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Hi guys!
New Cafe Alert! And honestly I'm so excited about this one, because this is my own friend's establishment and he said to me that he was going to open a cafe since (literally) last year! Finally, a few days ago, he could proudly say that his Cafe is now open for public, and I'm here to give you a report about it! Don't forget to hit G+1 button on the right side of this blog if you love me, ehm.. I mean, my blog! Hahah..

The Neighbors Cafe Surabaya

The Neighbors Cafe is owned by my dearly foodie friend, Hendrik Pyong, who has been constantly making me drooling every time he posts a food picture on his Instagram Page since the first time I met him. He's a good friend of mine and a total perfectionist! So perfectionist that he also kind of having a trust issue, lol..Before opening The Neighbors, he's the owner of the best Pannacotta I've ever tasted, Sweet Tooth! I remember he told me that he couldn't even trust his maid to fold the packaging of his Pannacotta, so he folded it all himself.

With that said, I have a pretty high hopes for The Neighbors Cafe, because I know that if the place is not as perfect as what he wanted, or the taste of the foods are not as perfect as he aimed for, I believe he won't be opening it. :) So now, let's get into it.

The Neighbors Cafe is placed in the west side of Surabaya, exactly in Darmo Harapan Utara street. I really understand why he named it The Neighbors, it is most likely because this cafe and his house is like just steps away! If you're a fan of Hendrik Pyong, you can stalk him there, LOL. (Pyong, please don't kill me :p)

The Neighbors Cafe's overall look is very simple; clean, white, minimalistic, and very insta-genic! I love this place! If you're a foodie, or if you're a blogger (any type of it) you can totally hang out in here and take a picture of your next OOTD or your next endorsement product in here, hahah.. I am truly not lying, it's really an instagram worthy kind of spot and I believe Pyong wouldn't mind having you taking tons of pictures in his Cafe.

For the size of the place, The Neighbors Cafe provides enough space for around 30-ish people inside. The parking lot is not too big, but luckily, the road along The Neighbors Cafe is not a busy road, so you can use the side road to park, and there's also a security post a few metres away, so you don't have to be worry about the parking security, they got you all covered. :)

For the menu, they don't have to many of it just yet, because they are still on their soft opening period. And I love how he put a humble card on every table saying that they're still new and that they wanted to apologize in advance if there's any mistakes that they made on this period of time. :) For the price, to me it's pretty average, not too cheap, not too expensive as well.

After screening through the menu cards, my choice fallen into these :
Neigbors Classic (62k)
100gr Australian Beef, Melted Cheese, Sauteed Onion, Classic Sauce, Mayo Lettuce, Corned Beef.
This burger is pretty much one of a kind, I honestly never tasted a burger like this, and I kinda liked it. The patty was very soft, different from the other burger that I've tried before, and they were really generous with the sauce as well. If you're into soft patty and rich flavor, you're definitely going to fall for this one!

I upgraded my fries (25k) into this Tater Tots! I've been seeing the pictures of this Tater Tots flooding over my Instagram, and I just couldn't wait any longer to try it! This was the BOMB! I once thought the taste would be like a bolognaise sauce, but nope, the secret of this glorious Tater Tots was from the Gochujang Sauce. The taste was pretty much sweet and meaty, I had to adjust for a lil' bit, but it didn't take me too long to fall in love with it.

Overall I would give The Neighbors Cafe 8 out of 10
Hope you guys enjoyed the blog post and found it helpful. Don't forget to hit the G+1 button on the bottom of this post if you love this blog post about The Neighbors Cafe, and share this post to your friends with the link that I just made for you : bit.ly/TheNeighborsSby I'll see you on my next one, XOXO.

The Neighbors Cafe
Darmo Harapan Utara IX EN 12
0878 5110 1122 
11 AM - 10 PM
Bring 100k
Wifi                 Available
EDC Machine Available
Power Outlet   Available

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