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Hey guys!
Welcome to August, my favorite month <3 Hope you know why, hehe.. A few days ago, I just found this new coffee shop through my friend, Mona. And from her pictures that she sent to me, it didn't take me too long to finally have myself visiting this nicely designed coffee shop that turned out to be an interior showroom as well. So today I'm going to share to you about my experience in 

Skyline Design Coffee Shop & Showroom

So Skyline Design Coffee Shop is located in west Surabaya, if you know Itadakimasu and Fat Straw, Skyline is at the same row with them. But they are still in the soft opening period, their sign board is not even revealed to the public just yet. Still, you'll notice this joint in ease, just take note that in every newly opened business, there must be some flower board arrangements in front of it. :D

If you see from the outside, Skyline Design is two buildings that combined into one establishment. The left one is the interior showroom, and the right one is the coffee shop, but I believe most of the interior inside the coffee shop are also from Skyline too. It's indeed proven, since when I asked them about this, they confirmed. :) Though they are three floored building, but I could only covered the first and the second floor at that time as they closed the third one.

The interior of Skyline is no kidding one of the nicest among all of the coffee shop that I've ever been to. Surely it's pretty much because of the contribution from Skyline furniture too. Though I might say it's quite a bit overwhelming on the second floor which made the overall looks far from what coffee shop usually looks like, but it's still enjoyable to stay at. I saw some power outlets around the tables too.

When it comes to the menu, they only have a simple one. Very simple one. And what bothers me so much was the fact that they don't serve any fulfilling foods. Yes, you read me, NO FOODS! Can you sense my devastation? I could've cried in front of the cashier at that time, but I was strong enough to held it inside, LOL. Jk. But seriously, they should really consider to widen their menu by adding some foods in it if they want more customers visiting.

When I was there, even with the simplest menu that they had, it wasn't complete, some were still ran out stock. And since I was super dead style (read : mati gaya), I didn't know what to order, so I chose the safest menu that I could've ever ordered at any coffee shop : Green Tea Latte. If they couldn't serve a nice Green Tea Latte, then I don't know what else they could serve better. #dealbreaker *haha*

Green Tea Latte (30k) Thank goodness it was a nice one. :D
To conclude my overall experience in Skyline Design Coffee Shop & Showroom, I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. It was a nice place, parking was easy, nice drink, but the ambiance is a little bit stiff and not serving any food is a huge minus for me, personally. But this could be a perfect place for you who only needs a quick stop for a caffeine fix, a little dessert or for some healthy goodies. Let me know what you think about this new coffee shop on the comment section, okay!

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Skyline Design
Ruko Bukit Gold Regency Block BM/BN
Jl. Bukit Darmo Boulevard Surabaya
09.00 AM - 09.00 PM (Soft Opening)
Bring 50k-100k
Wi-Fi is available
Power outlet is available

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  1. Maksudnya soft opening apa yah? Bedanya sama kalo udah grand opening gitu apa? Hehe

  2. Hi Laura, thank you very much for the review. Appreciate it. Hope you have had a good time there and we look to your subsequent visits. I will ensure your suggestion on the menu will be looked into.





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