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Calling out all of you who claims to be meat lovers, there's a new Steak House in town! Woohoo!

Yesterday morning, I saw Amanda Kohar's post about this new place that just opened in the Loop Area, and she said that it's going to serve publicly that day at 2 PM. Looking at my schedule, I think I still can make it to visit at 2 PM, besides I wouldn't be eating lunch at home. So I asked my friend Fiony to be my lunch company, and now I'm ready to share to you guys about my experience in

United Steak Surabaya

Taking place in the west side of Surabaya, United Steak is a good pick for you guys who wanted to eat meat without having to pay a lot cash for it. Yes yes.. It is pretty affordable, so the price is still suitable for you who's still in school, university or just started working.

Talking about the size of the place, United Steak can hold up around 30 people inside and out, and the theme of the interior is really western looking. It was quite fascinating, hence nothing too eye catching, but still better than nothing..

After I arrived, I went straight to the cashier and ordered. The menu is very simple I would say, and again, the price was affordable. I ordered the most expensive one, which in my opinion is still affordable, because from the picture it was looking really tempting! My friend ordered the salad, because it also looks pretty decent. And because both of them looked pretty big in portions, we decided to share our meals.

When the order came to our table, I was pretty in shock with both of them, why? Because both of them didn't represent what they supposed to look like on the menu.
Cobb Salad (25k)

When my friend order the salad, I looked at the reference picture on the menu and told her, "You order a corn salad?" Because at the picture of the menu, I could see the corn was spreaded all around the salad, but in here, there was none, and the waiter didn't say anything about why all the corn is not present on the salad. This is kind of a false advertising, LOL.

The Big Boy Stackers (105k)
And when the steak came, it was also different from what the menu showed me. There were no cheese on top of our steak, boo.. I was a little bit disappointed actually, one should never oversell when it comes to marketing, right? AND! THERE WERE CORN on the side of the steak, LOL.. I thought we didn't get the corn on the salad because they were running out of corn, but um... oh well.....

Taste 7/10
Both of them tasted pretty average, especially the salad. While for the steak, it was kind of hard to chew. I don't think they can serve the steak with the ripeness level that we desire, because they didn't ask about it to us. The sauce wasn't as tasty as I expected, and they didn't have Tabasco too, but they do have a BBQ sauce that taste pretty decent in my opinion, you better ask for one to try.. :)

Overall, I would rate United Steak 6.8/10 :)
It's simply a good place to eat an affordable meat. But if you're looking for a true steak, I wouldn't really recommend this. If you like this post please do hit the G+1 button to show me some support.. I'll see you guys on my next one. XOXO

United Steak
Loop Graha Familu Kav 28
Behind Beatus, Near Ice Puter Singapore
2 PM - 10 PM
Bring 50k-120k
No power outlet
No wifi (yet?)
No edc machine (yet?)

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