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Hey Guys!
Recently, I made a visit into this...... Mmm.. I wouldn't say it's a new cafe, but it's also not an old one as well. If you remember I ever wrote about Bistro VII, this cafe is the replacement for Bistro VII. So it's at the exact same place, the same owner, under the same management of Ottimmo International Master Gourmet Academy, but with different concept, different interior design and also different menu.

Le Galleria Gourmet
Kitchen & Chocolate

Le Galleria Gourmet is located in Citraland's Bukit Telaga Golf, in the west of the west of Surabaya, haha.. I remember the first and the last time I went there, it was probably two years ago, and that was a very long way back! At that time, the name of the cafe was Bistro VII, you can check the blog post out on this blog. There you will see how much I progress together with this blog, LOL.

I will tell you what remains the same and what's upgraded after two years :

The overall building, the parking lot and the entrance remains the same, and surprisingly, even after two years, the wall is still well polished, I don't know if they're repainting it, or the paint is naturally 'immortal', haha.. Another thing that remains the same was the size of the building and also the cafe, but aside from those, a LOT of things has changed throughout the years.

Once you stepped on the inside of Le Galleria Gourmet, you will meet their Schneken and Cacao Token display. The display is in the shape of letter L, and on the other side of the display, there's their Gelato display. At this point, when you look around, you will realize that most of their design is all about Chocolate! My favorite piece of the interior design was the melted chocolate at the ceiling, I would love to stay below it and let my mouth wide open, haha.. <3

Two years ago, I remember the second floor was only for the bathroom, but it's different now. Though the size of the building and the cafe remains the same, but this time, they're using the second floor as the dining area as well. Not only that, they also painted the stair wall with mural about Chocolate and decorated it with faux grasses and tiny chocolate bean bags, pretty cute!

On the second floor of Le Galleria Gourmet, besides of the dining tables, there is this interesting corner where they set up a 'fake' kitchen, along with the fake veggies, fruits and the utensils, I guess it's for their photo booth section, where you can pose like a chef? Or maybe to promote Ottimmo International Master Gourmet Academy? Both ways, it's still an interesting corner :) 

Another thing about the second floor is that they also have outdoor space, for smoking area. Fear not about the sunlight, they have big umbrellas installed every a couple of meters. It's still going to be heated up though, but it's better to have it than not at all. So to conclude, Le Galleria Gourmet has enough space to accommodate around 50 people inside, a legit number I must say for a cafe.

Moving on to their menu, oh.. They have a lot of upgrades!

They have this 17 pages of menu that you can choose from (see their full 17 pages menu here). Most of them are Italian and Western foods, but they also have interesting fusion cuisines like Pizza Rendang Beef, Bulgogi in Paper Pot, Chicken Opor Sausages, and many more. Price wise, it's in the middle up range. For the foods, the range price is around 70k  to 350k; for the beverages, the range price is around 15k to 46k, and for their desserts it's around 15k to 38k.

Here's what I ordered :
Ocean's Rolls (85k) 7/10
For the appetizer, we had this rolls that's stuffed with 9 different seafood! Which are squid, shrimp, crab meat, crab roe, tuna, oyster, salmon belly, white fish, clams and eggmont cheese. For those of you who has the love for seafood, you got to try this! They are served with cheese sauce and pickled jalapeno with potato chips. This Ocean's Rolls can be served for three to four people, every piece of the roll is pretty big in size.

I love how the skin of the roll is very crispy, like you can actually hear the 'cracking' voice when you bite it. For the taste, I wouldn't say I loved it but I also couldn't say that I hated it. I love some seafood to the core, but I also can't eat another type of seafood, and both of them are inside this one roll. Somehow, this roll has a little bit of a fishy after taste which I don't really like. But I managed to eat the whole roll in ease, the cheese sauce and pickled jalapeno fits this roll really nicely. :) What I love the most about this dish was actually the potato chips! It was thick and super crispy, yummy!!

Pizza Beef Rendang (75k) 7.5/10
This is their modern adaptation of traditional Indonesian cuisine pizza topped with inhouse-made rendang sauce sliced rendang sausages, sliced roasted beef and mozzarella cheese.

For this dish, I don't think I can do its justice. You see above picture? That's the original Pizza, but because we were all obsessed to get the luring picture of the melted mozzarella cheese on top of the Pizza, the chef went back to the kitchen with the Pizza, and added more mozzarella on top of it until it looks like picture below.

Woohoo! Wasn't it making you drooling? Haha.. After we done taking pictures, we tried it and all we could taste was the mozzarella, the taste of the Rending was buried with all those yummy cheese. But the taste was really good still. I love the thinness of the pizza, and how crispy it is on the side, I could say I still loved it, a lot.

Chicken Beef Bacon and Scallop Mozzarella on Oyster Bed (95k) 10/10
The title of this dish is actually pretty self explanatory, where you'll get an 'Oyster Bed', filled with three chicken wrap with bacon and three scallop, with a generous generous amount of mozzarella at the bottom to roll each of them. It came with a portable gas stove so that you can cook and melt the mozzarella to your liking.

