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Little Dragon Chili Review

Hey guys!
I remember back then I was a kid, I used to hate spicy foods, I didn't like it, I couldn't handle it, even my dad repeatedly telling our maid to not use any kinds of chili when she cooked because he afraid I wouldn't eat it. But that habit surprisingly has changed for quite sometime, and the karma that comes with it is now I can't eat without chili sauce, geez! I even constantly craving for the spiciest food anywhere, LOL..

Little Dragon Chili

If you're asking my favorite type of chili sauce, that would be sambal! You know, the traditional chili sauce from Indonesia, where there's an actual chili in it altogether with its seeds, crushed with onions, oil and the other ingredients. Especially if you can smell the spiciness even from five to ten meters away, ugh that would always be my go to sambal!

The thing is, this kind of chili can only be found locally, and you have to find the right mix to match your preference. Another boo-hoo thingy about this type of sambal is that you can't bring it while you're traveling, even if you could, it's not compact and there's a chance for it to be leaking, which would doom you big time if all of your stuff got stained by the sambal, not to mention the strong smell that might stick for days as well. Yikes :(

But don't you worry child, I have a couple of good news for you! First, there's this sambal called Little Dragon Chili that you can add up to your favorite list if you love eating spicy like me. Second,  this Little Dragon Chili comes in a travel package! No joke, their travel package is in sachet! I never seen any chili sambal in a sachet packaging to be honest! Indeed, it is the FIRST Chili Sambal Sachet in Indonesia! Not let me show you about this sambal first :

Little Dragon Chili sambal comes with a two kinds of packaging, the first one is in a bottle, the one that you can keep at home and the second one is in a sachet that packed in a box, this is the one that you can bring everywhere. Both of them contains red chili, red onion, vegetable oil, lemongrass leaves, salt, vinegar, sugar, garlic, monosodium glutamat and shrimp paste. It is made with 100% sambal with no preservatives, no food coloring and no food starch to it.

There's a slight different taste between the bottle packaging and the sachet of Little Dragon Chili. You can find a hint of sour flavor in Little Dragon Chili sachet, whereas the bottle packaging tasted more of a savory spicy. I personally like the taste of the chili bottle better, but I've been consuming more of the chili sachet, since it is more compact to bring everywhere.

I've tried to pair Little Dragon Chili with Indonesian food such as meatballs, fried bakwan, fried chicken, penyetan, lalapan, gorengan, pork, etc. As expected, it was amazeballs. But I also tried to pair it with many things aside, and to my surprise, it also fit to any type of food! I've tried to eat it with Spaghetti, Samyang, Meat Pie, even Pizza! hahahhaha.. Call me crazy, but the fact is, it tasted good!

Little Dragon Chili can last up to seven months, so you won't need to be worried about the expiry date. This is such an amazing news since I'm going to be moving very soon, and I know I'm going to bring a lot of Little Dragon Chili for my sambal stock! I wish they can be shipped internationally after this, so when I run out of sambal, they could just ship it right away :)

Overall, I love this Little Dragon Chili  It tastes great, it can be paired with any kind of foods, and most importantly, it is travel friendly! Especially the sachet packaging, it's easy to bring anywhere, it won't leak, and it's safe (no coloring, no preservatives). Now I know what to bring when I'm traveling abroad. This would be my life savior whenever I miss Indonesian home made sambal, especially in a couple of months, when I'm moving to Australia.

What about you guys? Do you have any preference sambal that you really love? Especially the one that can be brought on traveling days? Let me know on the comment section so maybe I could try it out as well! If you have tried this Little Dragon Chili, you can tell me whether you like it or not too! Don't forget to support this blog by sharing it to your friends and give it a like on the G+1 button on the top right of the blog. I'll see you on my next one! xoxo

Little Dragon Chili
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