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Hi Guys!
Before I started this blog post, would you mind hitting the G+1 button on the right side of this post? -> Only if you love reading my blog, or if you find my blog helpful for you. That would mean so much to me :) Hehe.. Alright! If you done, let's start with another culinary journey of mine! Woohoo! Today, I wanted to share to you guys about my all you can eat experience in :


So BBQ Frenzy is a new all you can eat restaurant in Surabaya. It takes place at Imam Bonjol Street, if you know Casa Fontana or Ka Soh, then finding this restaurant won't be hard for you. Usually, all you can eat restaurant that allows you to cook for your self are mostly Japanese Style (Yakiniku, Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki), BUT! In BBQ Frenzy, you can cook it in ANY WAY you like! As crazy as you want!

From their front door, you'll only see a small humble place, with a huge "BBQ Frenzy" sign up front, but this restaurant is actually not small. Well, maybe they are small in wide size, but it's definitely way longer to the back, hahaha.. In total, I think they can handle almost 100 people inside. And if you're riding a motorcycle, worry not, they have a parking lot for you right in front of their door :)

Now let me show you around inside.

In terms of interior design, it's kind of like an industrial design at front. They use grey cement as their wall, lots of light bulbs hanging, black framed mirror, industrial dining tables and chairs, dark wooden floor. But at the back, it's a little bit random and kinda loses its industrial theme, but anyways it's still cozy. I picked a seat at the back where I saw a lot of sunlight coming from the glass roof, and they use a comfy sofa as the chair.

When I first came in, 1/4 of their capacity was already packed. The front area seemed less crowded and cozier. While at the back area, it was the busy side, the hotter side, and don't be surprised if you hear someone coughing or sneezing there (I bet you will too!), turns out it was because of the blackpepper sauce that people were cooking at the same time.. *sneeze!*

There are three stations that you can find in BBQ Frenzy  and all of them are positioned at the middle and at the back of the dining area. Well now that pretty much explained why the crowd are mostly at the center and at the back area, haha.. #ooo #danjek #gakmaurugi #lol #jk #janganmarah. Now let me give you a little tour about these stations, shall we?

The first station is the Sauce Station, there are more than 20 sauces and spices that you can pick for your cooking frenzy! You can choose anything or everything there! I was told by the waiter that there were three favorite sauces by customer choices : Black Herb, Fragrance Oriental and American Ninja. Those were the sauces that I tried at that afternoon, plus U R So Cheesy sauce that was requested by Mona. #msplayitsafe #staysafe #lol

The second station that you can find in BBQ Frenzy is their Drink Station. They got Fresh Water, Lychee Island, Mango Tango, Groovy Grape, Honey Bee, and Pinky Lemonade. The drinks are originally cold from the machine, but if you want more ice, they also provides ice cubes on the other side of the station. At that time I only drink the Pinky Lemonade, because Lemonade is just my personal favorite drink ever, and yes indeed it was very refreshing, especially in this Pinky Lemonade drink, because there is a crushed strawberry inside! 

The last station and the most exciting one (because they told me it is new) is this Frenzy Station! I'll tell you what's on top of this Frenzy Station. On the left, there are two rice cooker, one for white rice, one for fried rice. Right next to it, you'll find a lot of bowls with these following things : There are Mantou, (Cooked) Creamy Pasta, Crispy Vegetables Spring Rolls, Fried Meatball, Fried Dumpling, Coleslaw, Macaroni Gratin. Crabstick, Fish Cake, (Raw) Egg, Beef Sausage, Chicken Sausage, Frenzy Ball, (Uncooked) Noodle, Mushroom, Tofu, Frenzy Snack, and Desserts. On the very right of the station, you'll see the Ice Cubes Box, Condensed Milk and Syrup. While below the Frenzy Station, you'll find their dinnerware cabinet.

Yes, you can eat all of them as much as you want!! And not only that, there are still things that's not showcased at the Station, but you can order it as much as you want as well without having to pay any extra charge; they are Naan (Indian) Bread, Baked Potato, French Fries, Crispy Cheese Potato, Popcorn, Vegetables, Squid, Shrimp, Dory Fish, Chicken, Spicy Garlic Chicken, Beef Slice, Beef Bacon, Roulade, Smoked Beef, Oxtongue, Frenzy Beef, Pork Slice, Pork Belly and Spicy K-Pork. Don't worry with the list, you'll find them on the menu for sure. ;)

Don't forget to read their terms & conditions before anything else, ask if you don't understand about anything. The waiters & the waitresses were very helpful and friendly. They know the product knowledge well, they are quick in serving, but they are very busy too. Because it seemed like everyone were needing their help, haha..

After ordering all of my ordered menu, the first thing that came to our table were a pot and a pan, complete with the portable gas stove along with it. Apparently, you can't ask for both to be pan or both to be pot, you will get one each, and deal with it, haha.. The pan came with a cooking oil on top of it, and the pot also came with the soup of your choice (they have chicken, soup and curry), I got mine with chicken soup and it was already hot inside the pot.

