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Hey guys! 
Back on December I received this pretty package from Sudio Sweden! YES, they sent me the package all the way from Sweden! <3 I know you must have seen this headset for awhile now from people's Instagram Posts, but I will go down a little bit deeper by giving you more details about this super stylish bluetooth headset! This is by far the cutest headset I've ever owned!

Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla
I got the package delivered by DHL, and this is how it looks like when I opened the package. Feels like I'm opening a Christmas present! (but actually in any other occasion this packaging is still very nice) When I took off the box, I saw there was another box which contained the Vasa Bla Bluetooth Headset, very clean and neat!

Now let me break down what I see inside the Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Bluetooth Headset box, first and foremost, of course I see the Vasa Bla Bluetooth Headset  it was wrapped in a plastic container, everything was wrapped in plastic container and then they put it inside another small boxes again. As I said before, it was neatly packaged. I love it.

I got my Vasa Bla Bluetooth Headset in Rose Gold - White, because you know, I'm obsessed with anything that comes in Rose Gold, and even though the Rose Gold colour only exist a little on the ear plug, but it still gives a very glam and stylish touch to the look of this headset. I really loved it! The other colour is Black - Gold, Blue - Gold (black sleeve), and Pink - Gold. The cable is very thin, like a fetucinni pasta which also cool, it won't tangle, and the length is long enough to be put around your head.

There are two things attached in Vasa Bla Bluetooth Headset  the first one is the volume control, and the second one is the battery, and the charging port. The volume control apparently works differently in Apple devices and Android-Windows-Blackberry devices. In Android devices, the plus (+) button can be used for adding the volume, whereas for Apple devices, it can also be used for playing the next song if you hold it for two seconds.

The play (►|) button, in both devices it can be used for turning on and off the headset, to take calls, to end calls, and to record. But for Apple devices, it can also be used to play and pause the music. Last but not least, the minus (-) button. In both devices, it can be used to lower the volume, but in Apple devices, it also can be used to go back to the previous song by holding it for two seconds.

The other things that comes in with the package were these four pairs of extra sleeves that really helped me to find comfort in using this headset because I've always struggled with this type of in-ear headset. My earhole is pretty cranky, lol, I couldn't use the standard size. So the extra sleeves choice of sizes are really cool! I use the smallest one fyi.

There were also the metal clip, and the genuine leather case for you to carry around. The metal clip is really handy and helpful. I use it to clip the headset on my clothing as well. And both of them (metal clip and leather case) also comes with a rose gold metal colour touch to it, me lovey <3

The last thing that's in the box of Vasa Bla Bluetooth Headset were this charging cable, the manual book, the guarantee certificate card and also the quick start card. To charge the headset, just plug in the micro usb port to the charging plug on the headset and connect it to the usb plug. Micro usb is the common type of cable that usually used for android devices or for power bank. It's not too long to charge this device, only around 20 minutes for full charging and the cable that comes with it is pretty short so it won't take a lot of space.

Thoughts after using it
Firstly, it would take some time to adjust with this in ear type of headset for my ear, but by the time I changed it to the smallest size sleeve, it's much easier to use it. Despite of the struggle, the cool thing about this in ear type of headset is that once it's plugged to your ear, it will block any type of noise outside, so if you want to have an undivided attention between you and your music and your work, Vasa Bla Bluetooth Headset is perfect! You won't hear anything else, lol.

I'm not an expert in this field, but to me that the quality sound of Vasa Bla Bluetooth Headset is indeed well tuned and I can hear the details of the instrument, the voice is sharp and clear when I use this headset. But the the bass sound is pretty low, and the max volume is still not that loud. I found that in terms of bass and loud volume, my iPhone headset is still winning, but it was still fine for me. Because what's more important is the sharpness of the voice and the details of the music.

The battery life is about 8 hours, even longer than my phone battery life, lol. If you're not using it, it can last up to ten days. I usually use this in my car, when I'm on the phone mostly. Or when I'm working at a coffee shop, it does help me maximize my power hour moment. 

The price for Vasa Bla Bluetooth Headset is IDR 1.159.999, and you can get reduction by getting the 15% discount + 20% tax incentive discount from using my promo code : LauraAngelia (double a). I just went through their website, and they also having a free shipping to Indonesia and free special gift package box <3 It says it's a year end promo, but it's still available on the website, so maybe you can still take advantage of it? ;)

Overall I love my new Vasa Bla Bluetooth Headset from Sudio Sweden it's really stylish, and it gives me the quality sound that I needed. It is worth the price and it's also perfect to give as a present for your loved ones. And I'm so glad I could add a new member to my Rose Gold collection, hihi.. Don't forget to use my promo code : LauraAngelia to get the discount while it last. xoxo. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post as much as I do, hope it helps you know and understand more about this lovely Vasa Bla bluetooth headset from Sudio Sweden. If you love this post, don't forget to give it a like on that G+1 button and support me (it's free!). And let me know if any of you already owned Vasa Bla Bluetooth Headset, share what you think! I love you guys so much and I'll see you on my next post! xoxo

Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Bluetooth Headset
Price : IDR 1.159.999
Promo Code : LauraAngelia  (15% Discount + 20% Tax Incentive Discount)
Compatible for : Apple, Android, Windows & Blackberry
Color : White - Rose Gold, Black - Gold, Blue - Gold, Pink - Gold
Battery : Up to 8 hours / 10 days inactive
Design : 9/10
Quality : 8.5/10

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