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Having a Personal Assistant via YesBoss! (review) + PROMO CODE!

Having a Personal Assistant via YesBoss! (review) + PROMO CODE!

Hey guys!
I want to share a quick fun yet super helpful experience with this personal assistant service called "YesBoss". I actually really don't know that this kind of thing existed, but IT'S FREAKIN' AWESOME! Especially for a busy person like me. But I guess anyone will always need a little help here and there, it will save you so much time and it's totally free! I'm sure this would be a life saver for everyone!

So, what is YesBoss?
In short, YesBoss is a personal assistant service program for all your demands. You can ask them mostly anything! From buying you tickets, looking up for places and things, booking you an appointment, ordering foods and stuffs, even giving you advice. They are free of charge, you don't need to pay anything for their service, isn't it the coolest thing ever?

Let me share to you my one day experience with YesBoss here.
When I was asked to try YesBoss, I was quite sceptical and hesitant. I was afraid it was going to be a fail experience and ended up such a waste of time. But you know, I'm a type of a person who rarely says no for a new thing, so then I tried it and followed all the procedures

The first thing that I needed to do was to sign up, just like everyone else. I'm signing up my number and inputting my name as well as my nickname which is now used all the time.

They asked me if I wanted a male or a female personal assistant. This was quite funny, because whichever is actually doesn't matter at all to me, but for the sake of fun, I chose a male personal assistant that appeared to be Andy. (I guess everyone who asked for a male personal assistant in YesBoss would get the same name, Andy, hahaha..)

After that, we started texting each other..

He immediately asked me "Is there anything I can help you with?" That kinda triggers the bossy me, haha.. So yeah, I wasn't hesitating, I gave Andy three different tasks at a different part of the day :
First. My work has been taking a lot of my energy and my brain, causing me stress and lots of pimples are growing out of my face recently. I didn't feel like going back to my usual salon, and wanted to try a different one. So my first task for Andy was to book an appointment in that salon for my facial treatment later that day.

Nailed it.

Second. I recently bought a new car, but since I was so busy, I haven't got time to get it washed. Before I had my own car, I honestly probably only washed the old car twice. The first one was in Nusantara and the second time, I washed it together with my brother at home. I really didn't know places to wash car, so then I gave Andy his second task of the day

Nailed it again. And yes! They speak English too!

The last one, since I've been working so hard, and everything went pretty well, now it's time for a vacation! I've been planning to go to Jakarta and Bandung for a quite some time now, I think taking several days off would be a great refreshment. So I talked to my friends, and agreed that we're going to have a short weekend vacation to Jakarta-Bandung next week (April 22nd-25th). I also asked Andy to look up for the ticket.

Gosh Andy, what would I do without you?

My thoughts about YesBoss
I really think Andy had helped me a lot during my hectic hours. Even though these are an easy tasks, but it's actually time consuming. Imagine if I have to do everything all by myself? I would need 30 hours a day! But with the help of Andy from YesBoss, I could save hours of my precious time. All I have to do was just to text him and told him what I wanted, and he would just try to make it come true. One thing that I also loved about YesBoss is the way Andy replied me, he always replied me in a way like I'm paying him $1.000 for the job, though actually I'm paying him with nothing. So polite, yet encouraging, I really appreciate that!

I'm really happy to have this experience and might as well get too attached, I hope I don't cling on to Andy all the time, LOL. But yeah, all in all, I highly recommend you guys to try YesBoss, whether you're a busy person or not, just in case when you need any help or assistance, you can always use YesBoss for your option. Their operation time is from 07.00 AM to 11.00 PM, every single day! and don't worry, the service is available in all over Indonesia. ;)

Want to try YesBoss without having to queue on the waiting list?
Type : "BOSSLAURA" and text it to to 085574670033

You can try it now and tell me what's your experience! See you on my next post! xoxo





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