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Event Report : WTF Market ID March 11th - March 13th 2016 Surabaya

Hey Guys!
Today I just went to Tunjungan Plaza to the re-opening of Calais Bubble Tea, but I'll save that for a later post. Now I wanted to share to you about an event that is currently going on from today (March 11th) until this sunday (March 13th) on the 6th floor of Tunjungan Plaza 3, it's We The Future Market Indonesia or you can just say WTF Market ID. If you haven't visit them yet, you might want to read along :)


So basically, as you all guys already know, there are a lot of thematic creative event in Surabaya nowadays. Or, if you are not familiar with "thematic creative event", let's just simplify this with "bazaar". It is usually a three-days-event where they gather more than a hundred local brands, from fashion, lifestyle also food and beverages, showing their creative entrepreneurship ideas and sell them to the netizen.
After more than a year observing the market, I think it is safe to say that WTF Market ID is one of that still remains strong here. This event was originally from Jakarta, they have been expanding to Surabaya since last year after hosting five event in the capital city, and this is their second event here. Gosh, enough with the super long intro, I'll give you a little tour now, shall we? :)


One thing that has improved much is their Photobooth section. Though this is not the first time I see LED for decoration, but I might say that the combination of TV, LED, Vinyl, and 3D Stereofoam for decoration just amazed me. It was really nice and really attracts people to come and take selfies with it. This is one of the reason why people want to come and stay at one event, it's when they decorate it properly. So, thumbs up for this! :)


WTF MARKET ID contains 142 tenants; 82 from fashion & lifestyle tenants, and 60 from food & beverages tenants. These tenants are not only from Surabaya, but also from Jakarta, Bandung and Bali. Again, this is also a main selling point for an event in my opinion, because these tenants are rarely coming to Surabaya, so when they do, people would have the eager more to come and see what they got. Now let me show you some of them :)

The brands are really various, from clothing, make up, home decor, lifestyle application, accessories, even hover board, you name it! The interesting things here are that we can try to use the hover board inside the venue. I was asked several times to try, I really wanted to! Too bad I was using my heels, but if tomorrow I'll come again, I'll make sure I wear the most comfortable flats to try the hover board! Oh, by the way, there will be a hover board dance performance on Sunday if you're interested ;)

Now for the food and beverages tenants, I also found some interesting brands. One of them is this Shirakuma ice cream that is very popular in Jakarta. I tried their matcha soft ice cream, and it was the bomb! I'm quite picky if it's come to matcha, but their matcha just got me from the first lick! One thing that you have to be careful about is that the ice melts super quickly, so you better eat it fast, and enjoy the brain freeze, lol..

Before you find your way out, you'll meet this stage. What is it for? It's for their main events. So WTF MARKET ID has quite a big range of events. Warm chit chat from the MC, eating competition, style competition, and also some interesting talk show with the guest artists that they invited, such as Chandra Liow, Nikita Kusuma, Anaz Siantar. So if you are interested to meet them, they will come tomorrow and on sunday!

Another things that caught my eyes at the venue, were these gimmick above. One was a place for kids to be creative and make their own jewelry, and second was a place at the very back, for everyone who wants a free massage! LOL. I guess everything was interesting in WTF MARKET ID. Makes me learn a lot about making one interesting event :)

Overall, I really enjoy wandering around in WTF MARKET ID and if you want to come but you're hesitant because of the traffic and worried about not getting any park inside the building, you can take advantage of their collaboration with UBER Surabaya. Just use the code UBERxWTF, and you'll get free credit for IDR 100.000. If I have a free time tomorrow, I'll try to use the UBER code and let you know on my Snap Chat! (Add me! ID : laurangelia)

I guess that's all for today's story, I hope this post helps, and I love you all guys so so so so much!
xoxo, good night :*


  1. waktu itu engga sempet ke WTF Market ID sih, kalau baca dari reviewnya sepertinya memuaskan sekali ya ?


    1. Lumayan lah.. :) Boleh dateng kapan kapan kalau ada lagi.. :)

  2. Ayo datang lagi ke tempat kami. Calais tunjungan plaza.. ;).

  3. Ayo datang lagi ke tempat kami. Calais tunjungan plaza.. ;).





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