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Hi Guys!
Another day, another blog, another day, another slog, haha.. I'm sorry I couldn't blog three days in a row, I have been struggling with shooting and editing videos for the past days. But I'm back again, and in today's blog post, as promised, I will share to you guys about the third modern food-court concept that has been rapidly evolving around East Surabaya this month. If you haven't read my previous blog post about this new type of eatery place, you can read the blog posts here.

Before you're guessing that MakMu means : 'Your Grandma', I'll help them clarify that it is actually stands for : 'Makanan Murah' or 'Affordable Foods' if translated. If you read my previous posts about Intro and Food Coma, MakMu is kind of a combination between two of them, or more likely it is the best of both world. Because MakMu offers you more variant of foods, the place is bigger, more insta-genic and the price is way more affordable than the other two.

MakMu is located in the very east, even almost out of Surabaya (LOL), it's in the Rungkut area. I went there when I traveled to the east side of Surabaya and despite of how far the place is, I was pretty surprised with how attractive they put everything together in this place. The area is pretty big in size, they divided them into four parts (one indoor space and three outdoor spaces) and I'm sure more than a hundred people can be accommodated in here.

The indoor space in MakMu was designed pretty cute, with the walls painted all white while the furnitures and decorations were using mostly pastel colors, kinda remind me a little bit of Daily Sweet. I was quite confused when I arrived since I forgot that in this kind of restaurant, I had to order straight from the food tenants, I just sat at one of the table and asked the waiter for the menu, then he said that I have to go to the tenant myself to order. I was just like, dang, I forgot. So then I bring all my stuff (was alone), and I went to the back side (outdoor) where many tenants were awaited to receive orders from the customers.

The back side of MakMu was pretty hot, but there was a ceiling to protect the sunlight from striking straight to your skin, and there were some big fans to help the wind blowing around this area. The decoration in here was not as pretty as the indoor space, or I might say they didn't decorate the back area at all, everything was like a common food court, and I also saw not all of the tenants were opened. I also saw there was a big empty space in the middle of the back area, I didn't know what it was for. A space for band performance perhaps? Or for more tenants? 

I also saw a stairs to the second floor in front of the cashier, I went up but I saw nothing but a not-so-ready space to be used. There were some chairs and tables but they were not set up perfectly, and there were no ceiling ahead, so it was freakin' hot up there. It didn't take me too long to finally decided to go downstairs as soon as I got the pictures. From up there, I noticed that MakMu have so many murals on the wall.

Back on the first floor, I ordered something that I decided not to show it in the blog, just because it was not pretty enough to be photographed, and it was also not tasty enough to be shown here. After that I made the payment on the cashier, as well as bought the drinks there. I took the menu book and got all the pictures for you guys, enjoy!

After I'm done making my payment, I went back to the indoor space and realizing that the seat that I was sitting before was taken by someone else. Feeling a bit upset, but then I remembered I still haven't been to to the next door, which is their other outdoor space. I went there, and found a seat, it wasn't cool, but I liked this part of outdoor much more than the back area, because in here, they decorate the space very nicely, the furniture were unique and the paintings and the murals on the wall were beautiful and catchy.

When I finished the snacks and about to go back home, I saw this particular board where all of the bookings schedules written on, was a pretty pack schedule I saw there. So if you were wondering if you could book MakMu for a special event with your friends, colleagues or family, you surely can! Then I stepped outside, I also saw that there was one bright food truck that I didn't really noticing when I first came inside. Cute!

I parked my car through the valet parking because they don't have many space for car park, but they have plenty space for motorcyle park. Waiting for the car was pretty time consuming, but the parking guy were all nice and polite. I also reckon that the valet guy didn't try asking me money for the parking, but I gave him a 5.000 cash and he sounded and seemed grateful for it. :)

I guess that was all that I could tell you about MakMu Eatery Surabaya, it was a nice experience but I wish I went there with a friend to share some meals with me. I hope I could go back and try more foods in the future, I hope this post helps you and don't forget to give me a like on the G+1 button on the top right of this blog and below of this post. I'll see you very soon on my next post, LOVE YA!!

MakMu Eatery Surabaya
Jl. Ir. Soekarno Merr Rungkut Kidul M32
Weekdays : 11.00 AM - 00.00 AM
Saturday   : 09.00 AM - 01.00 AM
Sunday     : 08.00 AM - 00.00 AM
Bring 50k is enough
Wi-Fi is available
EDC Machine is available
Power Outlet is available

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  1. Sempat mampir kesini, karena ada temanku jadi salah satu tenant di makmu. Pilihan menunya banyak yg menarik sih, lumayan oke buat tempat hangout santai... Tapi kalo buat aku kurang cocok soale repot kalo bawa anak balita, ga ada bangku makan buat anak2 hahahaaa





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