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Hey Guys!
In this Christmas Season, there are so many of you asking about good places that serve good food to have a Christmas Dinner at. So in today's post, I want to share to you guys about this one place that I've been dying to blog for months now, and even better, I'm here to reveal some of their Christmas menu as well! Woohoo! 

Old Wood Bistro & Bar

Old Wood Bistro & Bar has been around for more than half a year now, I first knew about it back in August, and I have visited the place a couple of times. But I never had the chance to blog about it since their opening hours starts at 4 PM and both of my visit were after the sunset. So when I got back from Jakarta and found that the owner asked me to review their Christmas Menu, I was beyond excited!

This establishment is located in Nias street. It is in the east area of Surabaya, right next to Biliton street, and near Carnivor Steak & Grill. It's not hard to find Old Wood Bistro & Bar, as the name really represent the place, it's woody for sure, lol. For the parking, they have some space inside, and they also have some securities to help you park outside.

Old Wood Bistro & Bar is adequate for a hundred people. The place is huge, they have an indoor and outdoor space, meaning that it's for the non-smoking and the smoking area as well. They are currently constructing their back area for a private room and they also have a projector here so if there's a football/soccer/basketball match that you want to watch, you can watch it there. Or else, when you're bored, you can borrow their UNO to play with your friends.

As you can see Old Wood Bistro & Bar's interior design is very rustic, and the tone is very warm. They use mostly woods for the furniture, the old ones, just like its name. The atmosphere reminds me of Our Bar a little bit, this is one of the place where you would want to visit to have a good drink, good food, and a good time!


Old Wood Bistro & Bar Menu are mostly Western, Italian and a bit of Asian food. They have salad, soup, pasta, pizza, snacks, steak. For the beverages, they have hot drinks, cold drinks, alcohol, juices, even muddling fruits! Their price range is on the average bar, nothing too fancy. But today, as promised, I want to reveal some of their new Christmas Menu! What are those? Let's check them out :

Roasted Peking Duck (400k)
Including 2 Cheese Cakes 2 Mousse Cakes, Wedges, French Fries

When I first saw the platter, I was like 'Whoa! Ain't nobody can finish that alone!'. Indeed, this dish can be shared with two to three people, unless if you have a huge appetite, then you can finish it on your own *clapclap*, lol. The Roasted Peking Duck was really good, I knew it even before I tasted it. The smell was killing me the whole time while I was taking pictures of its beauty. Though I ate it after an hour it's served, but it still tasted so good! The meat was tender and juicy, I loved it!

I know that cooking and serving Duck in general is not an easy thing, with that being said, it's not a surprise when they said that if you want to order this Roasted Peking Duck, you have to order it two days before your visit, so don't forget that, okay!

Beef Wellington (120k)

This is also one of the new Christmas Menu by Old Wood Bistro & Bar that I like. The combination of the beef with the duxelles, the puff pastry and the red wine sauce alone is already amazing, but they top it off with a Potato Gratin and a Salad on the side too! I really love the red wine sauce though, it's a perfect pair to the beef! Lovely!

Dessert Plank (350k)

For my sweet tooth squad out there, here's the ultimate dessert plank for you. There are Cheese Cake, Chocolate Mousse, Banana Bread Pudding, Churros with Chocolate dipping, Carrot Cake, three scoops of Ice Cream and Red Velvet Cake that you can totally explore according to your preference on this plank. I am a sugar-fiend myself, and I was so excited with this plank!

Beef Platter (145k)

This is not a Christmas Menu, but it's still a delicious dish to choose for your Christmas Dinner. It's a mix of sliced Sirloin and Tenderloin steak, some Beef Cocktails, Mash Potato, and mix onion Capsicum with two different sauce. Since I'm a total carnivore, eating this kind of dish makes me happy all the time! Lovey dovey!

Old Bistro Fish (85k)

Last but not least, the existing menu that stole my heart away! It's a pan frying fish served with roast potato mushroom and creamy horenzo drizzled with orange sauce. Though the portion is very small, but geez I love every bite of it! Should try this one guys, one of my favorite dish in here. 

Desember Promo!
Tuesday Student's Day | 20% off for any foods
Wednesday Ladies Day | Free Non Alcohol Drinks with any foods
Thursday Workers Day | Buy 2 get 1 free of any foods
Available at Dine in only starts from 05.00 PM - 08.00 PM

Overall, I would like to rate my whole dining experience in here with 8.5/10
Old Wood Bistro & Bar would be a fun place to enjoy the night at. The foods are great, drinks are vary, they have continuous promo, and they have things prepared for you to have fun in there, like cards, tv projector and also live band. Service was great as well, and yes I would recommend this place to you :) There were only two things that bothered me, the presentation of the dessert, and the mosquito bites at night, other than that, everything was all great. 

That's all for today's post, I hope you liked it and found it helpful for you, and if you did, you can give me some support by liking me on Google at the G+1 button on the top right of this blog, it's completely free. Thank you so much for reading, I'll see you on my next post, xoxo.

Old Wood Bistro
Jl. Nias No 98 Surabaya
031-8275309 | 081333095678
04.00 PM - Midnight
Live Music : Sunday 07.00 PM
EDC Machine Available
Power Outlet Available
No Wi-Fi

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