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Centrume Brauhaus Surabaya (Review)

Hi Guys!
Who plays Pokemon Go? Hahaha.. I just played several days ago and ity didn't take me too long to get addicted, LOL.. I'm in level 16 now in team Valor, and if you're living in west Surabaya, I just made a  community called @valor_westsurabaya on Instagram, please check that out, who knows we can hunt Pokemon together, or attack Gym together, hihi..

Anyways... My new favorite place to hangout now is Lenmarc, because, any Pokemon Go player knows that it's one of the perfect place in west Surabaya to find Pokemon or to levelling up your trainer character since there are six Poke Stops there, they are near to each other and there's always a non-stop lure in those Poke Stop, lol..

But I don't want to talk about Pokemon Go too much in this blog post, perhaps I will make one dedicated post for that matter, today I want to share with you a new hangout place that I just found in Lenmarc (while I was hunting Pokemon there, hahaha!) See? Playing Pokemon Go is not 100% rubbish, LOL. I could find new hangout place, thanks to Pokemon Go! LMAO..

Centrume Brauhaus
From its Instagram's Bio, they said that Centrume Brauhaus "is house of beer. House of peace and harmony. May the tunes and bubbles gather us as unity." From that two sentences, I would assume that this place is like a lounge-bar, sells beers + liquors, have a stage for a live band or a DJ to perform, and as I expected, they are all correct!

Centrume Brauhaus is located in Lenmarc Mall on ground floor, next to Crystal Jade, ex Crab n Chef. The concept of this place is quite a lot like Capital, which located at the same Mall, on the same floor. Both of them are a nice place to hang out for youth around the age of 17-30 (a gentle reminder that I'm almost out of that number, LOL), both of them sells western foods, beers and liquors, but I guess Capital has more range of Wine.

But that doesn't mean that Centrume Brauhaus didn't have its own strength. As far as my quick observations, I see that Centrume Brauhaus has quite a lot of better offer than Capital, they have more dart stations, they have a big stage for live band, they have a big projector screen and more LCD screens, they have an outdoor space and they also have more VIP rooms, in which Capital doesn't have. But honestly, I don't know why I still feel more homey in Capital for some reasons, maybe because I've been hanging out there for quite a long time before.

For the menu, Centrume Brauhaus didn't have the physical menu. Instead, they are using a small android tablet to show people their foods and beverages choices. And me, being as lazy as I usually am, thinking about how I could have those menu without having to capture it with my phone one by one. So, after I made my order, I told the waiter that I still need the menu. And as soon as he left, I sent all of the menu to my phone and re-upload it here, muahahahaha.. If you want to get the complete menu, click here.

So this is what I ordered for my lunch.
Calamari Platter

Spaghetti Bolognaise
Since both of these are a very common menu, I wouldn't explain much. But to cut it short, I loved it, loved both of it, and I think they have done a pretty good job in the kitchen. The Spaghetti Bolognaise was cooked to the perfect al dente, and pretty generous in terms of the meat sauce. While  on the other hand, the Calamari Fritter's crispiness was a perfect fit to my palate, 9 out of 10! And oh, I also bought Bintang Radler for 35k there, I think Capital sells it for 40k, haha..

Overall, I would give Centrume Brauhaus 8 out of 10
It's a nice place to hangout, though it's placed in the very corner of Lenmarc, but it's near to the outdoor parking, so if you want to spend the whole night there you can park outside instead of inside. The waiter and the waitresses is friendly as I was expected, and the one who served me, knows the product knowledge quite well. They got lots of entertainment there, they have dart stations, they have stage, they have big screen TV, and a whole range of beers and liquors. 

I'm actually glad that now we have more options in west Surabaya to hangout on weekend, and in Centrume Brauhaus, they are now having a happy hour promo for their cocktail (buy one get one, at a certain hours), and an opening promo (20% off for foods) until 24th of July. So if you want to take the advantages of it, you should go there now! Haha..

I hope this post helps, see you on my next one!

Centrume Brauhaus
Lenmarc Mall GF A2 
10.00 AM - 11.00 PM
Bring 150k is enough for lunch
Wi-fi available
Power outlets Available

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