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PatBingSoo Surabaya (Review)

FINALLY! One of the most anticipated dessert cafe has just opened in Surabaya! I was one of the luckiest person among the other five who got invited to come and try what they have to offer. At first I thought they only sell Bingsoo or Korean ice shaved kind of dessert, but no, they actually have quite a range of DELICIOUS korean snacks and foods as well that I just couldn't help myself long enough to tell you!


When I heard that they are opening one branch in Surabaya, I really really didn't expect anything from them, because I never visit their former branch in Jakarta. But my dear cici Amanda Kohar told us that she had tried PatBingSoo in Jakarta and it was really yummy. That was why I did my very best to still paid them a visit even though I had an event on the exact same hour as their food testing invitation. And now I'm super excited to tell you guys about all of it!

PatBingSoo is located in the west side of Surabaya, precisely at Raya Kupang Indah street, align with Matcha Cafe. It's not hard to find them, if you're coming from HR Muhammad or Mayjend Soengkono, it's right after Pizza Hut, and the signage is big enough to catch people attention. The size is pretty decent, fit to more than 50 people inside and out, but frankly speaking, the parking can be a little bit of a challenge if they want to fit all the vehicles at their parking lot.

When I take a look inside, PatBingSoo's interior design is really represent the Korean Subway atmosphere. The setting is pretty much like we're in the subway, they even built the 'train' in the corner for a fun dining experience, and they also put the destination sign board on the ceiling, and it really reminds me of my trip to Korea four years ago. Even the TV played Korean Girlband music concert, hahah.. KPop lovers would love to be here.

I was there with an empty stomach, and we were asked to order whatever that would pleased our tummy, yay! I looked at their menu book and drooled myself already, everything were looking sooo goodd!! I thought it would only be Bingsoo Dessert on the menu, but that's not true, they have so many korean foods to choose from and I almost ordered everything, geez! *I'm sorry for the bad quality menu picture, I forgot to retake the menu photos, so I took everything from my InstaStories*

The price are quite fair, it's around 35k to 50k on average, and here are the things that we tried that fine afternoon <3
Apgujeong PatBingSoo (45k)
This was surely dabomb! A mixture of cheese cakes, with vanilla ice cream, pat, and also cheese powder all over, mmhhhhh!! LOVE IT! 9/10

PopCorn Chicken Spicy (35k) | PopCorn Chicken Honey (35k)

These two are perfect if you want a yummy light bite. The combination of tteokbokki and chicken pop corn is just the best! I love the spicy one way better than the honey one though. The flavor in the spicy sauce kicked my tastebud right away and I couldn't stop picking for more of them! 9/10

Fried Samgyeopsal (69.8k)
While this one, is just the sin that you can't run away from. We ordered this twice just because we couldn't get enough of it! The sweet yellow sauce that comes with it was a perfect companion for the crunchy savoury samgyeopsal, we loved it too much! 9/10

PatBingSoo Beef & Cheese (48k)
This is one of my favorite as well! Even though it didn't look too appealing at first, but I'm sure you guys after you take a piece of the chips and scoop out those beef, you wouldn't want to stop digging! 10/10

Yeuido PatBingSoo (45k)
MyeongDong PatbingSoo (35k) 
Honestly I didn't try both of them, because I personally don't like the red bean, but Pieter and Lucky (who ordered this), said it was yummy! No complain at all! 

Cheese Tteokbokki (78k)
Don't even get me start with this one. When I looked at this dish, I knew it was love at the first sight.  I grabbed the tteokbokki with my chopstick and rolled it over to the cheese, I also knew that I would fall deeper in love with it. And it was true. Love1000x it so much! 9.5/10

Tteok Carbonara 42,8k

The dish that was less favorite of mine, but that doesn't mean it wasn't delicious. I personally love my food to have a strong taste, while on this dish, it was quite mild and creamy. But if you love carbonara, this sure can be your favorite.

House Special Ramyeon (48k)

For a ramyeon lover like me, I would say this could be perfect if the ramyeon was not overcooked and they use the Korean Ramyeon that's thicker and more gooey than this. Because it felt like I ate an overcooked Indomie which I don't prefer. But I admit that the taste of the soup and the other condiments was REALLY GOOD. 8/10

Dynamite Spam 58k

This was a very simple dish that surprisingly took my heart away. It was actually just a couple of spam, with a rice ball, and pored with their special sauce that tasted similar to mentai sauce. The spam was great, and when you eat it together with the rice ball, they would explode in your mouth!  Me likey! 8.5/10

GangNam PatBingSoo (35k)
This Bingsoo was one of the last thing that I ordered and the first Bingsoo that I ordered because I  know that I would personally loved it. I do always have a thing with a salted caramel popcorn and when I saw this on the menu, I couldn't help myself but to order it! It was amazing, though it wasn't as good as the cheesy one, but I wouldn't mind ordering this every time I come by at PatBingSoo. 8.5/10

Tteokkochi (48k)
Last but not least! This is a tteokbokki satay that we ordered for fun. The main thing was the tteokbokki that was rolled with a bacon, with some red and green pepper. I liked it, but I wouldn't say I loved it. I love my food to be full of flavor, but I don't like it to be full of sauce. Nonetheless, my friend loved this so so much. So maybe if you love sauces, this would be the bomb for you.

Overall I love PatBingSoo much! 9/10
I guess I've had so many words that I've already poured out in this blog post to express how much I love them. I would totally recommend this place to you guys and let me know if you already went there and tried different menus, I would love to hear some recommendations for my next visit too. :) I hope you guys enjoyed the blog post and don't forget to give this blog a like on the G+1 button at the top right of this blog. See you xoxo

Jl Raya Kupang Indah No 51
11 AM - 11 PM
Bring 100k is enough
Wi-Fi is available
EDC machine is available

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