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Hey guys!
Last week, I got an invitation to try this newest cafe in town! I was super excited when I saw the preview of this place on Instagram, because honestly I never seen anything with this concept before in Surabaya. So yeah, they really caught my attention. I went there with my foodies friends as usual and to be honest, I kinda miss them all.. >.< #kapanjalanjalanlagi

Antler Cabin - Caffeine Curator

So Antler Cabin is a small cafe/coffee shop with a Cabin Concept. It is located in the west side of Surabaya (still), and the good news (for me) is that Antler Cabin placed so close to my office, like, only 5 minutes away, hahaha.. This place might be my new 'runaway' spot when the wi-fi at the office's going down, lol..

What I love about Antler Cabin is that they really connects to its theme. So when I first heard about Antler Cabin, in my mind, I'm already thinking about a house that made of wood, a fire place, a shotgun, an animal skin, a rug and of course the antler too. And that's just exactly what I saw when I first enter this cafe. Like every single thing that I mentioned above, existed as the interior of the cafe, lol.. Kudos to that! Most of the furniture are also made from solid wood, which is cool and so Instagram friendly.

Antler Cabin is placed right next to a drugstore, and size wise, it is pretty small. But despite of the size, I think they make use of the areas effectively. It has an outdoor section for the smoking area, indoor cabin, and the second floor cabin inside. A small space, but looks wide. In total, they can accommodate for more than 50 people. Fair enough for a cafe :)

This is the second floor. It can only fit to around 10 people.
Perfect if you need a quiet space for a meeting of for working


In Antler Cabin, you'll only see western foods on the  menu, Maybe because the inspiration of a Cabin is mostly from the west, ain't it? The price is quite in the range of middle up, you won't get out of here without spending around 80k to 100k if you're going to have a meal and a drink. When I came, we got a menu that's prepared specially for us, but some of their drinks on the menu are not available yet (juices and alcohol). So here's what we ate that day :

Misty Salad (45k)

Antler's Meatball (55k)
Rustic Roast (78k) served with Spiced Rice || Green Tea Latte (30k)

My favorite would be  the Rustic Roast, The Dessert & The Meatball. The Rustic Roast because it's a combined meat, from lamb's, chicken's and beef's, served with a nice spiced rice too. I also love the dessert (gosh I forgot its name!!), though I'm not a coffee person, but it's safe to say that this is one of my exception! It looks like Affogatto (an ice cream, poured with a coffee on top), but if you look closer, below the ice cream, there's a bread pudding, and that's what makes everything even more perfect! <3 While the meatball, it's seriously delicious! I wasn't talking about the pasta though, because it was overcooked, and the sauce was also lack of density (needs improvement), but the meatball is da bomb!

Overall, Antler Cabin is a cool place to hang out at. What needs to be upgraded is of course, the parking lot. Because Antler Cabin lies in the side of a busy road, where a lot of vehicles drive by all the time, and this road can only fit to two cars, so if the left side of the road are used by the customers to be their parking spot, I'm afraid, it would cause traffic, especially before and after working hours. 

It can get quite hard to take food pictures in here because the lamps are all yellow, and the window is a bit blueish. But don't worry, the light on your camera will adjust itself, but you still have to get the trick before you take a picture, lol. The service is still needs improvement, like the speed of the cooking time. I also found that the waiter don't clean the table immediately after the customers left, and they also still seems to be confused while they deliver the foods to the table, though they already gave us a table number. But practice makes perfect. I saw that they wanted to learn and very open to constructive feedback, so I'm sure they will do much better in the future. :)

Antler Cabin Surabaya
Raya Darmo Permai 2 No. 16
08.30 AM - 09.30 PM

Some spots has power outlet
Wifi connection available
Prepare 100k/person would be enough

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  1. Bagus sekali ya interiornya. The guns, the antler, animal skin and the solid wood reminds us (coincidentally?) of the winter di Scandinavian country. However, sayang ya menunya agak nga fokus dan campur aduk dari Australian, Mexican, Vietnamese ke kopi tubruk Ala Indonesia pun ada. Seharusnya ya fokus di thema yang sudah ada biar lebih unique misalnya Swedish Cranberry meatball, Danish Pastry, Norwegian Salmon (if their theme is indeed Scandinavian)





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