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Hey Guys!
Back with me again, it surely has been forever since the last cafe review's post of mine. I guess, the last one was in January? As far as I remember I didn't write any blog post in February, that was CRAZY! But anyways, I was super busy and I was also been away for two weeks that month, to Japan and to Bali (which I don't think I'm going to blog at anytime soon). But blogging about a new place in Surabaya always excites me more, don't know why, haha.. So yeah, I'm writing this one first, LOL.

A little intermezzo : I went to Honda's Showroom this afternoon to test drive a car that I'm going to buy at the end of this month. Please pray for me, I've been facing a lot of struggle for it. I hope I can get the car that I needed :( And I'm also going to buy a laptop for work too, macbook pro will be the chosen one. I'll be super broke next month, hahaha.. But I believe in God's blessing and in doing my best, I'll be fine, eventually I'll be fine. :)

So back to the main topic! After I'm done with the test driving at Honda's Showroom in Basuki Rachmat, I was just about heading back to the office when suddenly a bell rang in my mind. *tingtong!* I rushed to check Ms. Amanda Kohar's Instagram to see about this new cafe, because I remember it was around the center of the city, so it must not be far from where I was at that time. And yup, it's just 8 minutes away! So without any thinking, I'm heading my wheel there!

Anyways, I was kinda in a rush so I took some of the pictures with iPhone, I apologize if there's a different quality of the picture here.

Volks Coffee is placed in M.H Thamrin Street, as I said, in the center of Surabaya. If you girls know Miracle Aesthetic Center , Volks Coffee is like 5 houses away from there. :) One of the legit thing I noticed the first time was that they already has a security to take care of the vehicles and the parking lot. Usually, a newly opened cafe don't have any parking service, but in here, the security even asking for my car key like a valet parking staff. However, when I asked him for the parking ticket, he said, "Masih belum ada mbakk.." (we don't have it yet, miss) hahaha.. But I trusted him anyways, so I just gave him my car key. (wait, who said I have trust issue?)

When I first enter Volks Coffee, the layout of this place really reminds me of Black Barn Coffee. But the difference was that Volks Coffee's interior is more industrial, while Black Barn Coffee is more into Rustic theme.
I met Mr. Inijie who happened to visit Volks Coffee as well. FYI he got a new phone, it's Samsung S7! I tried the camera, and it was SUUUPPEERR AMAAZZZINNG. I suddenly regret buying iPhone 6s, planning to sell it, anyone wants to buy it? :3 (iPhone 6s Rose Gold, 64G 1 month used, condition 99%, lol kok buka lapak). Anyways, below is the unfinished outdoor space of Volks Coffee.

In total, I guess Volks Coffee can accommodate 35 people inside. Outdoor space are still hot even in the evening, I went there at 4 pm, I sweat a lot while I took pictures outside. I'd always prefer inside, it's much cooler, plus there are a lot of power outlet available there. I didn't try the wi-fi though, because most of the time at the soft opening, it's slow, or even unavailable, so I didn't bother trying. Maybe next time :)

Menu in Volks Coffee is quite simple, only one page, and they pretty much provide what a coffee shop should provides. Coffee (of course), tea, juices, snacks, foods, and desserts. My choice that afternoon fell into the Pork Belly Aglio Olio, and when I was just about to order a juice, Mr. Inijie stopped me right there, and said, "You went to a Specialty Coffee Shop and not ordering coffee??". As usual, I shot him back with an excuse about my inability to contain caffeine in my body. He replied with a gesture that probably said, "boooooo...!" Alright alright, I asked the barista what's the lightest caffeine that I could get, he said I should order a latte. So voila! I ordered that.

Latte (30k)
I asked the barista about the taste of this latte before I ordered it, he said it's kinda sweet. But I think we had some misunderstanding there. I thought 'sweet' as a sugar sweet, but in his mind, 'sweet' as a coffee sweet. So when it came, it was definitely not sweet as I was expecting, hahaha.. Because obviously, it has not any sugar in it, but it was not bitter as well, he probably put more milk inside. The latte also came with a biscuit aside, I guess it was the best part of the latte, hahaha. Jk.

As a non coffee drinker, this is my two cents : it was light, and nice, in fact it was very nice. Even Mr. Inijie, a person that I might say an expert in coffee said it was a great one (he finished it btw, lol). And the (real) best part was : I didn't get any bad side effects afterwards. I felt perfectly fine, no anxious, or nausea. So I was happy :)

Pork Belly Aglio Olio (45k)

Not the average Aglio Olio that you'll find anywhere in Surabaya. And I would say, YOU-SHOULD-TRY-THIS! It was really unique, but at the same time, very good! But sadly, this is not for the Moslem, pork alert. Below the Pork Belly, you'll find the chopped salted vegetables (sayur asin) that you would also find in every Pork Belly dish. That makes a quite difference, a good one. I just loved it, and I suppose you would too. :) Thumbs up for this.

Overall, Volks Coffee is a nice place to hangout with your friends, do some work, or just to sip your favorite coffee. I wish all the best for Volks Coffee. I did really enjoy the coffee & the food. I'll come back for sure! :)

Volks Coffee
MH. Thamrin 34, Surabaya
Tue - Sun 01.00 - 22.00 
Prepare 80k/person would be enough
Power Outlet everywhere <3

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  1. Dulu sempet ada temen yg ngajakin kesini
    Cuman belom kesampean gara-gara nyobain kafe yang lain
    Boleh nih klo hangout lagi nyobain tempat ini

  2. looks like a nice place to visit in Surabaya, too bad that it serve pork belly. well, i guess we got plenty of places to visit in surabaya, after all, so that's nice...

  3. is it okay to bring SLR camera here and taking photos as well?

  4. Are your iPhone still up for sale? XD

  5. Yakin sis ? Senin tutup ?? Ini??





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