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Hey guys!
We're coming to the end of March already! How time really flies. I'm so excited yet nervous that HYPERLINK PROJECT is only two weeks away. I've been really stressed out taking care of most things, make sure that everything is under control, but acnes are now popping all around my face, sigh. :'( I'm sad that my blog has been really dull these months, but I'm trying to post more after the project is done, okay? Love ya!

So this is one of the new comer in Surabaya lately, but I think people are already knew about this brand because it's one of the most popular boba shop in Jakarta. When they opened the store in Surabaya, I was still in Japan. When I came back, I just realized that the store was in the middle of my home and my office, so I decided to pay a visit right after I finished my work.

So Fat Straw is as I said, a boba shop, which located in the west side of Surabaya, across Hartono Electronic Shop and only 10 steps away from Itadakimasu. When I first came, the queue was pretty long; since the place is really small, I guess they can only have 20 customers inside. To be honest, they need to give that queue problem a fix or else, the customers will choose the neighbor instead. (Yes I did go to Itadakimasu first, haha..)

I came back to Fat Straw around 9 PM, it was not as crowded, no queue, but the store was still packed. Thankfully I got one table left for me and my friend. So we split our task, she waited at the table and I ordered. To be honest I was quite full at that time, but for the sake of trying something new and of course with the help of my friend, I ordered one glass of their favorite : Ice Milk Drink with Strawberry Pudding and Honey Boba. (32k)

Looking at the packaging, the one that's slightly fatter than anything else was the cup, not the straw. The straw was indeed fat, but it's not something new, all boba shop use that kind of straw, lol. But anyways, I don't know if it's because we were already full or what, but I honestly didn't find anything special or extraordinary about this drink. The place, the honey bee logo were cute, the incoming customers were endless, but the taste was quite off. It was not sweet as expected, the boba was fine, pudding was okay. Just standard. I was kinda expecting something that will lighten up my day, but sadly it was not happening. 

I guess I have to try the other menu and explore more to give one valid opinion about Fat Straw Surabaya. What do you guys think about this place and its products? Please let me know if you have one favorite menu that I should try :) I wish all the best for Fat Straw and I'll see you guys very soon on my next one!

Fat Straw
Jl. Bukit Darmo Boulevard Surabaya
(maybe) 10 AM - 10 PM
Bring 50k or 70k is enough
Power outlet available
Not sure for the wifi though

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  1. Great post! Will try to go there soon <3<3


  2. You should try "Chocolate Smoothies with extra Honey", it is the good one I think. ;)





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