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Attending Bloggers Gathering with UBER at Caturra Espresso

Hi Guys!
Yesterday I got invited to this event that was organized by UBER, they partnered up with Kanca Digital and also Caturra Espresso to make this event happened. I actually went there because they told me that if I came and make one blog post about it, I would get UBER Credit that's worth for IDR 500k, sounds interesting, since I'm going to have some trips out of town in the upcoming month, I thought it would be wise if I take a chance in this opportunity. But actually, I got more than what I expected.

When I first came, I saw that they reserved half of Cattura Espresso for this event. When I saw to my right side, there was a short queue where we put our information to be registered in a laptop that they provided. After that, I was welcomed by the very friendly UBER representations; Mr. Gia and Ms. Dita, both of them are from Jakarta, but Dita is the one that's assigned in Surabaya branch. We had a little bit of a chit chat, before I seated myself in the less crowded table.

There were quite a lot of people already present at that moment, apparently, I knew no one. And I found a perfect spot to sit and to take pictures for my 50mm lens, but there was no one sitting there. There were only stuffs on the table, I guess it was the table for UBER representatives, and at that time I realized that UBER provided their team with Macbook! If I haven't bought myself one, I would work for you, UBER, I would. HAHAHA..

Not too long after I sat down, some people came up to me and said hi, I didn't really remember them at first, even after they told me when we met for the first time, it still didn't ring any bell. But NOW I DO remember them. I really hated myself for being suck at remembering people and their names T_T But all of the bloggers here were very friendly and outgoing, I felt so lucky being around them. I met some of my fellow bloggers too there, and got to know new people as well, we exchanged name cards. FINALLY after I printed my name card, yesterday was the first day I sent them out for almost 10 people, hahaha..

Probably around 5 ish, the event was started. Gia opened the speech first and greeted us, he told us about why we were there, and the purposes of the event, he said UBER team were very happy to have us there and they wanted to know us better. After that he introduced us to Kevin, the owner of Caturra Espresso, then Kevin gave a little speech, also told us that Caturra Espresso will serve us three of their new menus for dinner. *yay for foods*

After that, Gia also introduced us to Weylen. The person who brought UBER to Surabaya. I actually "know" Weylen when I was still assigned as the Project Manager of HYPERLINK PROJECT, because Weylen was one of the speaker of HYPERLINK PROJECT 2016, but we didn't have a chance to met in person and talk (and so did that evening, lol. He was busy mingling with other bloggers there). He gave a little speech and quickly introduced us to Dita  it seemed like he had a flight to catch that evening.

Dita also didn't say a lot, she only introduces herself as one of the representatives that's assigned in Surabaya and how she's very thankful to every blogger in here, because she's new in Surabaya, and our contents were the one that has been helping her to know more about Surabaya and its places. Then Dita pass over the mic back to Gia  and Gia started to explain about UBER  from their history to UBER today.

- Besides of providing us with a low cost transportation called UBERX, they also have UBERPOOL for ride sharing, UBERMOTOR for motorcycle transportation and UBERBLACK for a low cost uxury car transportation.
- In New York, calling an UBER is faster than calling an Ambulance X'D
- Looking for UBER is easy with the app
- Before the ride, they will give you and estimated price with a range
- You can track the location of your UBER Driver from the App
- You can also track your location on the application map while you're inside the UBER
- You can share your UBER ride and your location while you're in UBER to your friends and family via social media and messenger
- You can rate the driver and your experience with UBER after using it
- The driver can rate yourself as a passenger as well
- If there's any bad experience or suggestion for UBER, you can just click "help" and report it there.

It was fun, listening to Gia sharing about the knowledge according to UBER  It kinda makes me wanted to be an UBER Driver, wakakakaka.. What do you think? Would I make a good UBER Driver? Lol. If blogging didn't really give me a good income to pay my bills, then I will be an UBER Driver instead! Haha.. I do really consider it to be my part time job though :) #needmoney #alot

After Gia shared about UBER  he opened some questions for us to ask, and some of the bloggers (obviously not me) were asking some nice questions and funny experience about riding an UBER or using UBER application. It was a fun evening listening to everyone, and the sun was setting, so it's time for dinner! woot woot!

We got three menus to be shared with the people in our table. The first one was the Oxtongue Fried Rice, I got to share with ko Albert. The overall look was honestly not too appealing, the Oxtongue were cut into dice,  spreaded around the fried rice that's molded from a rice bowl with a sunny side up on top. Sorry for the bad quality picture, it was night time, and the lamp was all yellow.

I do love the oxtongue, it was soft and well seasoned. But the fried rice were not my favorite. It was too sweet and the taste of the onion were very strong. The sunny side up was also too cooked, if you can make the egg yolk to be jiggly and runny when we cut it, that would be better, and fun, haha..

The second menu was Aglio Olio, but the funny thing was, they didn't serve it to my table anymore. They only gave us the Oxtongue Fried Rice and that was only it. So I didn't get to take any picture of it, because I only tasted it from my beauty blogger friends next to me that was already sharing the dish with four people. If I'm not mistaken, the presentation was like this :

About the Aglio Olio, everyone told me that it was too salty, while for me, indeed it was too salty and too garlicky. Seriously, the amount of the garlic that they put in there was a lot, and it was chopped in a very tiny pieces, I couldn't even avoid it. I did try for a bit, totally not meant for me.

The third one and the last one, I didn't know what it was, but it was surely using a salted egg sauce and the rice was buttery and filled with herbs. Again, me and ko Albert didn't get one, we just tasted a little bit of it from our neighbour, now they are sharing with 6 people, LOL. I didn't know what it was, because I only took a little bit of it and what I was tasting was only the fried bread flour, buahahaha..

This dish was the better one among three dishes that was served that evening, but still not the best one. It was lack of flavor, maybe if you add more spices it would taste a lot better.

After that, we took some pictures all together, and parted our ways. I stayed the longest at Caturra Espresso  even longer than Gia and Dita. I was talking with some new friends, exchanging name cards, and then I continued working until around 9 PM before I headed home.

It was a nice fun event, UBER  thank you for gathering us together and spending your time with us just to get to know us better. I hope we can work together in the future. Thank you Caturra Espresso for the venue and the meals provided, best of luck for the new menus, and everything that you've planned for the future.

Thank you guys for reading up until this far and hope you enjoy reading this event attending content. If you liked it, you can hit the G+1 button below this post or at the top right of this blog. I might make another one in the next event that I'm attending :) See you on my next post! XOXO

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  1. Tulisan yang luar biasa. Bahasa inggrisnya bagus. gambarnya juga bagus. Soal UBER, kami merupakan perusahaan SEWA MOBIL SURABAYA yang telah menjadi mitra UBER. Beberapa mobil kami dioperasikan untuk UBER. dan kami selalu berusaha memberikan pelayanan terbaik untuk tamu UBER.

  2. Dear Miss Laura Angelia, this is Kevin from Caturra Espresso. Thank you very much for the review, and I'm really sorry that we could not bring you the fullest and best experience possible. Review noted, and we are going to make sure that the next time you're here, we have improved. Thank you very much and see you around next time.

    1. Hi Kevin, you're welcome :) I hope my review can help you improve and I hope I didn't sound offensive. Good luck!

  3. Hi Laura. You will get Macbook Air & 500K GO-PAY every month if you accepted my offer last year :)

    we (from GO-JEK) admire your writing skill and looking forward to another collaboration with you.





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