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Hey guys!
This blog post is honestly a long overdue and also one of the most requested blog post for the past months. It's about time that finally after my fourth visit, I am a hundred percent sure to share the blog post with you right now, and I am very excited about it! So, even though you may have seen some review about this establishment somewhere else, you might want to check this one to be fairly sure with everything ;) 

The Socialite Bistro & Lounge
The Socialite is the newest bistro & lounge that just opened in the west Surabaya. They have been operating for a couple of months now and it's one of the recent top picks when it comes to throwing a semi-fancy occasional lunch or dinner. I've been there four times and all of them were either for a bridal shower, baby shower, or birthday dinner. I guess they named it The Socialite clearly for a cause and for a reason. 

The Socialite is placed at Indragiri Street, although it's been operating for awhile, they still haven't put any board sign in front of the building. So if you haven't been there before, you just have to pay attention to the tallest building that's covered most in glass window along the street. If you're coming from Mayjend Sungkono, The Socialite will be on your left, or if you're coming from Gelora Pancasila, The Socialite will be on your right.

The building itself is actually LifeTime's office building, and yes The Socialite is owned by LifeTime as well. The Socialite is located at the fifth floor of the building and to get you there, they provide elevators and stairs on both side at the back of their first floor. Once you're up at the fifth, you'll be welcomed by the staff right away, you'll also find the cake display along with the front desk on the left.

The Socialite's interior design is pretty much Art Deco, which is looking glamorous yet still modern. It did remind me a bit with The Great Gatsby design. The whole dining area can fit to a hundred people and they have this wide space by the window that's dedicated for the photo corner area where they change the decoration accordingly to the nearest occasion. This is the favorite corner for the 'socialites' to take pictures together. :) 

On the other hand, my favorite corner would be at the part where you can sit next to the glass window, and see the busy Indragiri street from above. I find it intriguing and somehow relaxing to watch what people do while they're not looking. I'm such a true stalker, I know, lol. But anyways, it is indeed to me the prettiest spot, and the most comfortable seat at The Socialite  no wonder that area is always reserved.


The Socialite has a variety of dishes when it comes to the menu, they have snacks and appetizer, they have soup and pasta, they are all western type of food. The main course includes mostly Steak and BBQ, but they also have mixed Asian cuisine as well. For the drinks, they serve coffee, latte, tea, frappe, mocktail, blended and also some fresh juices. The price range for everything is starting from IDR 18.000 to 338.000, and here's what I got when I went there :

Socialite Salad (48k)
For an entree, I choose this Socialite Salad that contains mixed garden salad, orange segment, slice apple, plum tomato and roasted sesame dressing. It was really good, as you get to taste many element of flavor in one dish. The croutons brought savory and crunchiness, the garden salad gave us the freshness, while the rest of the ingredients bursted out some sweet and sour to it. Though I wouldn't say this is the healthiest way to have your salad, but it's still super enjoyable to dig in.

Socialite Fries (48k)
For the snacks, I went with this Socialite Fries that's actually a french fries with caramelized onion, mozarella, and thousand island mayo. It was mouth watery and everything worked well together, especially the melted mozarella and the caramelized onion! Just make sure that you eat it while it's still warm and the moza still melted and tacky, yumm!

Korean Stir Fried Glass Noodle (58k)
Another thing that I ordered that day was this Korean Stir Fried Glass Noodle. I was reading though the menu and the ingredients for this dish are Korean Glass Noodle with carrot, spinach, mushroom and red long chili, it's pretty much a JapChae in Korean Restaurant. I personally a JapChae lover, and I would say they nailed it, it was chewy, and the taste was balanced, I was so glad they could pull this off, I loved it!

BBQ Beef Back Ribs (288k)
This was what I had for the main course, a 1.000 gram slow cooked Beef Back Ribs served with BBQ sauce, salad and truffle french fries. The size of it was really huge! It was very fulfilling and satisfying! It wasn't as tender as I expected, but it was overall still enjoyable. If you want it to be spicy, they have sambal matah that will bring the heat up on your palate. The salad was really fresh, and truffle fries was such a perfect pair for the dish.

Overall, I would rate The Socialite Surabaya 8.5/10
It is a very nice hangout place for day or night, for casual or fine dining. It is indeed a great spot to throw a birthday party, gathering, or any smaller occasion too. They provide a nice place, a warm service,  and of course a good food. 

Parking could be a little bit of an issue here, but they provide valet parking that you can take advantages of. They don't set any price for the valet parking, you can pay as much as you please, but it would be better if you take out all of your important belongings before you handed out your car key to prevent any harmful event.

I hope you guys enjoy the blog post, and found it helpful. If you love it, you can give the blog support by clicking the g+1 button on the top right of this blog. It's free and will give me a very very good day, thank you! If you want to share the blog post to your friends, you can totally do that by copying the the shorten link that I made for you : bit.ly/SocialiteSby. I hope you guys have a great day today and I'll see you on my next post, xoxo!

The Socialite Bistro & Lounge
Jl. Indragiri 36 Surabaya
085853108055 (for RSVP) Call Only from 10.00 - 19.00
Sunday - Friday
12.00 - 22.00
12.00 - 00.00
Wi-Fi Available
EDC Machine Available
Power Outlet Available

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