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I can't remember when was the first time I fell in love with Matcha, I just remember I did, and I still am until the very second. I tried to start a business in selling matcha drink before, but it was a fiasco. I even wanted to open a place where I could only sell matcha there, but just right after I was planning on doing that, suddenly there's a cafe named Matcha Cafe opened in Surabaya, LOL..

The Matcha Cafe
I was so excited when I knew that there's finally a cafe that sells Matcha in Surabaya, I could recall it was a year ago when I came to their opening, yet I couldn't recall why didn't I write about it on the blog, I really thought I had. But anyways, today I will get it all covered for you and this blog post is going to be a special one, because I'm about to reveal their newest menu in the house!

First and foremost, as usual, I will tell you about the site before anything else. So Matcha Cafe is a humble eatery place which stationed in Raya Kupang Indah where you can find many big names in the restaurant Industry lining up on this road. The Cafe itself is pretty modest, and the signage is not that noticeable, so you have to slow down and find the white sign with green japanese writing on it.

Matcha Cafe fits to 30 people inside, they have only indoor space, which also means that there is no smoking area in here. The design is pretty much mixed, between the modern japanese style with an adorable touch to it by painting a cute cartoon mural on the wall. After taking all of the detail pictures of Matcha Cafe, I realized that even after a year passes by, it has not much of a difference, by that I mean they maintain the place well. Which is a good thing :)

I sat down at the near the window seat, and started skimming on the menu, there has no any significant changes as well on that. The price is still on the average level, around 20k-100k but for the most part, they set the price around 30k-40k for each menu.

They have just launched their newest menu in the house and I was offered to try them, obviously my answer was agreeing excitedly! But aside from their latest dishes, I also ordered a couple of my all time favorite menu there which includes Matcha in it. So what are those? Let's have a look down below!

Keema Curry (50k)

This is a minced beef curry, poured over the rice, with a chopped avocado, tomato and a perfect poached egg on top. I popped the egg on purpose and saw a foodgasm view. It's such a satisfying feelings when you popped an egg and the egg yolk ran down beautifully like this, right? The overall taste is pretty good as well. I love how generous they are with the minced beef curry, the avocado and the tomato were all fresh and the poached egg was just perfect. The thing that was lacking from the dish was just the spices on the curry, it needs more hit on the flavor in my opinion.

Mochi Ball (27k)

This mochi ball to me is like a rounded fried cake with red beans and taro fillings in it, finished with a layer of chocolate sauce and a hint of white chocolate sprinkles on top. It was yummy and the fillings were soft, I liked it. You can order it as a light snack or a dessert, a nice sweet treat to be paired with an ice cream or matcha drink.

MC Fried Rice (35k)
This hits my tastebuds immediately! I have been craving for fried rice (actually the spicy one), and when I took a spoon of it, there was just like an explosion of flavor inside my mouth! It's flavorful and I loved it! Would be so much better if I could put a chopped chili around it! On the other hand, the chicken on top of the fried rice were cooked with Yuzu spices, which made it taste a little bit sour. Unfortunatly, the taste of Yuzu on the chicken doesn't fit to my liking, I would much prefer a plain grilled chicken with salt, pepper and a bit of soya sauce to it. :)

Hamburg Curry (50k)

If I could describe this one, I would say this is a poured over curry on top of a giant rounded beef patty with a slight mozarella cheese inside, and a couple of sliced tomato in both side of the rice. This tasted similar with the Keema Curry, so my suggestion will be the same for this one, which is to add more kick to the curry, so that the taste of the mozarella won't be too overpowering.

Spam Cutlet (40k)
This is also a favorite of mine. A simple dish, which is pretty explanatory. A cutlet of Spam meat, deep fried with bread crumbs wrapping all over it and served with sauce on top. I loved it because of the simpleness of the dish, I guess anyone in every age would love this kind of snacks in between their meal time. :)

Ceremonial Matcha Tea (25k)

One of the best part, my most favorite thing, and also what makes Matcha Cafe stands out lies on this particular menu, because I couldn't find Ceremonial Matcha Tea in any other places around Surabaya! And as a matcha lover, this makes me so happy! If you are a sucker for a green tea or matcha like me,  you got to try this! The matcha powder is very strong! It smelled and tasted nice, good for your health too. 

Fruit Anmitsu (38k)

A soft serve green tea ice cream, with fruits (kiwi, banana, strawberry, orange), red bean, popping boba and jelly. Simply my favorite as I really love the combination of ice creams and fruits <3

Choco Anmitsu (38k)

While this Choco Anmitsu is the more updated one, a chocolate soft serve ice cream topped with  sliced almonds, with jelly, oranges, azuki, oreo crumbs and choco malt crumbs. This is a one guilty pleasure for you who has a yearning for chocolate! The combinations of the oreo crumbs and the choco malt crumbs was just da bomb!

Overall, I would give Matcha Cafe Surabaya and its latest menu 8/10
Everything was nice though there's still room for improvement. But in general, Matcha Cafe does serve good dishes, maintain its good quality, always improves from time to time, and it fits for everyone at any age. There's also one new flavor to the menu that I haven't mentioned above, which is the Chocolate Marmalade. You got to go there to try it! ;)

I hope you guys found this blog post helpful for you, and if you want to support this blog, simply give it a like on the G+1 button on the top left of this blog and at the bottom of this post. Totally free and it will put a smile on my face :) You can also share the post to your friend using this shorten link I've made : bit.ly/MatchaCafe. Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you guys on my next blog post! xoxo

The Matcha Cafe Surabaya
Raya Kupang Indah No 21
Sun - Thu : 11.00 - 22.00
Fri - Sat    : 11.00 - 23.00
Tuesday    : CLOSED
Instagram : @thematchacafe
Safe budget : 100k
WiFi - Power Outlet - EDC Machine : Availabe

Stay in touch :

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  1. It looks like a lovely place and the food looks pretty good.

  2. ceremonial matcha tea-nya kayaknya wajib banget dicoba nih hihi >< pahit kah?






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