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Hey guys!
If you're a korean fried chicken lover, you're in a right page right now! Because what I'm about to share to you is by far my most favorite place to get a Korean fried chicken in Surabaya. How exciting is that? ;) So please stay tune for more details, and please give me +1 if you think this blog post is helpful for you, I'd really appreciate that :)


Yup, the name is really BANG BANG BANG! I guess the owner was inspired by Big Bang's song title? Hahah.. FYI, the owner is (probably) a true Korean, since he's not speaking Bahasa Indonesia. Fortunately he can speak good english, he's a nice friendly person and has a good sense of humor too, lol.. Annyeong Oppa!

Bang Bang Bang is small Korean Restaurant located in Citraland, the west of the west side of Surabaya, haha.. To be precise, it's  accross D'Licious Kitchen. I'm actually not really sure whether I should call this place a restaurant or a cafe, or something else. But anyways, it only fit to less than 50 person inside (both first and second floor). I think on the first floor, they can only fit for 20 people max and 15 people max on the second floor.

Second Floor
Me personally like it better on the second floor, because the lighting is white, while the first floor is very yellowish. But on the first floor I guess they have some board games available for you to play. I once heard a group of friends played it and they made a very loud sound and laughed so hard as well, even us at the second floor could hear them very clearly, haha.. Made me curious about what games they played, and what drink did they drank, LOL.

Bang Bang Bang sells Korean Fried Chicken on the popular side, and that's true, I went there twice already, only for their fried chicken. It was yummy! But they also sell bibimbap and other stuff. :) Price wise, it's pretty affordable.. Since you won't come here alone, because their serving is pretty big, unless you're a big eater and you want to eat everything for yourself, lol.

Out of six flavors, I already tried three of them. Their most favorite flavor is "Fantastic Baby" (again with Big Bang's Song Title), which is Garlic Flavor. And surprisingly, though I hate garlic, it was the first flavor that I decided to try. The second and third flavor that I tried were Rolling In The Chilli (Spicy) and I'm Not The Only Deliyaki (Salty). Hahaha.. I really LOL at the sauce names now. Just realized that, lol oppa lol.....

I also tried the Yakult Soju but I really forgot how much is the price, and it wasn't listed in the menu. The Soju was very light, I could barely taste the soju, whereas the Yakult taste was very strong. The Fried Chicken were delicious in their own way, I have no favorite, all tasted nice. :) The price was IDR 70k for 6 pieces of chicken, affordable one. If you come with 2 of your friends, you only need to pay for 20k each person for two pieces of chicken, which is a very good deal. Plus you'll get one portion of rice or french fries that you can share with your friends too.

Overall, I love Bang Bang Bang! 8.5 out of 10!
The place is not big, but very homey. You can go here to eat or just havin' a quality chit chat time with your friends. Foods are nice, the price is pretty affordable. Plus the very friendly and funny oppa! He promised me that he will give me something nice for my next visit. I don't know if he still remember my face tho, LOL.
PS : The current Bang Bang Bang Map that is shown on Google right now is wrong. The right one is what I'm showing to you below. I already sent Google the revision of the map. But I don't know when they will approve.

Another video is up too on my YouTube Channel! hohoho.. Please let me know what you think on the comment section below about me making YouTube Videos, since I'm still in the transition period, your feedback would mean the world to me. I love you guys! See you on my next one :* :* :*

Bang Bang Bang Surabaya
Ruko Food Arcade CG1 no 18 GWalk
10.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Bring 50k-70k/person is enough

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