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Hi Guys!

This is actually not a new post, but I think this is still a post that is worth to blog about. So I actually went to this place when I was on duty to make a review about Deal Java, and the goal was to share my experience using the voucher from the application. YES, I ALWAYS share REAL experience on my blog, I never do sugar coating review, or faking an opinion. Hopefully you understand that :) Okay, now I'm going to give you my fair share about :
Ohana Gelato

So this place has been operating for quite some time now, it is located in Loop area, still, in the west. The hint is if you know Punch MMA, Ohana Gelato is right across it, and Ohana Gelato is also in line with Philip's Coffee. The size of the cafe is pretty small, but I guess it still can accommodate around 20 to 30 people inside. Not too tiny :)

This place actually has a very cute design. Filled with many cute drawings about ice cream and family on the wall, the atmosphere of the cafe puts me at ease instantly.  I was alone at the moment and as I said before, I went there for a purpose, to review Deal Java voucher, so I was bringing my work along with me. Then I probably felt too comfortable, I stayed there longer than I should, lol. It's just a perfect place to work for me, personally.

I didn't order any food at that moment, I only tried the ice cream, pancakes and waffle. Though the pancakes and the waffle didn't go the way I expected to, but the Gelato was not bad. I also didn't take any picture of the menu, but most of them were ice cream based. I remember there were some fried rice menu too. Price wise, it was on the affordable side.

Overall, I would give Ohana Gelato 7/10
This place is perfect to do work, wi-fi is pretty fast, the ambiance and the service was okay. Gelato was super cute and yummy, but the waffle and the pancakes were not my favorite. If you ever go Ohana Gelato, you can tell me your experience on the comment section down below :) That would make my day.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this post helps. You can share this post to your friend through this shorten link : bit.ly/OhanaGelato. And if you enjoy reading this post, or my blog in overall, you can support me by just clicking the g+1 button below this post and on the top right of this blog post. It would mean the world to me. I'll see you on my next one, xoxo!

Ohana Gelato
Ruko Plaza Graha Famili A20
09.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Bring 50k - 70k is fine
Wi-fi is available
Power Outlet is available

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