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Hey guys!
These months I've been feeling like the growth of new cafes and restaurants in Surabaya is kind of decreasing, it's not as rapid as before, especially last year, literally almost everyday there's a new cafe opening. But now, even in two to three weeks, there's probably only one new cafe opening, or even none. :( Fortunately, I got one invitation this friday, and I'm very excited about it. I got an actual invitation sent right to my door, and the invitation itself was a nice one. I really appreciate it when a person or a company being so thoughtful even in a very small gesture like this. :)

Noach Cafe & Bistro

A catchy name, isn't it?
Located in Pregolan Street, across MEX Building and standing right next to HolyCow SteakHouse, Noach Cafe & Bistro is a must visit if you're looking for a nice place to hangout in the heart of Surabaya. I was quite surprised by how the cafe turned out to look like. I didn't expect it to be this nice. Yes, it was THAT nice. 

When I first arrived, I immediately counted how many cars that could park on their parking area. It was around 10 to 12 cars and that's a good amount of slot for a starter, should think about how to get a bigger space though, :) 

When you enter the inside of Noach Cafe & Bistro, you'll see a waiting area on your left with a see through background (like an aquarium) that can be changed depending on what theme they wanted to display. While on the right side, you'll see their bar and their cashier. By this stage, you can see that Noach Cafe & Bistro's interior design is pretty industrial; a lot of solid wood installed, grey tiles, black pendant frame lamps, and a touch of green color from the faux leaves to make the look more alive.

Private Dining Area
The dining area of Noach Cafe & Bistro is pretty big, they have the indoor space (non smoking) nor the outdoor space (smoking). They have one private dining area and also a second floor outside (not finished yet). In total, I think they can accommodate around 150 people, but to be honest, after looking around, Noach Cafe & Bistro is looking more like a restaurant than a cafe. It's not a bad thing though, just not fully in accordance with the concept that they're trying to build in the first place.

So I was one of the invitee for their soft opening. As a first timer there, I really like the ambiance in Noach Cafe & Bistro, very chill and perfect for hanging out. They have this small section for a live band to perform, which I really love, because, who doesn't?? lol. Okay I give you an example : On a first date, you might be saved by the live band when you're run out of topic and things getting awkward. You can talk about the song that they sing, or you can talk about how good or bad the singer is. It's a winning joke that I use all the time on every situation. HAHAHA.

So at that time, all of us the invitee got a full course menu that we could choose. The waiter was calling me by name, and explained to me about the menu and asked me what was the menu that I chose. But unfortunately, I couldn't really choose because they ran out of things already. :( So for the appetizer, I got the salad because they ran out of soup, and for the main course I also had to choose Salmon Risotto, because they ran out of the meat steak. I was kinda sad, but it wasn't a really big deal actually.

Maple Mojito (44k)
It's actually an Apple Mojito,
but they named it Maple Mojito. :)
Soft Corn Tortilla filled with
Lettuce, Chili Con Carne, Salsa, Guacamole
served for 3-4 person (55k)

Roasted Corn Soup with Garlic Crouton & Cheese Tuile (33k)
Mix Vegetable, Fruits Salad, served with Noach Dressing & Crouton (44k/33k)
Spaghetthi Aglio Olio with Bacon, Parmesan & Cheese Tuile (66k)
Pan Seared Salmon Saffron Risotto served ith Grilled Asparagus & Lemon Butter (122k)
Silky Green Tea Pannacotta served with Strawberry Coulis (33k)
My thoughts about the foods & drinks :
- The Maple Mojito was the bomb! It was so refreshing and very good in taste.
- The Soft Corn Tortilla was nothing too special, the corn tortilla was not crispy and soggy when I ate it.
- The Salad was plain in taste, I didn't sense any of the dressing, and the mango inside was too sour.
- The Aglio Olio was really good! It was cooked in a perfect al dente and it was spicy, might be too spicy, but I like it.
- The Salmon was great, the risotto was too thick and sticky, it wasn't the texture that we expected from a good risotto, but it tasted not bad. And for the garnish, it would be much better if they used the real asparagus than the canned one.
- The Silky Vanilla Panacotta was nice, very jiggly, and tasted good. However the green tea panacotta wasn't fit to my liking.
- Last but not least the Tea was really good, they used fresh Twinnings Premium and that's why! (I didn't take a pic of it, but you know, tea.)

To sum this experience up, I want to give Noach Cafe & Bistro 8 out of 10.
Great place, nice ambiance, excellent service. Taste and overall plating needs to be improved, but I'm sure they are on their way there. Dress up casually or Dress up nicely, both are acceptable. Bring IDR 150k to 200k each person would be enough to get you a proper main course and drink. If you want to visit Noach Cafe & Bistro, they are going to open for public this 23rd of May 2016. And yes, I wrote this super long post as soon as I went back home. See how much I love you guys! You are very welcome ;p Muach!

Noach Cafe & Bistro
Pregolan no 4
Open for public on May 23rd, 2016
150k-200k each person
Power Outlet Everywhere
Smoking Area is provided
VIP room available

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