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INTRO Surabaya (Review)

Hi Guys!
As promised, this is the second post that I'm writing about the newest trend among the eatery places in Surabaya, which is a 'modern food court'. If you haven't read the first one, you can read it here. This second place that I'm going to review is relatively new as well, it hasn't even been a month since they opened. And I would say that the concept is much more unique than just a regular 'modern food court', because they claimed as a 'living' magazine.

INTRO Surabaya

From what I know and what I heard, INTRO is a magazine that picked up stories of young entrepreneurs in the creative industry, culinary and fashion, then showcasing their businesses in their retail store. So in short, what you'll read on the magazine, you can experience it as well in the store, it's like stepping inside the magazine, literally. They first volume is called Cloud Walker and you can read the magazine on their website. I think they also have the actual magazine (physical), but I didn't find one when I went there.

Intro retail store is in the east side of Surabaya, it's in between Crazy Crab and Galaxy Mall. The outside look is really simple, just a plain white building with a black "intro" sign on top. If I didn't know about it, I wouldn't look at it as a retail store I guess, I might thought it's an office building, hahah..

Intro is a two floored building that can accommodate around 80-100 people inside. The overall theme is pretty much black and white, and it contains not only food & beverage tenants but also fashion tenants. Like a magazine that always changes its content, I'm guessing that it's going to be the same with Intro. Probably next month there will be changes in most of their tenants, but do all of them will go? I don't know.

The tenants that take parts in this Cloud Walker edition are : Basta, Salt & Light, Thai Street Food, Good Fresh, Dore by Letao, La Reia Cake & Co, Cholia, Baker's King, Lewis & Carrroll Tea, Iven Oven & Caturra Espresso. While on the fashion side, they got : Flomors, Kont, Odilia + John, Marie & Frisco and Atelier Marufe. I know most of the foods tenants, glad I discover new names, but for the fashion tenants, I know nothing lol.

At that time I went with the sweet Devita Lesmana, she's my whole day plus one, thank you for being with me, Dev! <3 And at that time, I ordered a salad from Good Fresh, since I already knew their quality through our endorsement project before and I wanted something fresh. On the other side, Devita opted for a pasta from Basta, which was unique if I may say. We went upstairs to have a seat, since the natural lighting was very bright there and it's perfect for some (foods) photoshoot.

Overall it was nice hanging out at Intro. The place is very insta-genic, for both food pictures or ootd pictures. Many tenants that you can choose from, but the price is on the higher range, even the price for mineral water alone is almost 10k. The phone signal there is apparently non existence, and so does the wi-fi connection, a good excuse to finally be connected with the person you're with, lol. There's no edc machine as well, so prepare your cash, okay!

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