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HOLYWINGS Surabaya (Review)

Hi guys!
If you followed my Instagram, you might have known that I just traveled to Jakarta-Bandung about several weeks ago. I didn't get to visit many places in Jakarta, but I did have a several stops PIK area. Anyways, we'll talk about those places some other time, haha.. I actually only wanted to mention about this one particular spot in PIK that really gets my attention, which is HolyWings.

Why? Because they put this HUGE broadway sign like the ones that you see in movies, where they put the name of famous singer or actor that will be performing that night. And my friend said that they always invite the A-List-Singer to perform at HolyWings every weekend. I was just like, "Wow, cool! I would love to visit this place some time on my weekend in Jakarta."

Sadly, I didn't get to visit HolyWings PIK on my visit that time, however, just about a week after I came back from Jakarta, I saw HolyWings sign board in my hometown, and it's also very near my home, OMG! Coincidence? lol


HOLYWINGS Surabaya is located in Graha Festival, west side of Surabaya. #westkid #westisthebest #lol To be exact, it's in between D'Cost and Le Ciel Bleu, across Kudos Cafe. I visited HOLYWINGS just a day after they opened for public, but sadly their opening time is very close to the sunset, which would be very challenging if I want to take good picture. I actually tried to ask the owner via email if I could visit an hour before they open, but they declined my request, hahaha.. Oh well, I'll be on time then, lol.

So yeah, I visited them at 5 pm sharp, and rushed myself to take all the pictures that I needed before the sun all set. I actually got all the pictures of the venue at the golden hour, however the foods didn't come as quick as what I expected, so please pardon the bad quality. PLUS, my camera was super cranky at that time, at some point it says the battery didn't set properly, or it couldn't read the memory card, so I had to re-take several pictures. Gosh.. Why why why..

I hope my camera won't be broken at anytime soon. T____T I really don't know why, the thing that supposed to hold the battery suddenly cracked out of nowhere two days ago (seriously I just put it on my bed for hours and I suddenly heard that cracking sound, which is weird since I didn't do anything to it, and when I checked, it's already broken and I couldn't close it, and now I had to tape it down, but sometimes as I said above, the battery can't be read properly, so does the memory card, what on earth....... hiks)

Alright enough with the ranting, back to HOLYWINGS.

Talking about the interior design, HOLYWINGS looks a lot like a tree house, which is cool to me. Everything is made out of wood there, kinda reminds me of Antler Cabin except with no fancy furniture inside. But that didn't mean it's not an insta-worthy place in here. One of the nice spot that I saw in HOLYWINGS was the circle little cabin, I don't know I just find it really cute. Oh, and they even had a tree installed in the middle of the dining area too.

About the foods and beverages in HOLYWINGS, I saw they have more beverages menu than the foods, and they are serving alcohol too! Usually, a new cafe or lounge or bar in Surabaya didn't sell alcohol on their soft opening, they took it out from the menu, because to get the licence to sell alcohol in here is apparently uneasy, but perhaps it is different in here.

Chicken Wings with Dips (39k) 6 pcs
The size is small, like Pizza Hut's chicken wings, similar like the ones that I always had at home, or maybe slightly smaller. It tasted pretty good, savory and crunchy, but nothing really stands out. The plating is seriously needs a fix and I think it's better to use a small bucket or a small wicker basket than a plain plate like this. But I really love the wasabi mayo dipping sauce, so good!

Black Gyu Don (53.5k)

This one is also tastes pretty good, no complaint.

If I may conclude, I guess HOLYWINGS Surabaya is a place to hangout and have fun with your friends after work where you can drink and enjoy their wings until the very late of night. I can imagine finishing 50 chicken wings by my self while chugging one pitcher of beer, it must be very yummy, haha.. Guilty pleasure indeed! They have three LCD TVs if you want to watch football games maybe, and they also have a spot for live band to perform.

Perhaps I only wish that they can open on the afternoon too, because it's a very potential spot to work, do assignments, or have a lunch meeting as well! And if they can sell a bigger chicken like in Bang Bang Bang, that would be nice too! I heard that they will open another branch just a minute away from the spot that they are opening right now. I don't really understand, but we'll see! :) Will they invite A-List-Singer every weekend like in Jakarta? I don't know, again, we'll see! ;)

I hope you guys enjoy this post and hope the best of luck for HOLYWINGS Surabaya. See you on my next post! :*

Graha Festival
05.00 PM - 01.00 AM
Bring 70-100k per person would be enough
Power Outlet Everywhere
All Smoking Area

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  1. Halloo, thankyou untuk reviewnya. Maaf ya untuk sebelumnya karena kita holywingssby masih dalam proses trial sekarang dan baru akan benar-benar opening after lebaran. Untuk masukannya kita thankyou, masalah ukuran ayam kita sudah lebih baik, untuk masalah plating kita uda punya plating khusus seperti di jakarta tapi masih belum ready, untuk contoh plating dapat di lihat di instagram @holywingsindonesia kurang lebihnya akan seperti itu. Untuk informasi kita akan kembali setelah lebaran dengan perubahan design, jadi holywingssby menanti kedatangan berikutnya di outlet kami.

    1. Siap :) Stay in touch ya, let me know when you're ready..

      reach me at :

  2. Laura, may I ask, the chicken wings that you ordered (in the picture), which flavor is it? Do you still remember? Thanks in advance!





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