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Happy Sunday everyone!
This morning I was driving to church, until I made a (regular) stupid move. I drank my Chlorophyll drink from the bottle, and yep! It spilled all over my white shirt T_T So I had to go back home and change. Obviously I was late for church and I hate being late for church, so I still went out but I was thinking about going somewhere to work. And I remembered that I haven't visited this new branch of one of my most favorite coffee shop in Surabaya.

Monopole Coffee Lab

I didn't know when exactly they opened this beautiful new branch in here, but gosh.. I'm a huge fan already! It's super, duper close to my home, I can get here in less than 10 minutes of driving seriously! And did I already mention that this branch is beautiful? I couldn't explain enough about how comfortable the ambiance and the atmosphere making me feel. I can stay for a long period of time and work here on a daily basis. <3 

The location is in Graha Family, west side of Surabaya and it is side by side with The Rosebay Apartment show unit. It's covered mostly with glass sliding doors and it has both indoor and outdoor space. I don't really know if it's going to be hot outside, but it's freezing cold inside, haha.. PLUS there are tons of baby trees and green grasses all around inside and outside Monopole Coffee Lab in this branch, it really gives me some sort of soothing feeling.

I just went outside and it's warm but windy, current time : 11.50 AM, weather : bright and sunny.

In total, Monopole Coffee Lab Graha Family branch can accommodate up to 30-ish people, both inside and out. If you want to take a very cool shot of your coffee, you can pick to sit outside where the chairs and the tables are made out of stone. Very pretty. But when I went there, there were a lot of people having coffee everywhere, so I just took a very ordinary shot of what I ordered earlier.

But just a couple of minutes after I finished my drink, everyone left the coffee shop empty (-__-")

I looked at the menu and I hate to say that I finally found what's lacking from Monopole Coffee Lab Graha Family Branch. They serve no foods (hopefully, yet). They only have coffee, tea, latte, other beverages and small bites such as snacks, bread, toast, and cakes. I ordered my usual Green Tea Latte, and I also tried their Banana Bread.

For the taste, I have no issue with any of it,  but it's kinda my bad that I ordered such a sweet drink and a sweet bread, for a sweet person like myself. Too sweet that I should check my sugar level this afternoon (and check my mental health as well). HAHAHA. Please do laugh with me, lol. 

Overall I would rate Monopole Coffee Lab Graha Family Branch 9/10
I think I've said enough opinions in telling you how much I love this place throughout this blog post. But for some additions, I would also compliment about how easy for me to park, because this neighbourhood has quite a wide road and it's not a busy street as well. There are plenty of Graha Family's housing securities around this area, so no worries. And all the waitresses including the barista were very nice and friendly. Last but not least, their playlist is : Global Top 50, these great choice of songs really brought up my mood and my productivity. Oh, have I mentioned about their fast wi-fi yet? <3

I hope this post helps you to understand more about Monopole Coffee Lab new branch in Graha Family :) OH OH OH OH OH!! WE JUST HIT 3.000 pageviews DAILY! FINALLY! It really makes me really happy!! And it also motivates me to write more and more each day! I will try my best to write as fast as I could, let's do 5.000 next month? :) 

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Monopole Coffee Lab Graha Family
Sun - Thu 7.30 - 22.00
Fri - Sat    7.30 - 23.00
Bring 50k-70k is enough
Wi-Fi is available
Power Outlet are available
EDC Machine is not available

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