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I'm a person who really loves eating, but if you ask me about cooking, gosh I can do none! It's weird though, as my parents are both a great cook, my grandmother is an amazing cook, even my brother cooks better than me! I just had none instinct about what to do in the kitchen if there's no one (or a video, or perhaps a detail written recipe) that's guiding me each and every step of the way. Pretty ironic, I know.. But I really do wish though, that someday, when I'm settling down, I could be a better cook than I am today.

I guess my wish is kinda granted way sooner than I thought! LOL. Before I went to Japan, I got to meet someone who wanted me to try his product. It's an instant seasonings (bumbu masak) product that can provide you all the ingredients for some of the famous Indonesian foods without a single fuss! The name is Pring Mas, and all you have to do with it is just to grab the main ingredient for the food, then put this Pring Mas Instant Seasoning as your main seasoning for the meal, after that, you can cook it according to the recipe on the back of the package of this product. YES! As simple as that.

Now I'm going to briefly giving you the informations about what's good with Pring Mas Instant Seasoning :
- It is SAFE to be consumed, because they don't use any artificial additives
- It is guaranteed to be TASTY even though they don't use any MSG
- Cooking will be made EASY and FAST without having to learn to cook
- Their processing process is guaranteed to be HYGIENIC, it is clean, sterile and free from contamination
- Their raw material and the packaging are guaranteed to be PREMIUM, and
- It is guaranteed that you will be LOVED MORE, since your cooking will be much improved with these.
- It is guaranteed to be HALAL and it is already CERTIFIED by LPPOM MUI 

Hearing all that, kinda tempted me to try the product, just to prove that even me, a person who knows NOTHING about cooking can also do it! I know there are a lot of brands produce instant seasonings in the market, but I don't really want to try them because I reckon that a lot of instant seasoning out there still contains msg and it's never good for your body. Besides, I actually never know how instant seasonings works. I always thought that cooking is just too much work for me, LOL. But guys, I think today is a good day for a change!

I suddenly want give Pring Mas Instant Seasoning a try, since they said it's super easy to cook with, and it contains no msg. I really wanted to prove that at least I can cook a meal right, haha.. So please do wish me luck! :)

Shortly, I got the Pring Mas Instant Seasoning delivered to my home. There were 18 type of meal that you can cook from Pring Mas Instant Seasoning, and they also have sizes to choose from, depending on how many person will you cook for. Today, I decided to cook Rawon for myself, so I pick the small package. I also got the sambal along with the package, it is DELICIOUS! (the sambal is not out on the market yet, but it will be, soon!) Then, I looked online about what works with Rawon, so I could ask my Mbak to buy the meat and everything that's related to Rawon, such as the beansprouts, the crackers, and also the salted egg.

Here they are..

Let's get cooking! First thing first, you wanted to boil 1 litre of water in the pot until it's boiling hot.

Then, you want to put the meat (whole meat) and Pring Mas Instant Seasoning Rawon in to the boiling hot water, and stir for awhile. After that, put the stove in to a small fire, and let it rest for an hour. PS : Be really precise with every measurement of the recipe, it will help you to achieve the desirable taste.

After an hour, the meat and the broth should look like this

Cut the meat into a small dice

Then put it all back into the pot, and still with the small fire, let it boil again for another one hour

Easy peasy right! You can totally put an alarm for it, and just let it sit there in the kitchen, while you can go back and do your own thing, such as working or running on errands until the bell rings.

After one hour, you can turn off the stove, put the Rawon into in a nice bowl, prepare all the other supporting ingredients together, andd.... SERVE!


Like, when I take a snapshots of this Rawon with Pring Mas Instant Seasoning on my Snapchat and my Instagram Stories, many of my followers were messaging me saying, "Woow, you can cook too?" "That looks yummy, did you cook all that? Bravo!" And suddenly, I really feel like a woman as a whole, my purpose in life is now pretty much completed, PLEASE FIND ME A GUY TO MARRY!! LOL.. JK.

BUT this is not the ending yet, we have to taste it out before jumping into the conclusion of course!

So, after I finished my meal, for this Rawon, I would say.. I LOVED IT! When I'm eating it alone, the taste of the soup is not as savory as the Rawon that my Mbak usually made, but that's probably because she usually uses a lot of MSG (micin) in it. But for a non msg seasonings, this is actually pretty good! Especially, when you put the lime inside the soup, dab the meat on the sambal, eat it all together with a bite of the salty egg and end it with the cracker, OOHH.. You wouldn't even tell the difference! PLUS! This is REALLY EASY to make! Buy Buy Buy!

Overall I want to give this Pring Mas Instant Seasoning for Rawon : 9 out of 10!
The reasons why I gave it a 9 out of 10 are first, it really proved me that cooking can be fast and easy, I don't need any special skills to cook it, I just simply read and follow the instructions carefully. Second, cooking with Pring Mas Instant Seasoning also proved me that non-msg dish can be tasty. I loved how it turned out to be and I am definitely going to try cooking another food from Pring Mas Instant Seasoning again in the future!

So for those of you who are like me, you can't cook at all or perhaps you already can cook, but you want your cooking be made faster, easier and healthier, I definitely would recommend you to try Pring Mas Instant Seasoning. You can get Pring Mas Instant Seasoning both online and offline,  around Surabaya and Jakarta, in a very affordable price for such invention that offers you good taste, efficiency, and much love from your loved ones! I'll show you the details down below.

I hope you enjoy this post and learn something from it as much as I did. Share this to your friends who needed to read this post by copying the shorten link that I specially made for you : bit.ly/PringMasRawon. Don't forget to hit G+1 button (below or at the top right of this post) if you love this blog, and I'll see you on my next post XOXO

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IDR 5.500 for the small package (two portions served)
IDR 9.000 for the medium package (four portions served), and
IDR 16.500 for the large package (eight portions served).
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Yum Yum Store | Halimun Raya Street No.9, Guntur, Kec. Setiabudi, South Jakarta

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  1. First of all there is no real scientific evidence of MSG for being harmful to human health except if the person is allergic to it. MSG has health risk is product of pseudo science not real science. If MSG is truly harmful to human health certainly it will not be listed in codex and it will be banned. Secondly MSG doesn't taste salty. Saltiness comes from salt.





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