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Hey Guys!
Did you notice that in HR Mohammad there's a new home furniture store? If you're coming from Mayjend Sungkono, it would be on your left side. The name is Thema Home, it is right next to BCA, and it is pretty eye catching too, since it's big and the store is actually see through, so you can see their furniture products on their clear glass display while you're driving pass by the store. But we're not going to talk about that today, HAHA.. I actually only wanted to point out that in Thema Home, there's a new bistro that you should try visiting!

Briosse Bistro
Located on the the third floor of Thema Home, Briosse Bistro is one interesting place that you might want to check out this weekend. The interior design is well put together, though on my first visit a week ago, they were probably only 85% done with their interior, but it was already looking good. And I'm sure right now they are 100% ready to serve you.

Briosse Bistro can accommodate around 70-80 people inside. You can gather quite a lot of people all at once, they have this long couch that can be filled with 20 people (but make sure you reserved), they also have this pretty sofa in the corner that can be filled with 6 people at each table, and the rest of the tables are mostly for four person.

I noticed that there was one separated room where you can see the traffic of HR Muhammad street from the third floor. I'm guessing that was the smoking area? Hope I'm not wrong. But one thing for sure, it would be so gorgeous to sit there around the golden hour (5PM-6PM)! I think they also have VIP rooms, but I'm not really sure. If you're going there, can you check these out for me and comment below? :)

Their menu is filled with mostly western foods, but there's also pasta, pizza, and a couple of asian dishes. They also got some desserts, and a variable of beverages that you can gulp on! Price wise, it's on the middle range, the prices starts from 19k to 90k maximum. For a person, bring 100k would be enough, 150k if you want to eat their steak.

At that time, it was probably twenty of us in the house, and they were supposedly serving 13 menus for us to try out. But I guess, I only tried 7 of the menus, from the 6 menu that I didn't shoot nor tried because : some because it was already eaten by the other foodies who are super hungry, some because it was just not that good to be shot, and some because I had to leave early and their serving time was pretty slow. After all, I only took a bite of everything, since we had to share with 20ish other foodies and the plate that served was probably only 1 or 2 each menu.

I hope I could  still give you a brief yet objective comment about them. So these were the goodies that I tried that day :

(unlisted on the menu)
If I should name this dish my self, it would probably be a fried tofu salad, and I love this dish. I hardly could find a fried tofu that is this good. It's crunchy on the outside, yet very soft and a bit chewy on the inside. One of my favorite. :)

Grissini Cheese Fondue (19k)
A Fun snack to start your meal. Would be anyone's
favorite. Come on, who doesn't love a snack with a cheese
Giant Chicken Sashlik (55k)
This Chicken Sashlik is  one of the top dish of the day,
and not only me who agreed with that, almost all of my
foodies friends thought so too! The sauce and the grilled
chicken is just perfect together!
Angel Hair Beef Genovese (65k)
My personal most favorite menu in Briosse Bistro. I always have this sort of thing with angel hair, and in this particular dish, O My Gosh! It's just a mind blowing taste! It's quite creamy but there's a hint of truffle flavor in it, with some chopped of mushroom and a delicious beef, you just have to try this one, no kidding!

Kampoeng Fried Rice (55k)
The Fried Rice is truly well composed, I loved it.
It's a comfort food that everyone would eat at anytime of the day.

(unlisted on the menu)

Cheesy Bom (28k)
Watch out! The cheese will definitely explode in your mouth. Be prepared for a mouth full of cheesegasm. Yum! <3
Caramel Biscuit (30k)
Lavender Violet & Lime (27k)
Just like the other Italian Soda, it's super refreshing!

To sum this blog post up, I want to give Briosse Bistro 8.5/10
Parking lot is convenient, overall interior is well put together and most importantly, Insta-genic. Ambiance is nice as well, especially at the golden hour, try it! Food were mostly delicious, and price range are pretty affordable. You can totally hang out, or do your work (assignment) here, social gathering or even throwing a private birthday celebration would be fun as well. What needs to be worked out on is probably the serving time, but other than that, all good.

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Briosse Bistro
Jl. HR Muhammad 27-29
Thema Home 3rd Floor
Every day
10 AM - 10 PM
Bring 100k is enough

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