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Happy New Year Everybody! <3
I know it's a little bit too late, but well.. Better than nothing at all right? haha.. Last year has been amazing to me, and this blog has reach its first 1 million page views, WOOHOO! <3 Compared to the other blog, I might not be the best one nor the fastest in growth, but I feel so much blessed to know that compared to last year, my blog only has 278.771 page views in January (I wrote that), and now we're at 1,129,182 which to me, SUPER AWESOME! Thanks to YOU all my readers (kiss kiss). I'm only hoping that what I do with this blog can help you guys in some ways. Now let's reach 3.000.000 page views by the end of this year?


Okay now let me introduce you to one of the newest restaurant in town, Sinapi :) I was invited to try on Christmas Eve together with my foodies friends, but at that time, I was also having a dinner with my family. So I had to skip Sinapi and prioritize my family <3 After that, Sinapi only available for booking only, but days after, they're already open for public, and I decided to try it with my dear friend Fiony. Thank you for being so patient while I'm taking pictures, Fio, love youuuu :*

Sinapi is in Hr. Mohammad street, which is on the west side of Surabaya. This restaurant is pretty huge I might say, there are two floors available for the restaurant (but the second floor is not ready yet, see below pictures). Right now, I guess around 80 people can fit to the first floor alone, the place is cozy, well decorated, got some mirrors on the wall and there are also power outlet at most of the table.


Sinapi's menu is filled with western and asian menu. I thought it's a western restaurant, but when I asked what's special, the waitress actually said that it's the asian menu which are special in Sinapi, lol. The price is pretty fair to me, especially when I saw that I could order a steak with only less than 80k, hahaha..

Grilled Rib Eye Maltique (80k)
Sinapi Salad Special (35k)
Wagyu Burger (80k)
I ordered the Grilled Rib Eye Maltique while Fio ordered Sinapi Salad Special & Wagyu Burger. In my opinion, the Grilled Rib Eye Maltique was great! I asked for a medium rare and I got the perfect one. The seasonings and the sauces were complimenting each other's taste. But the thing about Rib Eye that it was tender but still so hard to chew and I was a bit struggling swallowing it up without getting choked. >.< The Sinapi Salad Special & Wagyu Burger was also delightful. My friend ate it all without any complaints except that she was too full, haha.. The Salad was a huge one.

Overall, Sinapi is one of the 'must try' new restaurant in my opinion. The parking lot is one of the hard part to get, but they have valet parking that would only cost you Rp. 5.000,-. You can find power outlet pretty much almost everywhere, but the wifi connection was troubled when I came, I hope they fix that out. Service also can be improved, they were already giving me a good service that time, but good doesn't mean great, so my advice would be : be more proactive in servicing the customers, don't just stand there when you see the customers struggling with their things, help them. :)

Sinapi Surabaya
Jl. HR Muhammad 96

First Sess      : 11.00 AM - 03.00 PM
Second Sess  : 05.00 PM - 10.00 PM

Some spots has power outlet
Wifi connection available (but when I came it's still trouble)

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  1. Jadi klo mau mkan d sna hrs reserved dlu ya?

  2. Hai..Mba Laura..bicara tentang makanan emang ga ada habisnya ya..
    kenalin saya Linda...pengen banget denger cerita mbak tentang Makanan Surabaya..bolehkah kita minta waktu Mba Angelia?





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