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Hi guys!
For the next three days, I'm going to post about three new eatery places in Surabaya that are having similar concept, which is a modern food court if I might say. Nonetheless, these three are quite popular among the Surabayans nowadays, but all of them are placed in the east side of Surabaya *sigh*. In spite of that, I'm still going to write about it for you guys anyways :) For the first post, I will start with the nearest one from home (which is still far, lol)


Food Coma is also the first one to open before the other two, and it is placed in Ngagel Jaya Street. It's not hard to find the location, the closest hint would be : Libreria. When I first arrived, I didn't really like how limited the parking spot is it in here, but the parking guy was pretty much helpful, smart and friendly, they didn't act cocky or lazy like most of the parking guy I've been facing everyday in Surabaya. So that's kind of a plus for me. :D

For the size, Food Coma is not as big as I thought it would, photos are deceiving, clearly. But it's still quite spacey in my opinion, I just had high hope before coming here. This place can fit to around 80 people both inside and out, they have two outdoor areas, one in front and one in the back, they also have one indoor space which could provide you way cooler atmosphere than the outdoor (obviously). Just pray it won't be packed when you came there, lol.

For the tenants, they already have curated 10 diverse tenants which are Moshi Moshi, Sandro's Kitchen, Rujakoe, Sedia, Pupu Bowls, Totilla, Recremeur x Martabak OM, Eighteen Coffee, Fuel Bar and Dapur Wong Kito. I don't think I can review each of them one by one, because I didn't manage to come when they invited me to the opening. No free foods for me when I came, lol. So when I went there, I could only afford to buy one portion of cireng, LOL. #kere #tolongsumbangduitbuatmakan

But all I know is that you can find a wide range of foods in here. You want some Japanese foods? Go to Moshi-Moshi, you want some Indonesian Foods, there are Rujakoe, Sedia, Martabak OM and Dapur Wong Kito. Western Foods? Try Totilla and Sandro's Kitchen, What about the drink? Fuel Bar, Eighteen Coffee and in house drink from Food Coma (order in the cashier) is at your service. Last but not least, for DESSERT, you can opt for Pupu Bowls or Recremeur. :)

I forgot to take pictures of their menus, but I PROMISE, yes I mean this one, lol.. I PROMISE I would come back there (promise fulfilled!) and take pictures of every menu that they have and probably tried their Pupu Bowls too. But for now, I could only give you this information :( The Cireng Mozarella (15k) that I tried was really good! Almost as good as my favorite one in Poenya Nyonya Anina. This one is really chewy and gooey, while Poenya Nyonya Anina's is more crunchy. But I still love both #anakcireng

Overall, Food Coma is a great place to hangout with your friends at any time of the day, I love their 'food court' concept where you can choose many type of foods in one place, so the choices can be vary, and it makes me wanted to come back again and try different dishes. But the only thing that irritates me the most was their payment section, because there's only ONE CASHIER for every transaction! It got me into a long queue, and the cashier guy was not that motivated to work fast as well. The thing is, the tenant won't proceed the foods until they received order from the cashier, that means, the longer you queue, the longer your foods will be proceed as well! SO NOT EFFECTIVE!

That's all for today's post, I hope you liked it, and if you did, you can give me some support by liking me on Google at the G+1 button on the top right of this blog, it's completely free. But if you want to donate to this blog financially, you can do it too, click here. :) Thank you so much for reading, I'll see you on my next post xoxo.

Food Coma
Ngagel Jaya Utara 46
11 AM - 10 PM
Bring 50k to 100k is enough
Power Outlet is not available
Wi-Fi is available
EDC Machine is available (no minimum)

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