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Hey Guys!
On December 16th, a new hangout place is finally launched in one of the prestigious Mall in Surabaya. I went there right away SUPER THANKS for cici Amanda Kohar, who told me about the opening and also for being super sweet by letting me using her pictures for this blog. My camera just couldn't handle the darkness of this place. :( So yeah, the squared (1:1) pictures of the venue are all credit to her. <3 Thanks again, ce!

DomiDeli is on the first floor of Ciputra World Mall Surabaya which is on the west. And if I'm not mistaken, DomiDeli is the sister company of Domicile, but in DomiDeli, they also have a bakery where you can buy bread, croissant and stuffs. 

To be honest, I didn't see that much differences from Domicile and DomiDeli. They both has a great design in terms of interior, the lounging atmosphere is also pretty much similar, and I found that their excellent service is again, quite identical. DomiDeli's dining area is big, compared to all of the restaurant in Ciputra World, I can say that DomiDeli is one of the biggest there. They have a smoking and non smoking area, in total, DomiDeli can accommodate around 100 people inside.

But as a foodies, what I 'hate' about this place is the lighting. It's super dark and there's not much of a lighting inside (I can't take good picture without the perfect lighting, hiks). Their lamp color is yellow, and their wall color is blue, haha.. Can you imagine? lol.. There's a little bit of a sunlight that comes through their window glass though, but it's in their smoking area. 


DomiDeli has quite a lot of menu choices that you can choose from. I still see two of Domicile's best menu, like the Black Ink and the Baramundi, but DomiDeli offers new interesting menu as well (which I'm about to try). For the range of price, DomiDeli & Domicile is in the same level. I hope it's gonna be worth the price too. :) 

Rustic Pizza - Pork Ribs & Belly - Single (60k) 
I ordered this Rustic Pizza - Pork Ribs & Belly because I never seen or tried this kind of Pizza anywhere in my life, and I also think it's safe to say that anything with Pork Belly is going to taste amazing, right? Plus, from Domicile's track record of taste, I'm fully trusting their kitchen in this, so I'm giving it a try. Thankfully, it tastes just like what I had predicted, uh-maze-ing! Eat it while it's still hot, when the cheese & pasta still melt and the pork belly is still crisp. Definitely recommended <3

Overall, DomiDeli is a nice place to hangout. Their lounging atmosphere makes it really comfortable to stay in at anytime of the day. The service is excellent, I remember I left my laptop's mouse there for about 4 days, but when I asked them about it, they still have it, they kept it safe and returned it back to me. Thank you :) I only tried one of their Pizza and it tasted amazing, my friends said their croissant also tasted great, but a bit overpriced. I guess that sums up most of about DomiDeli, I wish all the best for them and if you guys had tried anything in DomiDeli, you guys are welcome to comment down below.

I'll see you guys on my next post, xoxo!

DomiDeli Surabaya
Ciputra World 1st Floor Unit no 1-2
Sun - Fri : 10 AM - 11 PM
Sat          : 10 AM - 01 AM
Some spots has power outlet
Wifi connection available
EDC machine available
Smoking area available

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