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I recently just visited this new cafe that I was actually feeling pretty much familiar with, and yeah I was right. I've been there before, yet not in Surabaya, but it was when I went to Semarang a year (or two years) ago. However, the one that I visited back in Semarang, and the one that has just opened here has a pretty big differences. But I'm not trying to compare both of them in this post, I will tell you specifically about the new branch here in Surabaya.

So Giggle Box in Surabaya is placed in the west, precisely in south Darmo Permai street where you can find various kind of foods on that street alone. For the If Monopole is on your right side, you can still go straight, until you get to the big fork in the road, then Giggle Box will be on your left. It's a pretty humble place, similar to a house, with a white fence in front, and a addition sign board on top.

I went to Giggle Box with ci Amanda Kohar, it was raining lightly outside, and there were no other customer but us at that time, just a fantastic situation to take as many pictures as we could, lol. After taking decent amount of pictures, I could tell that Giggle Box can fit to approximately 50 people inside and out. The light was pretty dimmed at that time, so it was a little dark and felt a bit cramped inside.

We sat right next to the window as usual to get the natural lighting for our food photo session, then the waiter passed us the menu board. Looking at them thoroughly, I saw that Giggle Box mostly offers us western foods, mixed with some Indonesian comfort foods with a quite reasonable prices. Ce Manda chose the Tenderloin Steak (45k), while I opted for their recommended menu, which was the Medallion Mozarella Beef (80k).

Honestly, though The Tenderloin Steak was cheaper in price, but it surely tasted better than the Medallion Steak frankly speaking. I remember the Tenderloin Steak was indeed smaller, but it was thicker, and juicier than the Medallion Steak, the meat itself tasted different, and the Tenderloin Steak's sauce was also tasted better. I didn't say I hated The Medallion Steak, it just tickled me that we both enjoyed the cheaper and the simpler dish rather than the one that they said was the 'recommended' one.
Medallion Mozarella Beef (80k)

Tenderloin Steak (45k)

Overall, I would rate Giggle Box Surabaya 7/10
The only thing that would be the problem in here is most likely the parking lot, since there are so many F&B business lining up on this street left to right, I'm afraid there won't be enough space for the parking, especially on lunch or dinner time. Other than that, I guess I have nothing much to say. I hope this post helps you to have a better understanding about Giggle Box Surabaya. If you have anything to say, you can comment down below <3

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Giggle Box Surabaya
Darmo Permai I No 57
10.00 AM - 11.00 PM
Bring 100k -150k is enough
Wi-Fi is available
Power Outlet is available
EDC Machine is available

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