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Hey guys!
Just a quick review. Few days ago, after visiting Tutto Bono, I went back to Lenmarc the very next day to visit this newly opened cafe. Me and ce Manda were going to the bathroom when we both saw that this place is already opened for public, and I knew that ce Manda must've wanted to visit it first thing in the morning. Indeed she was, and she asked me to join her, so I'm in!

Cali Deli
Just like Tutto Bono, Cali Deli is also placed in Lenmarc, in fact, Cali Deli is right next to Tutto Bono. So you don't need more direction right?

Cali Deli is very small, though they have both indoor and outdoor dining space, but I don't think it can even fit to 30 people there. The interior design on the other hand, is very lovely despite of their size, it's very peranakan and vintage looking. I picked a seat on the outdoor dining area, it was pretty hot, but what I wouldn't do to take good pictures for you? ;P

At first, I thought Cali Deli serves Malaysian Cuisines, but turns out it's a Vietnamese Cafe that's specialized in selling Bahn Mi. And apparently, Cali Deli is already well known in Jakarta. Many of my Instagram & SnapChat family (you guys) chatted me and asked if I was in Jakarta when I snapped about Cali Deli, and they were all excited when I told them it's in Surabaya.

So let me show you the menu now

As I told you before, they are really specialized in Bahn Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich). So I went for one that afternoon. When I looked at their menu, I would consider Cali Deli's price is in the pretty expensive side as for one Bahn Mi, you have to spend at least 55k. Their drinks is not cheap as well, and you can't really work there, since they don't provide any power outlet. But thankfully they still have wi-fi.

So this is what I ordered : Lemon Grass Chicken Bahn Mi (55k)

I'm not a person who's really into Bahn Mi, so I couldn't really give my opinion about this. All I know that the bread was really hard it could bleed my mouth. I asked ko Edo to try mine, and indeed he said it was hard af (compared to his). I also didn't like the amount of veggies that they put into it. But again, I'm not the right person to judge, so you might have to skip this opinion part :)

Overall I want to give Cali Deli 6.8/10
The place is pretty cozy, but it's too small. The waitress seemed to not having enough knowledge about their own product, and if you're sitting at the outdoor area, you will struggle when you need something. Because the waiter/waitress never check to the outdoor area, so you have to be the one who go inside and ask for what you needed. Price wise, is a bit expensive, and again, they don't have any power outlet.

So yeah, I hope this post helps you to know more about Cali Deli Surabaya, if you like this post, you can give me support by clicking G+1 button below and at the top right of this blog. Sharing is caring, so please do share this post to your friends by using this shorten link that I made for you : bit.ly/CaliDeliSby. Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you guys on my next one! xoxo

Cali Deli Surabaya
Lenmarc Ground Floor
Jl. Bukit Darmo Golf Surabaya
10 AM - 10 PM
Bring 100k/person would be enough
Wi-Fi Available
Power Outlet not available

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