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Hey Guys!
Geez, December is coming to an end, and so does the year 2016! I am so excited for next year and just can't wait to spill it up with you guys about my 2017's plan! I have a super exciting news :) But let's save that for another post, now I'm going to share to you about the new cool place on the block that I visited a week ago.

Gather Inc Bistro & Bakery

Gather Inc is one of the newest place that's just opened recently, my friends got invited to their soft opening a day before I went to Jakarta. I didn't get invited though, but you know it's not going to stop me, lol. I went there after I'm back from Jakarta and I'm sure you guys would love to see what this place is all about.. :)

So Gather Inc is a cafe, a very chic one I must say. It's located in Citraland, the deepest part of it, LOL. If you know the new US Embassy, you got to go straight for a hundred or two hundred meters away to finally found Gather Inc on your left side. The area is still not fully developed yet, but it's still in Citraland, haha.. And don't follow the google map, it's kind of misleading a little bit, just follow my map below instead, okay!

Gather Inc has a pretty big place, and it's well furnished, well designed, I am honestly impressed. They have indoor and outdoor space, the place have many glass wall to let the sunlight strikes in,  they have a cute spot for people to take pictures, but anywhere in the cafe is a good spot to take pictures actually. And they have decorated their place with nice Christmas ornaments too!

In total, I'm pretty sure Gather Inc could gather a hundred people (or less), the atmosphere in here is really chill, their modern classy rustic interior, the green grass view, and also those calming Christmas songs made me feel cozy to stay longer. But during my visit, I've seen families, couples, girls, guys, or just people having their lunch meeting in here, and that pretty much sums up about how this place attracts any type of consumers category.

Looking at their menu, Gather Inc still doesn't have that many choice of food to offer, they have only less than 20 food menu, and I didn't see anything interesting that stood out among those list. The name of the foods is pretty catchy though, but I knew exactly what they really are, haha.. The price is on the average side, 36k-69k for the foods, and 12k-52k for the beverages. I've visited there two times, let me show you what I ordered on both trip.

Tutu Riz (46k)
On my first visit, I was suggested to order their Sate Lilit, but at that time, I was pretty hungry and Sate Lilit seems like very little in portion so I ordered this one instead. This is what they called by their signature fried rice. It's a Balinese inspired spiced chicken fried rice with sambal matah, urap and a sunny side egg. The presentation was pretty nice, though the portion was a little bit smaller than I thought. The taste was okay, but I'm sure they could do better.

Strawberry Cheese Parfait (35k)

This was the second thing that I ordered on my first visit, because I always need something sweet after I'm eating savory food. Gather Inc's dessert wasn't listed on the menu, so I went to the cashier to look up on their display. They have quite a range of dessert to choose from, they have pastry bread, cake, and also this parfait that also comes in many flavour of choice. On my first scoop, I would say I loved it! But the more I scooped, the sweeter it gets, so I stopped eating after three scoops of it.

Spaghetti Setan (58k)
On my second visit, I went there with a friend and this time I ordered Sate Lilit, but unfortunately they ran out of it :( So after discussing for awhile, I ordered this Spaghetti Setan. It was an Aglio Olio, with chopped chilli, smoked beef and mushroom. When I tried it, geez it was soooo salty! I still tried to eat it by asking for my friend's marinara sauce, and I also asked the waiter to bring me some sauce. But then I just couldn't continue, it was way too salty for me, seriously. It was all over the place, the spaghetti was salty, and the veggies aside was even more saltier. I asked the waiter about it, and they offered to give me the new one, I agreed.

Then they brought me the new one, with less chopped chilli, but it was also less salty, even though to me it was still salty, and I don't think they changed the veggies, because it was still very salty, I don't even understand what were they thinking when they made it. I ended up didn't finish the dish, I sure had too much sodium intake for that day.

Chicken Marinara (69k)

This one, was the better one among the two dishes that we ordered for that day. I couldn't stop asking my friend whether I could have a bite of her chicken or a spoon of her marinara sauce, just because my dish was too salty. She even felt bad for me and she ended up shared her food with me, haha.. Geez.

Overall, I would rate Gather Inc 7/10
Aside from the fact that it is placed in almost the edge of Citraland, but the place was cozy, well furnished and had a nice ambiance as well. They could do so much better with the food though, and also need to integrate their place with a running wifi. The service from their waitress was already great, and I also really appreciate the offer to change my food for the new one. Apologize for not finishing it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I want to thank each and every one of you who have been reading my blog throughout the year and helped me gaining 2.000.000 pageviews this year! I'm looking forward to write many more stories for you guys in 2017. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Love you so much! xoxo

Gather Inc Bistro & Bakery
Jl Taman Puspa Raya A2-11 Citraland
10.00 AM - 10.00 PM
EDC Machine Available
Power Outlet Available
No Wi-Fi (yet)

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