Gosh, this dish is addictive! In order to enjoy the dish, you have to cook it a little bit, wait until all the cheese are melting, then take your Chicken Beef Bacon or Scallop with a fork, and with another fork, start rolling the cheese around it to your liking, and dig in! What I really love in here is that the Mozzarella Cheese that they give in this dish is very generous! So I was mostly enjoying my dish without having to be afraid that I would run out of Mozzarella. The taste? Uh-Maze-Ing! You should try it!! Recommended!

300gr Australian Boned-In Rib Eye (250k) 8/10
Expertly charcoal grilled Beef Steak served with two bold sauces : Mushroom Espagnole and  Red Roasted Tomatillo Salsa. Side dishes : Sauted Japanese Spinach, Seaweed tossed salad, poached seasonal fruits and your choice of their signature potatoes (waffle, puffed or mashed). In here, I picked waffle potato.

This is one of the biggest and the heaviest thing on my dining table, like, EVER! Hahah.. But it really came with a complete package! You got appetizer, which is the salad, you got veggies which is the sauted japanese spinach, you got the main course which is the steak itself, the side dish potato, and two different sauces! Last but not least, you also got the dessert which is the poached seasonal fruits. All in one dish! I love the tenderness of the meat, it was a nicely cooked medium well, and everything else were fit to my liking, kudos!

For the Dessert, our choice fallen into this Le Galleria Hot S'mores Dip (38k) 8.5/10
This is hot from the oven marshmallow dip with orang chedar cheese, mozzarella cheese, chocolate malt and cheese crackers.

A very pretty looking dish. If you love something sweet, you'll love it so much! Me myself is a person who doesn't really like overly sweet dessert, and to me, the sweetness on this dish was quite overpowering. But I'm sure if you paired this s'mores with a dark chocolate, you'll be blown away!

Next one is one of my favorite drink, but sadly none of us get the good quality picture of it, I took this picture form Hendrik Pyong's SnapChat. I promise I'll come back for it! :) This is Dark Cacao Token (45k) 9/10
There's a range of chocolate that you can choose from : Gold Cacao, Dark Cacao, Red Cacao, Black Cacao and Red Cacao Blend. It came with  a tiny candle stove, a ceramic mug filled with an unsweetened milk on top of the stove, and three cacao token of your choice, in here, I picked the Dark Cacao.

The taste is not sweet at all, but it was perfect for me, because that's how I enjoy my chocolate, without any sweetness. The taste of the dark cacao was all I ever needed in a dark cacao drink. Plus, I love how you're free to adjust the taste of the cocoa by melting the cocoa token by yourself, and the idea of making the cocoa with the shape of a coin was just brilliant! It really catches my attention!

Another thing that we tried for dessert was these Rugelach (15k) 7/10.

This is a dessert that's full of surprises. When I first saw this on the display, I already imagined how it would turn out to be. I thought it would be soft, cold and gooey, but it was the total opposite. It was hard, hot, and crumbly, haha. In terms of the taste, it was on the strong side, the sugar level of this Rugelach was pretty high for me personally. I would recommend you guys to pair it with the cocoa token to balance out the taste of it. :)

Last but not least, there's always room for ICE CREAM! Gelato (30k) 8.5/10
They have a lot of flavors according to their Gelato, and many of them were interesting for you to try! You can order one cup with two flavors, which is so great, and it's only for 30k! Trust me, with one cup, you can share it with your friend.

I already tasted most of the flavour of the ice cream as my pre-appetizer, and at the end of the day, I wanted one cup all for myself! Haha.. I picked the Banana Cream Pie, with Bubbly Classic Bubble Gum. It was so good, but it melted so quickly, so I had a difficult time taking its picture. But no worries of picking the wrong flavor, because you can try it before you actually buy it. :)

Aside from all the menu above that I tried, Le Galleria Gourmet is also serving Delivery Order, especially for you who lives nearby (around Citraland). If you feel like not wanting to go outside for a meal, you can try their delivery menu like this one :

Another dishes that you can order for delivery are and also pasta. So just keep this in mind, and in case you need it, they're always ready for it.

Overall, I would give Le Galleria Gourmet, Kitchen & Chocolate 8/10
The place is cozy enough for lunch meeting, work or study. It has sufficient space for more than 50 people on both first and second floor, but please mind that on the regular school days, the parking lot will be most likely packed. The foods were nice, the chocolate token was excellent, but the price is on the pricey side. Signal reception pretty suck inside, nonetheless, the wi-fi connection was fast enough to cover your social media needs. Serving time was okay, and the waiter & waitresses were doing good with their job as well.

I hope this post would help you to know more about Le Galleria Gourmet, I am so recommending their Chicken Beef Bacon and Scallop Mozzarella on Oyster Bed and their Chocolate Token. Don't forget to hit the G+1 button below and on the top right of this page. Share this with your friends and show this place a little love! <3 I'll see you guys on my next post! xoxo

Le Galleria Gourmet, Kitchen & Chocolate
Jl. Bukit Telaga Golf TC 4 No. 2-3 Surabaya
(031) 7430599
Opening Hours  : · 10AM–10PM
Safe Budget       : 150.000 - 200.000
Smoking             : Smoking & Non Smoking
AC                      : Yes
Power Outlet      : Available
Payment             : Cash, Debit, Credit 
Delivery              : In House & Via Go-Food soon.
Dresscode          : Fun Casual
Waiting Time      : 15 minutes

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