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I've been living in Surabaya for almost all my life, yet I never appreciate it enough as a city that I could actually enjoy until recently I got the chance to spend the night at one of the luxurious hotels in Surabaya. Clearly, I wouldn't say 'no' to this rare opportunity, besides, I'm sure it's going to be an interesting experience, as it allowed me to enjoy the city as a tourist instead of a resident. 

Ciputra World Hotel Surabaya

If you are following me on Instagram, and watched the short documentation series on my Instagram Stories, you must've known I have recently fallen head over heels in love with Ciputra World Hotel SurabayaI was there for a one blissful night and I invited Wulan, my fellow blogger to join me. So if you haven't been staying in this Ciputra World Hotel Surabaya before, you might want to keep on reading and join  the fun with us!

First and foremost, Ciputra World Hotel Surabaya is placed in the west side of Surabaya, where all of the hot stuffs and happening places are located. Even better, it's connected to Ciputra World Mall, one of the finest Mall in Surabaya. so whenever you need to buy anything, from groceries to branded items, you name it, you will find it there. Ciputra World Hotel Surabaya is also five kilometres away from the center of the city and it takes only five minutes drive to the nearest toll gates. So I would say staying in this hotel as a tourist is a perfect choice for you as well!

I arrived at the hotel in mid afternoon. It was a rainy day and felt quite dark outside, despite being about 2 PM. I came from the lobby at the ground floor and right from the very moment I stepped into the hotel, the security guards there certainly made me feel like a VIP. I was guided to the 7th floor to check in at their reception desk, I looked around and everything seems so luxurious! I also saw that there's a nice looking lounge at the side of the reception desk which I'll tell you more about later. 

I continued the check in process, there were a couple of people right next to me and I saw that they were served with tea and light snacks. I didn't get one though, nonetheless I had the better surprise of finding out that my deluxe room had been upgraded to a grand deluxe room! After handed out 500k for deposit, I went upstairs with joy to the 17th floor, but I honestly didn't expect anything about how the grand deluxe room would look like. I opened the door, put the card in to turn on the electricity, and whoop! This is the view that I saw..

The grand deluxe room was really spacious and had all the modern amenities you’d expect from a 5 star hotel : A large full body mirror, spacious working desk, wardrobe, fluffy robe, slippers, mini-bar, tea and coffee making facilities, incredible king size bed with big screen TV in front, and a huge transparent bathroom.


What makes my grand deluxe room in Ciputra World Hotel Surabaya charming is that it had a panoramic city view. The large full glass windows beside the bed and in the bathroom makes the sunlight poured in to every corner. It gave me some sort of a soothing feeling to watch the busy road  outside, and this city is legit lovely to be watched from this height.

After I had settled into our room, I waited for Wulan to join me, she came around 3 PM and it was just the perfect time for Afternoon Tea. We both went back down to 'The Lounge' which located on the 7th floor, right next to the reception desk area. Afternoon Tea is hugely popular at Ciputra World Hotel Surabaya and The Lounge is a perfectly elegant setting to enjoy it in.

We were asked to choose one drink from the menu while they were preparing our Afternoon Tea set, and we both chose Caramel Latte. The Afternoon Tea set came not too long after the Caramel Latte, and I was so excited seeing the cute set! The set periodically changing depends on the occasion, and at that time, it was made creatively for their second anniversary, take a look!

It was a nice set since it has everything from heavy meal, light snacks, pastries, cakes, mini bites and also jelly pudding. It was really fulfilling yet it only costs IDR 150.000++ for two pax, but you can totally share it with two of your friends. I could totally picture myself working in here, it's quiet, and the atmosphere is in tune for one fine quality moment. WIN!

After we done with our tea time, we went back to our room and showered, then we went downstairs to Ciputra World Mall for dinner. Around 9 PM we headed back to our lovely room, I was enjoying the bed while doing some work on my laptop, and Wulan was also working for her blog post as well. At 11 PM, I was curious to try their bath tub and had a bubble bath, so I did, and it was greatly relaxing! After that, we watched TV and without even knowing it, I knocked out until the next morning. The bed was extremely comfortable and I didn't want to get up, really!

We woke up around 6 AM in the morning and we decided to go for a morning dip at the infinity pool on the 22nd floor. The pool area at this hour is peaceful, relaxing and utterly idyllic. The view was captivating, especially with the morning fog, I found the city view was quite dramatic with the fog on top of it. The water was quite cold, but it was refreshing as well. I couldn't recall the last time I had a morning bath with a cold water, I should do it more often.


There are people asking me about visiting the pool, and I'm sorry to inform you that visiting the pool alone without staying in the hotel is prohibited :(

After the swim, we dried ourselves, changed our clothes and went down to the 8th floor to regain back our energy, yes yes I'm talking about breakfast! Aren't you excited too? The breakfast took place at The GalleryCiputra World Hotel Surabaya's signature restaurant and it was the biggest breakfast buffet I've ever had in my life, LOL.

Checking out at their expansive breakfast buffet, surely they don't do things by halves on this. It's not like the ordinary hotel breakfast that I usually get at the lower three star hotel. This is where the terms 'eat breakfast like a king' do came true! I don't know about the other hotel, but so far, this is the best breakfast buffet I've ever had in my life. You name it, you want a western breakfast with sunny side up or omelette? cereal? nuts? toast? soup? porridge? salad? fruits? pastries? to the Chinese foods, Japanese foods, even Indonesian foods? they got your back!

I went overboard with my breakfast, I picked up two sunny side up eggs and an omelette, a bunch of donuts, pastry, muffin and peanut butter toast, I also got a bowl of cereal, a mixture of indonesian-chinese-western cuisine in a plate and a bunch of fruits for the dessert, plus a fresh orange juice. All  I could say is that everything from the food, drinks, to the setting and the service was absolutely faultless at this restaurant. It was a 9 out of 10 breakfast experience!

Overall, my stay at Ciputra World Hotel Surabaya was an absolute delightI felt lucky enough to stay at this pretty memorable hotel, and I surely enjoyed escaping reality for a bit without even having to leave the city. The price for grand deluxe room starts from IDR 1.350.000, you can check on www.hotelciputraworld.com for the updated price. If you’re looking for a luxury Surabaya hotel with an incredible location, elegant surroundings and wonderful staff, then Ciputra World Hotel Surabaya is the one.

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Hotel Ciputra World Surabaya
Jl. Mayjen Sungkono Kav. 87-89
+6231 51201000
Range Price : IDR 1.230.000 - IDR 1.760.000

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