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Hi Guys!
Weeks ago, I saw INIJIE's post about this pretty looking new cafe with a bright turquoise color on the wall. He happened to be the photographer for the menu of this cafe (if I'm not mistaken), probably that's why he posted it on his Instagram. The interior looks interesting, but I actually didn't want to visit just yet, because it's placed inside a new mall that's quite far from my house.

However, I finally decided to visit because of two things : 1. I was really craving for Samyang, and some told me to go to this Mall and look for Samyang at the Lotte Mart (still didn't get it there) 2. One of my viewers on YouTube asked me to review this cafe and put it on my YouTube Channel. So yes, I'm now going to share about my experience in :

Butter & Bean is located at the second floor inside Marvel City Mall at Ngagel Street. I guess it's still around the center of Surabaya. When I visited Butter & Bean, it was actually also the first time I ever went to Marvel City Mall. So I think I'm going to tell you guys from the beginning, right when I first enter the area of this newest Mall in Surabaya. 

It will take quite a while to get to the basement parking lot from the entrance. I didn't know if there's any parking lot in the building just yet, but all I know I was directed to the basement parking when I went there and the basement parking will lead you straight to the Lotte Mart. But if you want to go to Butter & Bean, you have to take the escalator up, and walk across a little bit to get to the entrance of the Mall. Once you're there, you just need to take another escalator up one more time, Butter & Bean will be on your left.

Size wise, Butter & Bean is considered pretty small, but it's an okay size for a cafe. In total, Butter & Bean can accommodate around 50-60 people, they have both indoor and outdoor space, so if you are a smoker, you can smoke at their outdoor area, no worries. :)

The interior design in here is pretty cute, as I said before, they're using a bright turquoise color for some of their walls, and a bright yellow for some of their wood chairs, the rest of them are white, and gray. It's totally Instagram-Friendly, and on top of that, Butter & Bean is located at the edge of the building, so they take advantages of that by using a glass wall for most part of the cafe, makes everything looks so bright and just again, camera friendly!


The menu is filled with western food, but they also sell rice bowl, in which I was looking after. Funny thing when I looked at the menu was that there's this "Lorem Ipsum" thingy on one of the description about their coffee, yeah I know, my eyes, sometimes they just wander around like crazy, lol. It was just hilarious, but I hope they fix that before everyone started to ask what kind of coffee is Lorem Ipsum? hahaha.. 


Here's the look of the Baked Creme Chicken (35k) that I ordered

First thing first, if you look carefully to the menu, it's showing the 'reference' picture of baked chicken rice. It's flooded with melted cheese on top of the rice, so visually tempting! That was actually why I ordered it, for the melting cheese! But when it came to my table, there was no melted cheese on top of it, just a freakin' cheese powder!! Later on I found one piece of  'melted' cheese (that's not even melting anymore, it was already hardened) inside the rice.

But still, I found this really deceiving. Cafe/Restaurant owner should not cheated on their customers by putting those overwhelming food pictures on their menu. It should be shown as it is! I would tolerate if they put garnish on the reference picture, and not in real life, just a little bit exaggerating wouldn't be any problem, but not this much!

I admitted that I was quite disappointed because of the cheese, but I continued to take pictures of this dish, and ate it. However, not too long after, I found out that there was so many garlic inside it, so.. Unfortunately, with a heavy heart, I had to toss it out. (fyi, I hate garlic, pretty much a lot) I guess this dish was truly not meant for me, really. 

Overall, I gave Butter & Bean 6.5 out 10 for the ratings.
I will explain why : 1. Because the photo at the menu and the dish that they served, has a lot differences 2. They (still) have no wi-fi, though they already open for almost a month, and 3. Some of the waiters were (still) insensitive. Remember, I said not all of them were like that, just some of them. I didn't understand whether they were naturally like that or they just don't care. When I tried to take a picture of the venue, one of them kept walking back and forth in front of me, and there was no customer on that area! I would be patiently waiting for sure if the waiter was on duty, but no, he was not serving anyone, and he acted like I wasn't even there.

I wouldn't mind if he looks like this though..

Another thing that made me cringe was when I asked one of them whether it was okay or not to move their little properties on the shelf. I'm always trying to be polite whenever I go to a cafe or restaurant. I always ask permission to take pictures and if I want to move things there. Usually, on other place, they would gladly welcomed me to take any pictures or move anything as I please. But in Butter & Bean, the respond was surprising. He responded, "It's okay if you want to move the properties on the shelf, but you have to put it back on where it supposed to be later." I was like......

Wow, man.. where did you get that manner from?

I 'asked permission', not because I needed their permission of course, I was just being polite, and I ALWAYS put things back whenever I moved it around, though the waiter insisted it was their job to put it back. But since he told me what I had to do like he's the owner of the place, it really made me lose my respect. A waiter should not do that. A waiter should've treated the customer like a king, whether they are regular or a food blogger, or whoever. And if the customer do something bad, a waiter shouldn't intrude, just let the person in charge (manager or owner) take care of it.

Another thing. If you ever wanted to go to Marvel City, take either Ngagel Street, Dinoyo Street, or Darmo Kali Street. I won't suggest you coming from Bung Tomo Street, because there's no way that you can cut across the road from there, so you might suffer looking for a U turn and perhaps ended up cancelling your plan, haha.. Please note that it also implies when you're out from the Mall. The only way out is to Bung Tomo street. So if you're living in the west area like me, you will definitely face the traffic, since you have to go through Bung Tomo first, and find a U turn to go back, and good luck going through that street especially on the rush hour time. I've had enough.

Butter & Bean
Marvel City Mall 2nd Floor
10.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Bring 100k/person
Power Outlets  : Available
Wi-Fi                : Not Available
Smoking Area  : Available
EDC Machine  : Available 


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  1. Nice blog! Hey, come and visit mine too, would you? :))



  2. so, overall butter n bean ini ga fully recommended ya ce?

  3. i do agree with you... picture on menu really differet with reality
    i order same menu as yours.. T_T





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