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Carnivor Steak & Grill Surabaya (Review)

Hi Guys!
Today I want to share about this new place with you, but maybe you've already read the review first from Ko Jie's blog, haha.. But it's okay, hope I could give another insight about this place to you guys. Anyways, I went there with Ko Jie as well, and I'm still amazed with how he took photos, his eyes for composition is just, MAGNIFICENT! I learned a lot! Okay, now let's jump right into the review, shall we? *don't forget to click G+1 on the right banner if you like this blog okay!* xoxo

Carnivor Steak & Grill

This is the newest western restaurant in Surabaya. By the name alone, you could tell what kind of food they serve, aite? Meat meat meat! <3 This new establishment is placed in Bali Street, in between Gubeng Street and Biliton Street, around the center of Surabaya. This is actually a franchise restaurant from Jakarta, and they also have another branch in Semarang, but in Surabaya, they are using a different branding, so it kinda look different from the other branches elsewhere.

From my personal view, I already fell in love with the look of Carnivor since the first time I saw it when I passed by Bali Street weeks ago, and when I actually visited the restaurant, I was about right, this place is pretty cool, mate!

So, Carnivor is a HUGE place, it is divided into three sections; what you just saw above is the main area (front), they also have the outdoor area (middle) and the bar area (back). I am sure they can accommodate approximately around 150-170 people inside. So guys, if you're throwing a birthday party (or any other occasion perhaps) with a lot of invitations, Carnivor would be a good choice for you. You can book the whole area, or half of the area, or nonetheless they also have a quite spacious VIP room (picture below) for max. capacity for 15 people in the main area.

The interior design is I would say really nice, a lot like typical mediterranean restaurant interior design. Me personally loves to sit at their outdoor area, especially before the sun sets or what I usually called "The Golden Hour". Because it's definitely brighter, more beautiful and the atmosphere there was just very chill compared to the main dining area.

At that time, I was with Ko Jie (Inijie), Jack (Jack Magnifico), Fammy (Amazing Indonesia Food) & Ko Amin (Hobi Makan Enak), the owner had set us up at the VIP room, but we were kind of moving around to the outdoor area as we can't count on the lighting inside (so yellow) and after we were done taking pictures, we went back inside again to eat those cold foods, lol. Let me show you their soft opening menu first :

To be honest, the price are fairly affordable for such nice and big place like this. I really hope they won't increase the price at anytime soon, lol. Now let me show you what they got for us to munch at that time.

Appetizer & Desserts

Chicken Wings (55k)
This was the first dish to come and I did remember it smelled soo good! But since we had to take pictures, unfortunately we couldn't taste it right away. So we waited for two hours (yes they were all cold and hardened), but it was still enjoyable and flavorful.

Choco Smores (50k)
For this dessert, I was blown away by the taste of the chocolate, it was yummy! But the hotplate wasn't heating up enough to melt the marshmallow down. And I don't know whether the marshmallow that got harden or the crackers that was too thin (or both), we seemed to be always failing when we tried to scoop up the marshmallow with the crackers.


Left : Meat Lover Pizza (85k) &  Right : Supremo Pepperoni Pizza (75k)
For the Pizza, these two are like yin and yang, the Meat Lover Pizza was very savoury and meaty, while the Supremo Pepperoni Pizza was creamy and sweet. I loved both though, but if  I had to pick one, I would definitely choose the Meat Lover Pizza!

Meat Meat Meat!

700gr Baby Back Ribs Large (195k)
200gr Sirloin Hokube Beef (169k)
In this part, I would say I prefer the Sirloin Hokube Beef over the Baby Back Ribs. Because the Baby Back Ribs tasted a little bit too sweet for my palate. But both meat were tender and not hardened even though we left it for two hours. And both were also still enjoyable to eat.

Woohoo, the drinks were super refreshing! If you don't already know, I'm a sucker for soda drinks. I know it's bad, but it really makes me happy. I tried the blue one with sugar around the glass (three from the left), and it was my favorite of the day! I didn't get to drink all of these yummy drinks, but no one was complaining either. :)

Crispy Pork Belly (125k)
I did remember the person who invited us said that he was going to give us this dish, but turned out he didn't. Maybe he forgot, since he also left us after half an hour meeting us, so we didn't know who to ask, lol. But then Ko Amin being so gentleman, he bought the Crispy Pork Belly himself, and then he shared it to us all. To be fair, this was the best one compared to all the foods that we tried that evening in Carnivor. First, maybe because this was THE ONLY WARM FOOD that we had there. Second, it was genuinely delicious! The skin was crackin', and the pork meat inside were so soft. It was a little bit too salty, but with the mixture of the mashed potato and the mushroom sauce, it's all good!

Overall I would give Carnivor 8/10
+ Nice Place
+ Spacious Parking Lot
+ Great ambiance and atmosphere
+ Huge space
+ Price are fairly affordable
- Service can be improved
- Serving time pretty slow
- Taste can also be improved

So yeah, I hope this post helps you to know more about Carnivor Surabaya, if you like this post, you can give me support by clicking G+1 button below and at the top right of this blog. Sharing is caring, so please do share this post to your friends by using this shorten link that I made for you : bit.ly/CarnivorSby. Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you guys on my next one! xoxo

Carnivor Steak & Grill
Jl. Bali No 27
Every day
11.00 AM - 11.30 PM
Bring 150k-200k is enough
Wi-Fi is Available but I couldn't connect
Power Outlet available around main dining area

Stay in touch :

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  1. Between Carnivor and Holycow, which one do you prefer? And why? I want to eat one of them tomorrow. In fact, I haven't tried both of them, so which one you prefer? Thanks :)

  2. Between Carnivor and Holycow, which one do you prefer? And why? I want to eat one of them tomorrow. In fact, I haven't tried both of them, so which one you prefer? Thanks :)





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