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You must have been thinking, 'What the heck did she do all the way until she got in Sidoarjo?' SO DID I! Hahaha..

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Well, to answer that question with a cool head : No.. I'm not expanding my culinary blogging career to Sidoarjo, nor moving there, or having a full day culinary trip there. I was just in a very unstable emotions after I went back to Japan, maybe because I miss Japan too much or I was on my pre menstrual syndrome, haha.. I went to Sidoarjo specifically for this cafe, alone, without any idea about how far is the place, where exactly the place is, I was just very spontaneous about it
Captain Dock to Dock Sidoarjo

I knew about this cafe awhile back when I was browsing through my liker's Instagram Account (YES, I DID STALK YOU TOO). If you wanted to be stalked by me regularly, you can like my pictures more from now on, LOL. So, I found it from Mr @da_suki's Instagram pictures, the place is absolutely stunning! And I also read one of the comment of him saying to his friend that this place is 'not far' (later on I tried to analyze from which way he saw that this place is not far, hahaha....) that was only why I decided (without any thinking or re-evaluating) to go. Careless? Oh yeah.. So me.. So me..

I did have a hard time finding the cafe. A little bit terrified along the way, because I thought it would be as close as 'five minutes from Waru', but NO, you go all the way at the toll until you take the Sidoarjo exit. My hardest part finding the cafe was because : 1. GOOGLE MAP screwed me! 2. THE MAP THAT THEY PUT ON THEIR INSTAGRAM PAGE screwed me as well 3. Trying to figure out the place by looking constantly my phone while I'm driving is not an easy thing as well.

My suggestion is, if you want to go to this cafe, LOOK AT MY MAP, click the link and go from there. Or if you don't know how to do it, you can go straight to Google Map, try searching "Pazkul Kahuripan Nirwana". DON'T SEARCH FOR : 'Dock to Dock' NONONO.. It will get you to a random neighborhood far from where you wanted to be, and it's located at a very narrow road. Trust me, I'd been there before.

I drove from Surabaya at 3.30 PM, hoping to get there at 4.00 PM or 4.30 PM at last, but because of the 'tragedy', I arrived there at 5.30 PM, where the sun was almost setting, hiks. But thank God there's a thing called Photo Editing App! So I can show you the picture in a better presentation. :) Ok now you can enjoy the preview pictures, here you goo

Captain Dock to Dock cafe is located in a food court at a housing called Pazkul Kahuripan Nirwana in Sidoarjo. The location is not far from the toll exit, you just have to make a u turn (or turn right at the roundabout), and after you passing the Mall on your right, there's an entrance to the housing just 10 metres away, and you turn right over there. Go straight until you found the cafe on your right. There's a lot of right on this paragraph, I know.

Captain Dock to Dock was kind of under renovation when I went there, but it was still operating and 80% of the look still presentable. The theme was like in a dock ship, too bad there's no ocean there. There was only a river, but it was all dried up, hahaha.. I love how they created such a nice ambiance, it really made me feel like I'm in a dock, TMI *I just misspell dock into a d*ck, LOL.

Captain Dock to Dock was made to serve around a hundred of customers. They have a a lot of seating  on their outdoor area, they also have more seatings on the outdoor second floor area, and they have an indoor area on the second floor too. But the indoor area was very dark, I can't even take any picture of it, so I chose to sit on their outdoor area, to catch the sunlight that's already dimmed a lot at that time.

I looked at the menu quickly, it was pretty simple but yet quite complete; on the food section they have snacks, burgers, pasta, rice, main course (western), until desserts. While on the drinks section, they have coffee, latte, tea, mocktails, up to shakes and mojitos. The price were ranged from 12k up to 100k (before tax + service). It was a pretty average price range for a place like Captain Dock to Dock.

I picked the classic Spaghetti Bolognaise with a Sunset Passion Mocktail, because I think it's the safest things to order at a new place when you can't judge the quality of the foods just yet. And I also thought that these dishes wouldn't take too long to make, since I was running out of late to catch the sunlight.

The spaghetti bolognaise was cooked to a nice al dente, just how I like it. The bolognaise sauce was okay, could've been better, but okay. The same thing goes to the sunset passion mocktail, it was good, but it was just not the best either. So, for both I would give 7/10.

Overall, I would say.. I'm pretty much enjoying my short time hanging out at Captain Dock to Dock. Parking was easy to spot on, the place is relatively insta-genic, you can take a nice OOTD pictures ANYWHERE. The ambiance was pretty laid back and relaxing. The waiter & the waitresses were not around that much, try to sit on the ground floor near the kitchen where you can always see the waiter. Serving time was pretty quick and you might want to explore more on the foods (maybe their steak?) and beverages, since I only eat the standard menu.

Wear something comfortable, and do come there at the golden hour.. I would say, leave Surabaya at 3.30 PM, arrive there at 4 PM (if you're reading my blog, and follow my directions, I suppose you won't get lost like I did). Enjoy the sunset, take a lot of pictures and DON'T FORGET TO BRING AUTAN :D The mosquitos would be massive and aggressive after 6 PM, make sure you won't bring Zika home ;p

I hope you enjoy the blog post and learn something from my mistakes. If you like this blog post, you can cheer me up and make my day by hitting the G+1 button below, or anywhere on this post where you can find it. You can also follow me on my social medias, get to know me better :) Okay.. I love you guys so much, and I'll see you on my next post. xoxo

Captain Dock to Dock
Jl. Raya Kahuripan Blok O no 5-9
Every Day : 11 AM - 11 PM
Bring 60k-150k will be enough
Power Outlet Available
I'm not sure about the wi-fi
EDC Machine Available

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