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Hi Guys!
Last night, I saw on my Instagram Feed, there were many of my Instagram-Foodies friends posted their pictures at this newly opened Bar and it is claimed to be the first Soju Bar in Surabaya. Hmm.. Pretty interesting right? Looking at my calendar, I didn't have any visitation schedule on the evening, so I decided to drive there right after all of my schedules are done for the day :)

Anju Soju Bar & Eatery

Anju Soju Bar is located in the center of Surabaya, near Kedai Tua Baru. At first I thought that they only open at night (it's a Soju Bar, aite?), but turns out their operational hour is starting from 11.00 AM until midnight. I went there around 4 PM, because I'm pretty sure there will be no customers at this hour, a perfect timing to blog, hahah..

Anju Soju Bar can fit around 80 people inside, there's a VIP room as well, but it didn't feel like a VIP room, because there's no door in between. The interior is pretty rustic, but the plain wall that they painted in dark grey seems pretty dirty and I can still sense the smell of the cement and the paint (probably because they're still very new). It also feels pretty humid inside, and there are no ventilation that allows sunlight to strike in, so I couldn't take any pictures of the food with better lighting than the yellow light that they provide inside.

I was actually on the look for some dessert or anything sweet, since I have already eaten a lot of Pork before I went here, but I didn't see any dessert on the menu, so I ordered a snack instead. I've been wanting to eat tteokbokki for quite some time now and I was so happy to see "Crispy Tteok" on the list. While for the drink, I didn't plan to chug any soju or other boozes, because it's still 4 PM and I'm alone too, so then I went for mineral water instead.

The Crispy Tteok (25k) came out pretty tragic as you can see here. Let's be honest, the portion was too small, I can't even.. It was fried until the sauce became caramelized, it was so gooey and sticky. Eat it while it's still warm, when it gets hard, it would be really hard to even stab it with your fork. The taste of the sauce was pretty strong, some of you might like it, still I personally prefer the plain boiled tteokbokki. But again, the portion was really disappointing.

Overall, I couldn't give my personal rating to Anju Soju Bar, because it wouldn't be objective right now to judge. I might come back here at night time with my friends and try their Soju drinks plus their other foods later. But I guess Anju would be fun at night, especially with a live band performing, and a soju night will always be a fun night right? Haha.. Let me know and share your personal experience in the comment section below, okay!

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Anju Soju Bar & Eatery
Jl. Tegalsari 2C (across Bon Cafe)
11.00 AM - 00.00 AM
Bring 150k-200k
Wifi available
Power Outlet available
EDC Machine available

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  1. Went there during saturday night. The live band was a tad bit loud to my taste especially since the place is rather small. Couldn't really talk with friends. But oh well, since live band is a kekinian thing, I guess I can't complain lah. Anyway you should try the drink. Wouldn't recommend the food but the drink is worth to try :D

  2. Went there twice this month, tried their flavor soju forget the name, but the colour is blue, really made up my day. Nice place to hang out. Second was lunch, ok to be honest, i was surprised by their bibimbap. You know it didnt taste like the conventional one, as in baiksu etc, but i really like the anju one. Their black chicken wings, not the best, but quite interesting.





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