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Hi guys!
After they have been operating for almost one year in Surabaya, I finally had the chance to blog about this favorite place of mine. They actually invited me to their soft opening last year, but at that time, the setting wasn't fully ready and I couldn't get the complete pictures of the place as a whole. After that, every time I went there, it's always night time and I couldn't take pictures. So I kept postponing the blog post, until today! Gosh..... FINALLY!

ONNI Kitchen
So I was invited to an event called 'Wish Goes to Surabaya' by Wish Your Watch (I will blog about it separately). The event took place at Onni Kitchen and lucky me, it's in the DAY TIME this time! Furthermore, I was accidentally coming there too early, LOL (I guess there's no such thing as an accident, aite?). The event started at 11.30 AM, but I thought it was at 10.30 AM, so I left from home at 10.00 AM, and arrived there one hour early. Technically, I have more than enough time to blog, so I did.

ONNI Kitchen is located in Jalan Opak, at the center of Surabaya, and it's not like any other restaurant around. ONNI Kitchen is the baby restaurant of Platinum Grill, one of the best fine dining restaurant in town, but the difference between these two lies on the ambiance of the place and the type of their menu. Personally, I would like to say that in ONNI Kitchen, you can have a more casual and more relax atmosphere (it's more affordable as well!).

Talking about the ambiance and the atmosphere, I truly love how they put together everything in here, it really feels like home. From the first time you stepped in, you could see the ONNI Store where they sell fresh flowers and other pretty miscellaneous props which are very unique and hard to just pass by.  I really felt like I wanted to buy everything, but it would be quite a pain in the pocket, lol. T_T


The store theme itself is very white, simple and neat, whereas the restaurant is pretty rustic and vintage looking. What surprised me the most was the size of their kitchen, it's very small! Even smaller than my room that I actually already consider the smallest, lol. The size of the restaurant itself is not too big, in total, they can accommodate around 30-ish person inside, and ONNI Kitchen will only be serving for reservation only, so they won't be opening if there's no one reserving

(I heard they open everyday, so you know what that means)

I know you must've been thinking that I haven't been posting about any Cafe's or Restaurant's toilet for the longest time now, but I just couldn't help to not post about this one! 

For the menu in ONNI Kitchen, they only provide Set Menu, and there are only two price for them, 220.000 and 275.000 (nett). It's pretty affordable for a casual fine dining set menu. For a restaurant that has the same standard with one of the best one, I believe that it would be worth the experience. :)

ONNI Kitchen, just like Platinum Grill standard, will prepare the table setting for you with a fresh flowers, your menu card and also a small print out of your name in front of the arrangement of your plate napkin and cutleries. It looks simple, but they make it very personal, so it felt really warm to the heart who receives it (at least to me). And here's what I had that afternoon :

I've been there a couple of times before, and I've tried pretty much everything, so I really know what I wanted in the set and what tasted good for me (you may follow if you trust my taste) The first thing that we got was a Scandinavian Canape, we didn't get to pick for this one, I guess it's a complimentary :)

For the salad, I picked Smoke Salmon Orang Balsamic because I have an undying love for Salmon. I also have an undying love for Bacon, but Bacon makes me feel guilty, lol.
For the appetizer, there were only two choices and I picked the Vietnamesse Grilled Prawn, because it tasted soo good! The sauce underneath tasted sweet and sour, perfect for the fresh grilled prawn! (I would always pick this over their Escargot)

For the Mains, I picked the Lemon Butter Dory which comes with a mashed potato that everyone was being jealous about, haha.. It's really good, especially the mashed potato! But if you want more choices of recommendation, you can pick the Salmon as well.

While for the dessert, trust me on this, but nothing beats the Espresso Pannacotta.

Last but not least, for the drink, we got one jar of Marquisa Punch (very refreshing!) and a free flow of mineral water.

I had such an amazing afternoon, thanks to the Wish Your Watch team that gathered so many amazing people today, they served us in a very nice place with an awesome foods, gave us an uber cool watch to wear and wrapped it up with such a very nice event. I believe everyone had an awesome time today!

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ONNI Kitchen Surabaya
Jl Opak No 56
Reservation Only
Dian +6281703367875
Dewwi +6281259011206
Bring 220k to 275k per person
Wi-Fi is available
Power Outlet is not available
EDC Machine is available

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