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Hey guys! Just a quick update here. When I was away in Jakarta, my friends told me that Three O Six Coffee Shop has just closed all of their branches in the east completely and opened the new one in the west of Surabaya. It was a little bit sad actually, but I was so happy that they are surviving still! And now, there are more coffee shops in the west, weehee!

Three O Six

I was a little bit sick when I got back from Jakarta, I couldn't eat, I got nausea every time I see foods, I threw up a couple of times in a day, but I am okay now, don't worry. :) Thankful that it's a holiday on monday, so I could rest, and on tuesday (yesterday), I could start working again. I visited Three O Six newest branch in between after I got back from Kedai Tua Baru and before I went to Platinum Grill's Christmas Dinner.

It was around three pm when I arrived, and I was about to meet Patrick, my childhood best friend. At first, I thought that Three O Six would have their own space somewhere in the Graha Family area, but I was wrong. Three O Six is now located INSIDE Ranch Market Graha Family, in their dining area. It's not like a cafe, but more of a pop up cafe.

I saw the menu, it was also very simple : only coffee, tea, squash, milk and specials. There are no foods served, only cakes on the display. I didn't feel like ordering anything from the menu, but my friend ordered a hot chocolate which I used to be my blog model for the day, haha..

Overall, I wouldn't say I loved this Three O Six branch, since it's just a small pop up in Ranch Market, so there's nothing really to blog about. Nonetheless, I'm just glad that they are still here, and that now you can get coffee at Ranch Market, I sometimes work in here, and it's a good thing that now I can order something hot for my drink. :)

I hope you guys enjoy the post and support this blog by giving it a like on the G+1 button at the top right of this blog. It's FREE! Haha.. I love you guys so much, and I'll see you on my next post, caoo! xoxo

Three O Six
Ranch Market Graha Family
Every day
08.00 AM - 11.00 PM
Bring 50k-70k is enough
EDC Machine is not available
Wi-Fi is available (Ranch Market)
Power Outlet is available

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