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Hi Guys!
I don't know about you, but I'm a person who grew up eating a lot of Spiku Cake back then, it's been my family's favorite cake, especially, if it's made by my grandmother, gosh it was the best! But as time went by, I ate lesser and lesser of Spiku Cake since I didn't get to see my grandmother often (she lived in Pontianak), and I was introduced to many other type of cakes along the way. Now, I still eat Spiku Cake, but I haven't found any favorite until I stumbled upon this Spiku Cake that has been praised by a lot of my foodie friends.

Santi's Cake Spiku Surabaya
Maybe you guys who live in Surabaya already know about this Santi's Cake Spiku, because this family business have been running for quite awhile now, and it's in fact one of the most popular brand for Spiku Cake in Surabaya (Gosh, where have you been living La?!). But if you have been living under the rock like me #internetkids #yolo #youonlyliveonline, let me introduce you to my newest obsession : Santi's Cake Walnut Spiku!

What you saw in above's picture is their workshop in Mulyosari, and I went there because I really wanted to see their work station, and how they make their Spiku Cake on a daily basis. Besides, did you see how pretty the appearance of this house from the outside?? Too pretty! So if you happen to live nearby (east area) you can also visit Santi's cake workshop, it's open for public. You can order a takeaway Spiku, and maybe take OOTD pictures there as well? Hihi..

Santi's Cake Head Quarters is in Surabaya, all of the production took place in their workshop at Mulyosari, but they also have a store in West Surabaya and also in BALI. Not only that, they too, ship nationwide! The nationwide shipping process won't take longer than two days, and the Spiku will be shipped while it's still fresh, not more than 24 hours after it's packed, you can be sure of that. :)

On my visit to Santi's Cake workshop in Mulyosari, I could see that their work station were very neat and impeccably clean! Thanks to the mother in the house who has a very high standard of hygiene and cleanliness. It's a very huge plus, especially if you're running a food and beverages business, because honestly my personal trust level to this establishment suddenly rising up a lot since I knew their standard and the professionalism of their work.

I took home their Spiku Canary Cake in two different sizes : small (18 cm x 18 cm) IDR 75.000 and big (24 cm x 24 cm) IDR 140.000, which also happened to be their only type, size and price for the regular days. I get to try, test and analyze these Spiku Cake to my preference, and of course to share every little details to you guys in this blog post. So here's what I found :
1. QC Packaging
I was quite surprised when I saw the packaging, there's a little sticker sealing with 'QC PASSED' written on it. What does QC stands for? QC is Quality Control, so that means they really have a certain level of standard for their product. And when the packaging is already QC-ed, they can make sure that the Spiku Cake is in 100% good condition and ready to be shipped. Oh, after the box, the Spiku inside is still neatly wrapped with a sealed plastic and a cake board below it. :)

2. Very Generous with Fresh Roasted Walnuts

The second thing that I noticed after I opened the packaging was that Santi Spiku Cake has a lot of roasted walnuts, spreaded generously on top of the cake. To me these roasted walnuts are one of the highlight of Santi's Spiku Cake, because I think this is the only Spiku that came with a roasted walnuts on top, and I loved it! It's crunchy and a perfect pair with the softness of the cake.

3. One Coloured Spiku

Usually in Surabaya, when people talk about Spiku Cake, they must've been thinking about a soft spongy three layer cake : yellow - chocolate - yellow. Santi's Spiku Cake used to have three layer Spiku as well, but turned out the customers loved the one layer Spiku cake better, so they stop producing the three layer and focus on what people's loved :)

4. No preservatives and chemical

All of the ingredients that's used to make Santi's Spiku Cake is 100% natural ingredients, no wonder the taste is very rich, yet still keeps you wanting more and more. They are also not using any chemical to make the cake looks big and puffy, you can see it from the top of the cake that's a bit lower because of the pressure from roasted walnuts. Last but not least, they are not using any preservatives for the cake to stay longer to be consumable.

That's why you don't see Santi's Spiku Cake stood in the Supermarket other than their store or their branch, it's because they are really making sure that their Spiku Cake still in a fresh condition (not more than 24 hours) when you buy it. PS : If they have Spiku Cake that aren't sold that day at the store, they would give it to the orphanage house right away on that day. A win win solution for every side, right? :)

The Spiku itself can stay well for five up to seven days in a room temperature and could be longer in the refrigerator. I even found the Spiku taste better after four days, no kidding, it became softer and moist, just how I like it. I usually never put it in the fridge to keep it longer, because I could eat the whole cake in just one sitting, LOL. But if you want to put it in the fridge, the tips will be : cut the Spiku in portions before you put it in the fridge, so if you want to eat it, you can just grab it without having to take the whole cake out of the fridge. Because the temperature of the Spiku has to be stable to keep it nice and enjoyable :)

My personal thought : 
To me, Santi's Spiku Cake really delicious! It's soft and moist (eat it on the third or the fourth day to get it softer and more moist), very addictive, it's great for breakfast, tea time, snacking, serving it to your guest in the house is always a good idea too. Not only that, you can send it to your colleagues, clients, workmate on a special occasion, it has a very timeless taste that I'm sure everyone at any age would love eating.

I was thinking, though maybe Spiku Cakes in general doesn't have the appearance like the other pretty cakes around, but they are definitely winning in terms of taste, price & simplicity. Think about it, with less than IDR 150.000 (for big size), you can give someone a cake that they would unquestionably love eating. They don't need to spare a huge space on their refrigerator to keep the cake consumable and it's such a worry-free feelings when you deliver the cake, Santi's Spiku Cake packed neatly, it won't be ruined though the road might be shaky, and it won't melt down in the middle of Surabaya's heat as well. 100!

Suggestion :
If I could contribute to the success of Santi's Spiku Cake, I would say all they need is only a wide range of fancy packaging for many occasions that people would probably have. They actually already have a special packaging and cards for a special delivery, but if they could widen them into more specific occasions, I'm sure it will become a great improvement for the business. Well that's just my two cents for Santi's Spiku Cake, if you already win the taste, the price and the simplicity, why not improving the appearance and have it all right? :)

That's pretty much all for today's blog post about Santi's Spiku Cake, I hope you have a better understanding about this yummy Spiku Cake! If you want to order it you can go to the contact details below. I hope you guys enjoy the blog post as much as I do while I'm writing it, and don't forget to give this blog a like by clicking the G+1 button on the top right of this blog. It won't pay any of my bill, but it surely will put a smile on my face and makes me want to write more for you guys. :)

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Santi's Cake
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Jl. HR Mohammad 49-55 Surabaya
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Denpasar, Bali Branch :
Jl Gatot Subroto Timur 127 Denpasar
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