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Hey guys!
On my last trip to Japan, I was provided with a round trip airplane ticket. And what exciting was that all of the flights were not using a low cost airlines like what I usually use, but they were all the nicest airlines! One of them even known as one of the safest airline in the world! That was actually the first time I ever went on a non budget airlines, and I am very happy to share to you guys about :

What I Love about Flying with a
Premium Airlines!

I always go with a budget or a low cost airline, everywhere I go.. Whether it is a short flight or furthermore, the long ones.. It's because I'm still saving my money for bigger things. I can't afford to fly with a premium airline just yet. Indeed it was not a very pleasant flight all the time, but at least it always gets me there and it didn't cost me a lot, so flying with a low cost airline is what works for my current conditions.

There's one particular airline that I always use wherever I go, because they always have promotions and discounts for the price of the ticket. Sometimes it can get really cheap, I even bought it only for like 'hmm.. just in case i want to go' LOL.. And I always choose this airline also because their local flight flies from Terminal 2 in Bandara Juanda Surabaya, which is my favorite terminal, haha.. Maybe you already know which airline that I'm talking about by now, but this post is really not meant to shame them or whatsoever.

When I went to Japan a few days ago, I flew with three different airlines, because there's no direct flight to Tokyo from Surabaya. The first one is Garuda Indonesia (Surabaya - Jakarta), the second one is Japan AirLines (Jakarta - Tokyo) and the third one is Cathay Pacific (Tokyo - Hongkong - Surabaya). If you're from Indonesia, you must've known that Garuda Indonesia is just the better airline from any kinds of airline in here, right? While Japan AirLines and Cathay Pacific, these two are on the list of the safest and the best airlines in the world.. Since I'm always flying with the budget airline everywhere I go, I guess it is safe to say that I'm quite legit to write this post, right? So what are the things that I love from my experience using Premium Airlines?  Let's find out :)

1. The ticket price in a Premium Airlines is usually include with your luggage allowance

If you're flying with the premium airline, you'll get an allowance of (minimum) 20kg for FREE, whether it's one bag, or two bags, it may vary, depends on the airlines, but it's always included. On the other side, with the low cost airline, the price might be way cheaper but it doesn't include any luggage allowance a.k.a you have to pay extra for it. And if you're going out of the country, there's no way you don't need any luggage to put in, right? The price for the luggage in a low cost airline is usually pretty expensive, because you had to pay double for the connecting flight, which in this case, it always is.. 1 USD = 13.000 IDR

2. The Premium Airlines usually provide you newspapers before the flight
All three airlines that I went on with, they provided a stack of newspaper for the passenger before we entered the airplane. And there were several types of newspaper there, the global one which is New York Time, and usually the local newspaper where you're flying from, also the newspaper from where you're flying to. While on the Low Cost Airline, there won't be any newspaper waiting for you at the entrance of the airplane.

3. The airplane is definitely bigger, and with that said, your seating space will also be bigger too
The Premium Airlines always offer you whether you wanted a first class, business class or economy class seat. The Low Cost Airline only offers you an economy class seat, well maybe you can choose to sit in a bigger space of seat but it's still can't be compared to the business class. The economy class seat in the Premium Airline is definitely BIGGER from the low cost one, I really can tell. That means, more comfortable, and it's a total YES for me. Spacious seat FTW!

4.  The seat is way much more comfortable to be sat on and more..
The seat in Premium Airlines is shaped differently, it will not giving you a backache or whatsoever like I always get after a long flight with a low cost airline. They have a small pillow attached to the seat to support your head, AND the seat can be lowered down further than the low cost airline's seat. If you're feeling cold, you can have a blanket for free, just ask the cabin crew for it. The Japan AirLines even provide a free sleeping pillow too for everyone because the flight is passing through night time. Meanwhile, on the low cost airline, I guess you can have blanket and pillow as well, but, you have to pay extra extra cash for them..

