Pokzilla Surabaya (Review) 5 Things You Need to Know! + SURPRISE at The End of The BlogPost!
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Pokzilla Surabaya (Review) 5 Things You Need to Know! + SURPRISE at The End of The BlogPost!

Hi Hi Hi!
Back with me again. :) I'm kinda excited, because it's been quite a while since my last review post. I hope you guys are still waiting for my review about this place, because I know there are a LOT of people who has already written their reviews ahead of me. :( But I'm sure my review could help you more, because I really think you should know these 5 things before you go there, if you haven't, hahaha..

Pokzilla Surabaya

So, everyone has been talking about this place ever since they are open for public. I knew it first because of Inijie's Instagram Post. Since he's undoubtly one of the most influential among all of the foodies, and his pictures are oh so bikin ngiler ler, hahaha.. Anyways, he was invited to the soft opening and he's also one of the first to spread the words about Pokzilla until it became a fever in Surabaya.

No joke, everyone, literally, everyone I met always asked me, "Have you tried Pokzilla?" repeatedly until I'm sick of it. But I was super busy with HYPERLINK PROJECT so I didn't find time to go. Fortunately, my schedule is pretty loose now, so I did pay a visit yesterday, and I came as a regular customer, at a regular lunch time. This is where everything gets more exciting. Why? Because now I finally understand the differences between when I came as a blogger (who received an invitation) and when I came as a regular customer (though I'm still gonna blog about it, lol).

Pokzilla is located in the west side of Surabaya, to be exact it's in Darmo Permai Timur street. Long story short, in case you're wondering : If Monopole is on your right, you just have to go straight and turn right on the second turn, then Pokzilla will be on your sight very shortly. And this, will lead you to my first thing that you need to know about Pokzilla :
1. Their parking fee is Rp. 5.000,- and it's not a vallet service.
When you first arrived, there will be at least two or three guy that will assist you on your parking. The parking spot in front of Pokzilla is quite wide, I guess it can fit to 10 or 12 cars in two rows. The thing about two row parking is that one car will be blocking another car's way out. So if you're the one who's blocking, congratulations! You have to be ready to be called out while you're enjoying your meal, and move your car away. Sucks, I know, well that was what happened to me.

The second thing that you need to know about Pokzilla is :
2.  The place is very spacious.

I guess, in total, they can accommodate over a hundred of people inside. So you don't have to be worried about not getting a table. BUT....

3. Their serving time is pretty slow.
Usually, I don't blame a new restaurant because they were still in their soft opening period and they were currently in full house situation. However, if they already prepared the space for over a hundred people inside, they should have known how to handle it, right? So yeah. Just for a head's up : Don't go there in this period of  time if you're very very hungry, or just stuff yourself a bit before you visit. :)

Of course, we ordered the famous Pokzilla Cheesy BBQ just like everyone else and we were just so excited for it. While waiting for the food to come, I was walking around, taking pictures, taking snapchat videos, even trying to make a vlog there to kill time! But even after all that, our order was still not coming. I guess it was almost 45 minutes for one menu to come. And guess what when it came?

4. The waiter were less considerate
I was kinda surprised when the waiter handed over the uncooked food and the portable stove to us and just left. Like, they didn't even say a thing about how to cook the dish. They just put it on the table and *puff!* they're gone. At first I had a positive thought that he was gonna get back to us and taught us how to cook it. So me and my friend just laid back and take pictures first. But after minutes, no one was coming back, so I had to call one and asked him how.

And when he taught us how to do it, he just said, "Turn on the stove, stir the cheese until it melts down, take the meat with the tongs with your left hand, and fork on your right, and twist the melting cheese around the meat" Just like that and he left again. T___T Gosh, masss.. We can not cook!! :( Actually it was my bad too, I kinda expected him to cook it for us. Then I realized, I was just a regular customer here. hahah.. But he didn't even offer himself to cook it for us either. So my tips is : If you want him to cook it for you, just ask it! :)

So there we were, trying to figure out ourselves how to cook it the right way. And we also took turns to take pictures and videos which was quite challenging too. Then guess what? While we were busy taking pictures of the melting cheese over the ribs, one of the parking guy came up to me and said that I had to move my car because the car in front of me wanted to go out. I was just like, "Gosh, okay, a second please".

Then after several minutes I went back in, the cheese was already hardened, sticky and burnt over the hot stone. We tried to warm it up again, but it just won't melt. On that part, I guess the level of my disappointment was pretty high and I couldn't really enjoy the meal anymore. I was just hoping that if the waiter or the waitress cared enough to tell us how to cook it and how to keep it enjoyable to eat even after a while, that would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

But, okay. Lesson learned. I'm just sharing my experience here for you so that you won't experience the same thing :) So another tips for you is : Don't leave the cheese cold for too long, langsung HAP! aja, hahahah..

Last but not least :
5. Ordering extra cheese is considered necessary
ESPECIALLY if you're a foodie like me, extra cheese is a total must! Since you're gonna get crazy twisting the cheese on the first two rolls. Either because you're just too excited, or just for the sake of taking mouth watery Instagram Pictures, if you're not ordering extra cheese (like me), you're gonna ran out of cheese after the third roll, trust me, hahaha..

Overall, I kinda had an up and down experience in Pokzilla Surabaya, I really don't know whether I should go back or not. Maybe I would, to fix the memory. I only want to create the good ones in my head. So yeah, to sum this up, I'm going to rate Pokzilla 6.5 out of 10. Let me know down in the comment section what do you think about this place. And... a little surprise for you :

Your support means a lot to me, so please check out the video I made. I recorded it myself, I edited it with my iPhone, since I had to delay (again and again) my willing to purchase Macbook Pro last month. Internal issue. But it's okay, I'll try to survive and work harder, I'm learning so much about editing with iMovie on my iPhone right now. So please show your support by subscribing and liking my video. If you think it needs a fix, please do tell me on the comment section, I'll try to improve! 

I hope I can create more great content on my YouTube Channel and of course on my blog too :) I love you guys so much and see you very soon on my next one! *smooch*

Pokzilla Surabaya
Jl.Darmo Permai Timur 6 no 11a
11.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Bring 70-100k/person is enough
Wi-Fi available

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  1. great post! also love your video sista <3<3


  2. kok.. nyebelin gitu ya ce -_- udah nunggu lama, eh yg dtg masih mentah dan disuruh makan sendiri.. kalo gt ngapain jg nunggu lama2, wajar kalo jd mangkel..
    btw ce videonya bagus kok <3 baru tau bs ngedit pake imovie jg di HP dan hasilnya bs rapi gitu!


    1. Hahaha.. Iya, memang masak sendiri kaya'e sistem'e disana.. Tapi at least bok ya dikasi tau piye cara masak'e, hahaha.... kzl.

      Iyaahhh.. Cc ya banyak belajar nih.. Soalnya kan baru pake iPhone.. Sebelumnya always Android.. Gila, ga nyesel de beli mahal2, hehehe..
      Thank you for reading vee :*

  3. Great post and nice video! How do you insert cute texts like that with iPhone? I hope you could buy a macbook soon!

    1. Hey thanks :)
      There's an app called Vont, where you can put text on you videos, hehe..
      Having an iPhone is basically saved most of my YouTube life already..
      But I really hope I could buy the macbook soon, thanks for the wish! Have a great day!





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