After that, one by one, the meats, vegetables and everything that we ordered came to our table and fill in every blank space it has there. I went to the Frenzy Station to get something to be cooked in the pot. I also went to the Sauce Station as well to get some of the sauces. I took four of the favorite, which are Black Herb, Fragrance Oriental,American Ninja and U R So Cheesy.

Now we're ready to cook!

Both of us, me and Mona, didn't really know how to cook. Well, actually she knows much better about cooking than I do, she cooks on her free time, while I never cook on my free time, haha.. But at that time, she seemed as confused as I was, LOL. So I just started with the easiest one, which is to put everything that I want to be in the soup in the boiling pot.

After that, I only thought about creating good pictures, so I set the pan with all of the meat that we got, and I asked Mona to pour out the egg in the middle of it.

After that, both of us didn't know what to do, and the pan also seemed like it wasn't heated up enough, even though it was already at its biggest flame. I let Mona took over since she can cook better, and out of nowhere she just started to mix everything up on that pan. *I suddenly regret that decision, lol* We called out one of the waitress and asked her about the sauce that we should mix, and she just said that we could cook it in any way we wanted.

Hearing that as a green light, then without any further considerations or affirmations, Mona started to take both sauce (black herb and Oriental Fragrance), poured it all on the pan, and started stirring, haha.. To be honest, I was quite shocked with her move, but I let her did it, I just wished that I wouldn't get any diarrhea after this, haha..

After awhile, I stopped her and said that we had to test it out. Because we put so many meat on the pan and just mixed everything randomly, if it turned out to be bad and we couldn't eat it, we could be doomed, haha.. So I tested one of the meat, and GOSH it was surprisingly yummy! I didn't know who saved what, but all I knew was that INDEED it is true that you can cook it at any way you wanted, because it will turn out to be just yummeeh!


While cooking, Mona was constantly pissing off because the flame of the stove for the pan was very small while I noticed that on the other hand, the pot was always boiling hot, so I told her to just swapped the pot with the pan. Voila! The cooking process has now become much easier. LOL. After we finished cooking and eating, I just remembered that there were TVs on the hallway that actually showed you some of the cooking methods in BBQ Frenzy  HAHAHA.. Though it was late, but we watched it for awhile. And then we realized that the TV showed us to cook the sauce first before the meat, LOLOL. It was all the way around from what we did.

But no worries, ours were still tasted great! Hahaha..

If you're going to BBQ Frenzy :
- It's better for you to call before your visit, especially if you're coming with a group of friends, at the dining prime time
- Wear something comfortable and light to the skin
- Bring a hair tie (if you're a girl)
- Prepare your tummy
- Bring someone who can cook, or
- Learn how to cook by watching their TV before you start cooking, or
- Screw everything, you can cook it in any way you want anyway! :)
- Make sure that the flame for your pan is big
- Eat responsibly, don't waste any of the meat

From August 8th 2016 to September 30th 2016, they are having a lunch promo called FRENZY HOUR! From 12.00 PM to 05.00 PM, they would reduce down the price from IDR 110.000 to IDR 90.000 per pax (before tax). Woohoo! Now get all your friends and book your spot for this lunch frenzy!

I already have a plan to go back there for this promo with my cell group friends, we're going to eat like crayyyy~

Overall Ratings, I would give BBQ Frenzy 8.7/10
I have no trouble with the parking, but at their lunch or dinner time, you might have to walk further. The road is really wide though, so it wouldn't be bothering if people parking on both side of the road. Place is pretty cozy, but there are no exhaust there, so you have to be prepared for your clothes to have a smoky fragrance after your visit. There were also no wifi, but you won't be holding your phone a lot either. I'm sure you'll be busy cooking and eating, haha.. The waiter & waitresses were friendly, helpful and quick. Price are on the very affordable side, especially since this is a ALL YOU CAN EAT & DRINK, I'm really recommending you guys to take advantages of their lunch promo though. :)

I guess that's pretty much everything that I can share about BBQ Frenzy  hopefully this is comprehensive enough to be your guide before your visit. :)) Please do let me know on the comment section down below if you have any experience in BBQ Frenzy that you want to share with me and fellow readers. that would be nice. You can click the G+1 button below if you like this post, and please do share this with your friend with this short link that I made for you : bit.ly/BBQFrenzy.

I love you guys so much and I'll see you on my next post!

Jl. Imam Bonjol 125 Surabaya
+6231 5678328
Opening Hours  : 11 AM - 10 PM
Safe Budget       : 85.000 - 110.000
Smoking             : Non Smoking
AC                      : Yes
Wi-Fi                  : No
Power Outlet      : Available
Payment             : Cash, Debit, Credit 
Delivery              : No
Dresscode          : Casual
Waiting Time      : 5 to 10 minutes

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  2. hai lala, mau tanya untuk minumnya itu nambah lagi diluar yg 110k itu ngga ya? thank you ^^





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