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Hey guys!
Holiday is here, and I'm not going anywhere just like any other year. It's not because I have works to do, but the thing is, Lebaran holiday is definitely a high season period, and I don't want to spend extra cash for everything. One of the perks of doing blogging as a career is that I can do my work anytime, anywhere! So I'd rather having my vacation while most of the people is doing their 9-5 jobs, hahah.. It's definitely cheaper and less crowded for sure.

But again, since now is the holiday season and everyone is going to leave Surabaya for a vacation, plus... most of the cafes and restaurants in here are probably going to be closed during Lebaran, my blog stats is going to free fall as well *sigh*. But to prevent that, I decided to post more during Lebaran. I'm going to dig all the files that I took, but I haven't posted in here yet, and write about them. :) So make sure you check this blog out during Lebaran if you are not going anywhere, or if you have time, kay? 

I know that the intro has nothing to do with the post, LOL. But you know me, I like to ramble a lot, so thank you for putting up with me, hihi.. Today I'm going to write about this newest coffee shop in town! All of my foodie friends has already went there (including myself), but the coffee shop itself is still saying on their Instagram that they are not open for public just yet.

Titik Koma Coffee

Another hipster theme coffee shop is finally hitting Surabaya again. After Kudos Cafe, now let's welcome
Titik Koma Coffee to the town! 

Titik Koma Coffee is located in Juwono Street, near StilRod Cafe, right next to Bebek Tepi Sawah Restaurant. And as I said before on the intro of this blog post, they are still not fully open for public yet, so you won't see any sign of Titik Koma Coffee on their front door. Me myself had to peek very carefully before I finally found this tiny little coffee shop among the big houses around Juwono Street.

And yes, when I said tiny, I wasn't exaggerating, Titik Koma Coffee is indeed a tiny little coffee shop. It can't even fit for 30 people inside. As far as I could remember, they only have two tables for three outside, at the smoking area. While inside, they have one long table for three near the window, two tables for two in front of the cashier, four tables for four in front of the coffee bar, and five chairs in front of the bar.

But despite of the size of the shop, the ambiance of Titik Koma Coffee is very homey and it is indeed a perfect place to have a chat with your friend(s) over a cup of coffee. I don't know what is up with every hipster theme cafe/coffee shop that makes me feel so comfortable staying there even for doing nothing. I just love this type of place.

I was there with a friend, and I sat down to the empty seat as soon as I got there, hoping that someone would give me the menu book. Then a waiter came up to me and said that they are using the self order system, where I had to go to the cashier to place my order, and paid it right away. Is it the same thing as a self service? haha.. 

At this time, since they are not ready to serve the public just yet, they don't have much things to offer. They only have two pages of menu consists 5 type of coffee, 3 other beverages, and 5 type of foods. I looked at them thoroughly and started to place my order, here's what I got : One cup of cappuccino; the waiter said it's a lighter coffee if I couldn't take the black one. Even though I know that I usually couldn't take coffee, I ordered it anyways, because it's a specialty coffee shop, I got to try the coffee of course. I also ordered a hot chocolate just in case I reacted badly to the coffee and a banana bread to snack.

Cappuccino (28k) 9/10
The first time I sipped on the cappuccino, it was a bit bitter, but oddly, I kinda enjoy the bitterness. It was light on my palate, and thankfully it didn't give me any weird feelings in my stomach. So it was good for me. Usually when I ordered a latte or a cappuccino, I got one or a couple of a bisuits on the side of the cup plates, it kinda helps me enjoy the coffee better, but this one came without it.

Banana Bread (22k) 8/10
Thankfully I ordered the banana bread. It really balanced the taste of the cappuccino. It was a perfect match in my opinion. :) My friend kept saying that Komugi sells the exact same thing, but way cheaper. Well, I never buy the one that Komugi sells, though I'd been working across Papaya for almost a year, lol. I've always been buying their sausages bread all the time, LOL. But if the banana bread in Komugi is way cheaper, I might give it a try sometimes just to compare.

Hot Chocolate (32k) 7.5/10
While the hot chocolate was quite too sweet for me, especially when I paired it with the banana bread. But it tasted good. According to my liking, I just wish it could be less sweet and the chocolate could be more dense. :)

For the overall ratings, I want to give Titik Koma Coffee 8/10
The parking lot is quite a problem for me, it's kinda hard to find one. And I had to park on the side of a busy road, which I actually don't prefer too. But in this case, we don't have any choice. The ambiance is very nice and homey, the coffee was great, and everything else was good. The owner was also a friendly one, he didn't afraid to say hi, and make conversation with me. Probably will come back if I happen to be near that area and see some parking space available. :)

I will never suggest you to come on friday afternoon, because Juwono Street is usually used for Mosque's parking lot for Friday Prayer. So, there will be no chance for you to park anywhere in Juwono Street, trust me, it will be so packed, even a two way road becomes one way road because of the parking crowd.

Titik Koma Coffee
Jl. Juwono 25 Surabaya
Mon - Sat
Bring 50k is enough

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  1. hi Laura thanks for the positive review! Looking forward for your next visit..

  2. Tempatnya kecil tapi nyaman banget kelihatannya





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