5. There is a TV in front of you that you could make good use of to entertain yourself while you're on the plane.
Whether it's a long flight, or a short one, this is actually a big plus. The portable television in front of your seat will save you from the boredom of waiting for the landing time when you can't sleep or you just don't know what to do. It's always equipped with a small headphone that's wrapped like a brand new one, and it's attached on the seat pocket in front of you. You can choose from listening to the music, watching a music videos, or watch a movie.

The pick were actually amazing, I watched two movies that I found really nice! They were : Before We Go and The Intern. You can also always check your location from the TV; you can watch the view from the camera that's attached below the airplane, and you can track how long the time needed to land on your next destination. They also have a USB port somewhere around the TV if you want to charge your phone.

The other way around, on the low cost airline, none of the above are served. You'll just have to entertain yourself with what you have and charge your gadget with your own power bank.

6. You'll get a  FREE meal and a drink

When I said a meal, it's not just a snack, it's really a meal! From appetizer to dessert! Cathay even served snacks, red wine and beer, you can ask for a re-fill too!

The meal was not the best thing on earth, they can really improve that, but it's WAY much better than nothing at all. Because on the low cost airline, you won't get any meal, not even a mineral water. You can buy them if you want, but they will charge you a ridiculous price. For an instant noodle on the airplane, you can get a full course meal on the ground, no kidding. 

7. You'll get to meet more interesting people inside

Flying with a Premium Airline, is an experience that not many people can experience, with that said, you can meet people who are capable of spending a decent amount of money for their lifestyle a.k.a rich people (though from Hongkong to Surabaya 70% of the passengers were TKI & TKW). Therefore, you don't want to miss the chance to make new friends! Or at least, talk to them, share some stories, experience, who knows from there you can get a new connection, or just a friend to talk on the plane.

8. Pride

This is kind of unnecessary to mention, but COME ON! If you get a FREE airplane ticket with a Premium Airline, don't you want to brag it all over your social media? Well if you don't, at least I DO! Even though I didn't do it. Haha.. It's not safe though to show people your airplane ticket on the social media, because it shows your personal informations, from your booking number, the bar code, just hide it. Hackers can track your credit card number and your security code from there, be careful. But still, if you're holding a Premium Airline boarding pass, you must be proud, right? Especially if you bought it with your own money. It feels some kind of like an achievement, yeah? Just roll with me! 

9. Most likely won't get delayed or change schedule with or without prior notice

Most of the time, whenever I bought a promotional ticket from a low cost airline, they would always change the schedule of my flight, or change the airport that I'm heading to. Meanwhile, delayed schedule is not really a surprise for all of us who's always using a low cost airline, it's even expected and anticipated. On the very contrary, when I flew with a premium airline, I experience no delay at all. I departed and landed just right on time :)

10. Less worry about airplane crash or anything, lol
Last but not least, I know that there's no correlations between lower price and less safety, but if you're flying with an airplane that has experienced a fatal crash recently, compared to flying with a high end airplane that has no record of crashing in the past 20 to 50 years, which one that you will feel saver on? Right? Am I making any sense here?

So for the conclusion, do I hate flying with a low cost airline?
After I know how it feels like to fly with a premium airlines? Kind of..
Will I stop using low cost airline after this?
No, I still can't afford to buy the ticket.. My lifestyle is still not there yet..
Will I travel with a Premium Airlines next time?
DEFINITELY! Especially if it's a long flight, I would love to fly with the premium airline next time. If I could afford it, I definitely would! :) Really appreciate them for giving the passenger the best way to enjoy the flight in a very comfortable way..

What do you guys think? Which one do you prefer? And why? Let me know in the comment section <3 Don't forget to hit G+1 button below if you like this post, and hit G+1 button on the top right of this blog, if you love the blog.. That way, I can be more motivated to write more for you guys, hehe.. My camera is being super cranky right now, it always dies whenever I'm using it even though I already taped it.. T_T Hopefully it can survive until I can get a new one, I'm not sure when..

See you on my next post! xoxo
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