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Hi Guys!
My phone camera is broken! Huaaaa..!! :’( My phone is Samsung Galaxy K-Zoom and it was a precious gift from a friend of mine a couple of years back for my birthday. It has been a very helpful one, since it has a 20x digital zoom on its camera, so I’m pretty devastated right now, hiks.. I’ve tried to bring it to Samsung service center (like, four freakin’ times!), but none of them give me solution to have it fixed. All of them gave me the white flag stare, because my friend bought it in Singapore, so the spare part is different from the one that Indonesia has. They are afraid that it won’t be compatible with my phone and even worse, it may cause my phone to be dead for good.

So right now, I’m like a bird who’s lost her wings, a fire without its flame (quoting JJ Lin’s “Now That She’s Gone” lyrics). Just a month ago I’m bitching about wanting to buy a laptop, I haven’t bought one, now it’s my phone’s turn to get broken. Like whyyyyy? :( In less than a month, I'm supposed to be flying to Japan for 11 days of holiday (if I'm broke before that, I might cancel the vacay though). To think about it, I would be spending a lot of money.. OMAGAAHH, have to work harder then! Wish me the best of luck guys..

Orait, back to the real blog post. Today, I went to a new coffee shop in town, and I’m writing the blog post right away! Haha.. The reason why I’m rushing the blog post was because ko Jie (inijie.com) has already posted the blog post yesterday, LOL. It’s not like we’re enemies or he’s my rival (we're actually friend, and about to go to Japan together too) but usually I’m the only one who posted a blog post about a new café, or at least I’m the fastest, so when I knew that someone do it faster than me, I got tickled a little bit, LOL. It’s good though to have someone that strive you to work faster and better.. :) Can’t be lazy no more.. But really, I’m super busy the past weeks for Hyperlink Project, super stressed I skipped my period twice :’(

Cailano Specialty Coffee & Shao Kao

So.. Cailano is placed in Klampis street, at the east side of Surabaya, in line with Communal and Konig. When I saw the pictures of this place from my foodies fellas, this place is looking amazing! But when I actually visit the place, it looks super ordinary from the outside. Like, you won’t expect anything special just by looking at it from the outer look alone, because it’s in the complex of an old shop-house at Klampis street.

When I first enter the café, tell you what? It looks so much better on the inside, hahaha.. They use the industrial design for its theme, clean, simple, and most importantly, insta-genic! LOL. Cailano use two floor of the building for its dining area, the first floor has indoor and semi outdoor space, while the second one is a full indoor space.

The first floor indoor space contains a dining area and the coffee bar. In here, the space can accommodate for up to 30 people inside, and what I love about it is that they provide one power outlet below each table, yay! But too bad when I came, the wifi is not working, at all :( They do have a wifi connection though, but what's the point of it if it's not working at all, lol #fakirwifi.

The semi-outdoor space, is where most visitors used to take their selfies & OOTD pictures. Besides the Insta-Genic wall, there I saw a huge chiller, and also a half space for grilling. The area is not yet finished, they said they would install a tables and chairs so that people could hang out in this area as well. I don't know if it's going to be their smoking area, because it's still air conditioned and not an open space. But, who knows? :) 

The second floor of Cailano is quite a different story. they have four set of tables for four person, one set of table for six, another set for five next to the window, and two sets of a long table for 14 person. Indeed it could fit to more people than the first floor, but it feels a little bit tight. But my favorite spot would be the one that's next to the window (duh), and the long table, haha.. The long table require's stranger to sit together, that's fun, lol.

For the menu, it's pretty self explanatory if you take a look at the photo above. On the food section, Cailano served toast, croissant, shaokao (skewer), rice bowl, baked potatoes and some dessert. While on the beverages section, they have coffee (obviously), tea, and other drinks. The price is pretty fair in this Cafe, student & employee friendly. Hopefully they don't upscale it in the future, lol.

I ordered Super Mangkok (39k) which translated 'Super Bowl' and a Thai Tea (16k) while my friend ordered Twice Baked Potato with Mozzarella and Cheese Sauce (22k).

The Super Mangkok was overall tasty. It's a rice bowl with one grilled shaokao, a grilled beef, a grilled chicken and some edamame. Poured with their special sauce and topped with sesame seeds, plus a tofu soup for the side dish. The only downside about this dish were the grilled beef was a bit under cooked and the tofu soup was cold and plain. I was expecting the soup like a miso soup, that would be so much better :) 

The Thai Tea was okay, except the fact that it has too many ice cubes, makes the tea became watery and less tasted like a thai tea. While the Twice Baked Potato with Mozzarella and Cheese Sauce was super nice! It's really soft and tender. Maybe because it's twice baked, but it's awesome and I loved it so much. :)

Overall, I love Cailano, and I think you will enjoy this homey cafe just like I do. Since it's in the old shop house area, parking lot wouldn't be a troublesome. When they have their wi-fi fixed, and the semi outdoor space opened, I'm sure everything will be so much better. The service was nothing extraordinary, I was hoping they can be more friendly and accepting, but it's just my five cents. I hope all the best for Cailano, and keep serving good food! :)

Cailano Specialty Coffee & ShaoKao
Klampis Jaya No. 43 | Kompleks Ruko Milenia, Surabaya
Mon - Sat 08.00 - 23.00 
Sunday     10.00 - 23.00
Prepare 50k/person would be enough
Wi-fi available but broken
Power Outlet everywhere <3

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  2. Ada info kontak nomer cailano yg bisa dihubungi untuk reservasi kah

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