks was too, The service was splendid! Super nice! I once put my phone on the floor when I charged it, but then the waiter came at me and brought me a chair for my phone, it was a sweet little gesture that I appreciated so much, thanks!

Spago Boulangerie Cafe Surabaya

G-Walk Citraland (see map below)
Wi-Fi available (fast one)
Power Outlet at Limited Spot

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