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Hi Guys!
Recently, I saw a very pretty yet cute post from my dearly pretty friend, Amanda Kohar. Well actually she's indirectly my one and only source of information whenever there is a new cafe or restaurant in town, because somehow she manages to ALWAYS be the first person to know and to upload it on social media first, hahah.. Kudos ce, Kudos. Thank God she's not into blogging, LOL. Anyways, the post that she uploaded on her Instagram was about this newly opened cafe called :

One Pose Cafe

I didn't know where did they get the name from, perhaps it is because you can strike a pose at every corner of this cafe? Haha.. Crispy Laura, Crispy........ #garing. But no kidding, you can literally take a picture anywhere at this cafe, because the interior design is indeed super cute! Especially for you girls who love Teddy Bear, they have like loads of it there.

Let us take a step back a little bit now, because I haven't tell you the location of this cafe yet, hahaha. One Pose Cafe is placed in Puncak Permai, west Surabaya. If you guys know the famous haunted house at Puncak Permai, this cafe is just less than a hundred meter from there. And, One Pose Cafe is in the same location as the workshop of Gracia Couture, so if you saw a big house with "Gracia Couture" on it, you're on the right place.

One Pose Cafe is not looking like a Cafe at all from their front door, it looks just like a normal big house in Surabaya and it doesn't have a decent parking lot. Because it's in the housing area, so the road is not that wide. But I guess there's not much of a traffic on this area, I just hope that it's safe to park many car along the road.

The entrance of One Pose Cafe is also looking like a normal house. I bet on your first visit, you'll be as awkward as I am, coming inside a big house with no one telling you if you're in the right place or not. But no worries, the cafe is placed at the back of the house, so you'll have to walk a little bit, pass through the workshop of Gracia Couture first and One Pose Cafe is just steps away from there.

When I first enter the cafe, I was quite amazed by the prettiness of the overall look of this cafe, I just can't wait to snap everything with my camera. :) I was welcomed by the friendly waiter, he pulled the chair out for me and 'forced' me to sit by pushing the chair back while I wasn't actually ready to sit, LOL. Didn't mean to be rude, it was just funny, haha. No offense intended. :)

For such a cutie cafe like this, funny that I didn't find any waitress, only waiter. Or maybe the owner did it on purpose? I'm not sure, all I know, staying here is a complete joy for me. Less crowd, nice atmosphere, I can work and hang out without many things bothering. Plus watching these Teddy Bears somehow give me such a soothing feelings.

One Pose Cafe fits to around 50 people inside, more or less. They have a spiral staircases to the second floor that's only half size of the first floor where there are more seatings and also a little stage for the band to perform. On the afternoon, the lighting is perfect to take pictures, especially for the foods, because most of the table in here are white!

Their menu is pretty simple, only one side for the foods, and another side for the beverages. Most of the foods are light for the tummy, nothing too heavy. While on the beverages section, they got coffee, latte, blended milky drinks, also soda. Price wise, it's pretty affordable, around 20k to 48k, BUT! They don't have dessert. #ggahh That's kinda odd, since my first thought after I saw the post of this cafe is dessert, LOL.

Here's what I got for my late lunch :
World  Tour in a Plate 42k (8.5/10)

It's a Breaded Chicken on top of the Risotto, served with Padang Sauce, and vegetables of your choice (mix vegetables or sauteed spinach). Though the name is pretty funky, but I actually love this dish. The savoury of the breaded chicken, mixed with the sweet spicy Padang sauce, the freshness of the vegetables, and the creamy risotto. It was a great mix!

I didn't really like too much of the sauce Padang, because the taste of it is quite overpowering, so I put most of it on the side of my plate. And the dish also came with only spoon and fork, I had a hard time cutting the chicken with only spoon, so I asked for a cutting knife and after that, everything was perfect. :)

What made it even perfect was the refreshing Orange Passion (28k). Maybe this opinion is personal, since I've always love soda drink. It's super fresh and perfect for the dish.

Okay, to conclude everything, I would give One Pose Cafe 8.5 out of 10.
The place is super cute, the waiters are friendly, the atmosphere is pretty cozy, wi-fi is fast, foods and drinks were enjoyable. What needs to be work on is the parking lot, bigger sign board, please serve some desserts, and play more updatable songs, haha.. Or play something acoustic instead. :)
Yes, I finally bought my own laptop, yippy!
I wish all the best for One Pose Cafe, and I hope this post helps you guys to know better about this cafe before you go here. Don't forget to give this post a G+1 on Google both below and on the top right of this blog post, that would mean a lot to me. Also, share this post to your friend who you want to take here. :) I love you, and I'll see you guys on my next post!

One Pose Cafe
Puncak Permai Street III No 23A (Gracia Couture)
Monday - Saturday
10.00 AM - 07.00 PM
Bring 50k-100k will be enough
Wi-Fi Available
Power Outlet Available
EDC Machine Available

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  1. thank you for sharing! really I've walking around your blog for about 5 post and still feel like.... it's AMAZING! ahaha I'm planning to go to some places and I found all information that I need in your blog, sista. Love it <3<3


  2. kak, kalau untuk 50 orang cukup ga ya di café ini?

    1. iya cukup kak ;) kapasitas maksimal cafe ini 50 orang kak





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