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Hei Guys!
Before I departed to Australia, I got this layered cake to try and it didn't take too long for me to fall in love with it! As you guys know, Surabaya is very famous with their layered cake, and what I'm about to share to you today is one of the most notable one! I guess most of you had already tried it, but just in case if you haven't, now let me introduce you to :

Lapis Kukus Surabaya Pahlawan
Lapis Kukus Surabaya Pahlawan is a famous souvenir from Surabaya, people from another city who come to visit Surabaya usually buy Lapis Kukus Surabaya Pahlawan as a gift to their loved ones back in their city. I actually heard about this Lapis Kukus Surabaya Pahlawan before, but I never tried it, because I always thought that I live in the city where it was made, so I don't have the urge to be in a rush to try them, LOL. But luckily, before I leave the city, I got the chance to try them all!

Lapis Kukus Surabaya Pahlawan is a two layered steamed sponge cake, with a cream on top, and a generous amount of sprinkled fresh grated cheddar cheese. They come with four different flavours; original, chocopandan, brownies and cheese. The range of price is really really affordable as well to anyone, only from IDR 25.000 to IDR 28.000! That's why Lapis Kukus Surabaya Pahlawan is listed as one of the best souvenir options from Surabaya. :) Here, let me show you the close up picture of four of them :

Original IDR 25.000 

Cheese IDR 28.000 
Brownies IDR 28.000

Chocopandan IDR 25.000

Overall, I really love Lapis Kukus Surabaya Pahlawan  The taste is nothing too overpowering but there's something about it that makes it a bit different than the rest, and it's addictive. The texture is really soft, and moist as well. I also love the cream on top and the grated cheese too, it's simple but gets to my heart a lot. The flavour in it is not really strong, hence it makes everything good in your palate and in your stomach, it will leave you wanting more, yet it won't make you stop eating as well. Satisfyingly dangerous if I may say, haha.. And if you're asking my favorite flavour, that would be the cheese!

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope this information about Lapis Kukus Surabaya Pahlawan would help you to find more options for a better souvenir from Surabaya. If you know someone who might be in need of this information, please share the link : bit.ly/LKSP. All of the information about Lapis Kukus Surabaya Pahlawan will be listed down on the summary, and I'll see you guys soon on my next one! Love ya! xoxo

Lapis Kukus Surabaya Pahlawan
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