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Hi guys!
It's a good day today to visit the newest gelato cafe in town! This cafe already opened exactly a week ago, but the brand has been around far longer than that and I'm pretty sure you guys already heard about this brand before. It's a Gelato brand that's owned by the famous couple Chef Arnold Poernomo and her fiancé Tiffany Soetanto. Both of them definitely has a great passion for foods and desserts.

Arnold himself is a (Celebrity) chef, who already owned a restaurant in Jakarta, his mom has a famous Patisserie in Australia, and his brother (a Celebrity Chef as well) also opened a Dessert Bar in Australia. While Tiffany Soetanto is a true dessert enthusiast! You can see it all over her Instagram pictures, most of them are ice creams, cakes, and any other desserts. I guess that's why she finally opened her own Gelato Cafe, must've been a dream come true :)

So Bebini Gelati is located in Dharmahusada Street, at the east side of Surabaya (finally, a review in the east, lol). If you know Buah Hati School, it's at the exact same place, or if you know Bu Rudy in Dharma Husada, Bebini Gelati is just across the street. And since it's in the school area, I wouldn't recommend you to come when the school time is over, it must be packed and you wouldn't get any parking spot.

When I first enter Bebini Gelati, a waiter opened the door for me, and I was greeted with a warm "Hi" and "Hello" from them. Not only that, I also welcomed by this 'Hello Gorgeous' writing on the ground right in front of the main door. I wish someone would call me that on a daily basis, lol. I guess 'Hello Gorgeous' has already been their trademark since Chef Arnold propose to Tiffany with a love letter that starts with 'Hello Gorgeous'! It was a sweet story that turned into reality.

Bebini Gelati has an indoor and also outdoor space. The indoor space can fit to 30-ish people, while the outdoor space, where you can see the kitchen as well, can accommodate for 20-ish people. If you come around this soft opening week, you might be able to meet these gorgeous couple. Chef Arnold, obviously will be in the kitchen a lot, while Ms. Tiffany will be around in the Gelato bar or at the outdoor space.
Indoor Space

Outdoor Space

Yes he was starring at the camera #dididosomethingwrongchef?

I was there to have a dessert after having a full course meal at other place. I wanted to try their Gelato for the first time, but it turns out that they also have foods menu that I'm sure created by Arnold himself, too bad I was already full :( The Gelato in Bebini Gelati has quite a range of flavors, I've tried several of them, but my choice fell to the one that I didn't even try, it's the 60% Dark Chocolate.

It's no question that I'm a big fan of a dark chocolate, so I didn't need to try it, I'm 1000% sure that I would pick that flavor. I just tried the other flavors just because I'm curious, lol. The perk of coming to a Gelato Bar, you can always try it before you even buy it. I've been wondering, what if I tried all of the flavors and then I ended up not buying it. I would left satisfied, without even having to pay any cash, HAHA.. #criminalmind

Overall, I would rate Bebini Gelati 7.8/10
The place is nice and comfy, the waiter and waitresses are very friendly. However to me, their gelato tasted very sweet, and it's just a little bit too much for me. I haven't tasted any of the foods yet, but looking at the price, it was a little bit on the pricey side. Other than that, everything was lovely.

I wish Bebini Gelati all the success for the business, and if you have any comments or experience in Bebini Gelati, you can always give your comment here :) I hope this post is helpful and informative to you. If you like my blog, you can leave a little push at the G+1 button on the top right of this blog, it's totally free, plus it would make my day. :) Thank you again for reading, I'll see you guys on my next post. xoxo

Bebini Gelati
Dharmahusada 183-185, Surabaya
11 AM - 9 PM
Bring 50k to 300k for the full experience here
Wi-Fi Available, and it's not even locked
Not really seeing any power outlet around
EDC machine available

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